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Duel on a woodland glade

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Do you want a real first hand story about a female single combat? I am going to tell you about a real female duel which I not just watched but also organized and judged. Usually, I diarize the most interesting events occurring with me and around, so I have the detail duel report.


The event in which my sister-in-law was involved occurred in 2006. Lena, 32 is a stately athletic tall brunette she has been attended kickboxing classes for a long time. In fact, her kickboxing is far from the contact sport in which contestants punch and kick each other it is just a form of shaping or aerobics the punches and kicks are just imitated. The most of women in such groups are there in order to get rid of extra weight. Lena was not a fragile at all but she considered herself as an overweight. Lena is my wifes younger sister; we work with her in a big Moscow company.

One day Lena came to me at work and asked for a private conversation. This even-tempered person looked unusually excited. Without beating around the bush, she said that she would duel with Margarita (our coworker). The message surprised me so much that I became speechless for a while. She persistently repeated: I want to teach this whore a lesson. I tried to calm her down but she was determined strongly. Everything has been negotiated, I just need a second. We want to fight in boxing gloves on a remote forest glade. You are the only person I can trust. Besides, you used to practice in boxing, she said. It was weird - she said to me before that she wouldnt even imagine hitting someone in a kickboxing contest.

Lena asked me to give her some boxing lessons. There were a problem though Lena didnt want my wife to know about the duel. We trained in our summer house when it was my turn to baby-sit my baby boy (we would train only when my son was sleeping.) Lena visited me with a big bag with boxing gloves and I tried to teach her everything I knew about boxing. In fact, it was not too much I am not a specialist in this sport when I was young I trained in boxing for a while and also sometimes watch this sport on TV. I asked Lena to demonstrate all she had learned in her kickboxing classes. I considered her stand to be good and movements - quick. I attempted to show her how she had to engage into the contact with an opponents body and head.

At first, Lena disliked all those but she was very determined to learn to really box. I tried to convince her that a boxer not only shouldnt hesitate to deliver punches but should kind of enjoy that, especially punches to face. I let her punch me. Not immediately but in a while she got a taste for that. We had a limited time to prepare - the duel was scheduled two weeks after we began training. I showed her the most vulnerable parts of human body and areas where she had to aim punches in order to stun an opponent as much as possible. Just in case, I showed her the simplest wrestling technique the neck lock. I also taught her a little - how to set up the defense guard. Besides, I persistently convinced her in necessity of finishing blow if the opponent is almost made. I said that an animal may increase its strength tenfold if injured. If the opponent is dizzy but doesnt give in, a series of punches to her head must be delivered. Sounds cruel but in the boxing style. Lena knit her brow but carefully listened to my instructions. But then she didnt need to be taught how to breathe she had been trained in that matter perfectly well. I knew that she had excellent endurance because every morning she ran in a park. So, the strategy of the forthcoming duel seemed to be quite simple: At the beginning to try to avoid close contact and to be defensive. As soon as the plump and slow-moving opponent is tired, to begin aggressive attacking.

After a couple of exercises, I offered Lena to have a training bout with me, so she would be able not just to test herself in punch delivery but also in taking sweeps. She surprised me by her perseverance and ability to fight fire with fire (certainly, I used a quarter of my strength.) She gets worked up and managed to deliver a few telling blows. It was obvious that Lena liked boxing and was no longer afraid of the coming duel.

Lena and I tried to find out as much as possible about her opponent Rita as far as the forthcoming duel was concerned. I was not acquainted closely with her, even though we had some working contacts. She was about 30, a tall portly attractive woman with brown hair. She behaved independently and seemed to be a little arrogant. She was single and rumors were spread she was too popular among men. Lena told me that Rita used to practice contact kickboxing. Probably, that was the reason Rita offered the duel in boxing gloves. However, we didnt know anything about her kickboxing career. The only thing was obvious that she hadnt played any sport for a long time she had put on weight, even though the Russian tradition would consider her build as a normal womens portliness. If you managed to imagine her as an opponent in the ring, she would give the creeps by her solid build and adamant glance. But I was confident that if Lena was able to withstand first couple of minutes, she would defeat Rita. Lena and I prepared a special technique - uppercut to the jaw (blow from below) which was supposed to be used suddenly, after Rita would get tired. Lena said that Rita also had a second who probably knew boxing.

Lena didnt want to tell me what happened between her and Rita - not at any price she was very reserved. I knew her boy-friend at that time he worked in our company too but in a different location. It was a tall handsome guy, kind of not of this world. Perhaps, the fight was over him

A few days before the duel, Rita came to me and asked to talk to me. She was serious and said that since her second was unable to come, she agreed that I would be a judge in the duel. She said, she trusted me and believed in my honest behavior. I answered that I wanted to talk to both of them before the duel. So, we arranged a lunch in a cafe nearby. The first thing I offered to them to cancel the duel and settle their differences peacefully, without the fight with is not suitable for girls. Rita abruptly answered: Please dont waste time for convincing us, such things cant be solved peacefully, and we are both determined to fight to the end! Lena confirmed: Yes, each of us will be satisfied only by physically humiliating the rival! I desperately want to destroy her! Having realized that I was unable to dissuade them from the duel, I said that intended to stipulate for the terms and rules. You will have to strictly follow my instructions. The duel will begin by my signal. If I see that one of you is unable to continue fighting, I will stop it. In closing, I said: Boxing is a dangerous activity, especially for undertrained people; thats why I will have to interfere in the duel in order to avoid serious injuries and even physically act upon any of you who wont take down my instructions. Only punches above the belt are allowed. Kicks are prohibited too dangerous! I promise to be unbiased and confess nobody will know anything about your duel from me. I also said I would bring some medical supplies and would be able to give first aid.

The duel was scheduled on one of Summer weekend days. I had to lie to my wife that I was unable to be in our Summer house because I supposedly had to meet a friend in the airport. I picked up Lena and then Rita and we drove out of town to the place we had selected before, nearby our dacha. It was a glade in the woods adjoined to a peatbog. The meadow was covered by rich vegetation the carpet was very soft, so it was unlikely to hurt yourself if you fall down to it.

I asked Lena and Rita to disperse and to change their clothes. The day was warm and sticky, so the girls put on shorts and t-shirts. I attempted to reconcile them but both approached me and Lena decidedly said: Lets start! Playing the role of boxing referee, I instructed the girls one more time that would interfere if either of them violated the terms or a danger of trauma occurred.

As a matter of fact, I had watched womens boxing fights several times and had not been impressed. That day I feel kind of upset because two attractive women came out for boxing which I knew and worked with. Moreover, one of them was my relative. I tried to consider the bout as a boxing contest between two athletes not having any personal reasons for fighting. Both women were well-grown and look decidedly. Lena looked much more athletic she gracefully bounced being impatient to rush into the attack. Bigger Rita stood motionlessly and sternly looked directly to Lenas eyes posing as a real boxer. Looking at Rita, it was difficult for me not to concern about Lena. But I am a natural optimist and I believed Lena would win, even though I didnt have anything against Rita either. I separated the girls at my arms length and ordered Fight!

Report about the duel (from the diary)

Lena begins maneuvering and moves outside of taller Rita, not coming straight at her. All the sudden, Rita jump on Lena and drives her back with several quick punches to the head and body! The duelists start chaotically thrashing each other like maniacs. Rita seems to prevail over inexperienced Lena - for every punch Lena throws Rita is getting off two or three! And unlike Lena's punches, her ones are good. Lena looks amateurish against more skillful and bigger Rita who keeps stunning her opponent with hard blows. Very quickly Lena finds herself on the grass but Rita waits letting her stand up - surprising generosity. Unexpectedly, Lena jumps up and manages to surprise Rita with a big uppercut to the jaw (exactly as I strongly recommended). Very impressive - Rita's head twitches up! Now Lena is matching Rita punch for punch and very soon Rita's mouth begins to open every once in a while as she struggles for air. She is fading fast. Rita begins getting tired and Lena throws a lot of wild, untrained, haphazard but heavy punches. Some of them hit the mark

All the sudden, Rita grabs Lena by either side of her head, and while Lenas hands wrap around Ritas torso, Rita lands two quick leg kicks and shoves Lena down on the grass. Lena rolls backwards and gets up. It was the only kickboxing moves during the duel - I warn Rita that she should not use legs.

Rita rushed to the attack - she steps in and snaps Lenas head back with a jab but Lena answers with a devastating right hand between Rita's breasts. Rita's body seems to dance like a noodle; she starts falling backwards but manages to steady herself. Lena doesn't wait and slams a right hand into Ritas belly. Rita squats I hear Rita's groan and see her looking with a pained expression. Rita recovers and tries to overcome. She pushes Lena by her gloves forcing her back but Lena adroitly rolls her shoulder and pushes Rita front in the same motion.

Then Rita desperately grabs Lena in a stranglehold round the neck. Lena grips Rita round her neck too. The duelists stubbornly trample trying to overturn each other. This is against the duel rules but I don't interfere. Eventually, both fall on their knees continuing grappling. Then stronger Rita easily drags Lena to the ground and the women roll over the grass. Rita gets on top of Lena dropping her knee across Lenas stomach and forcing the air from her lungs with a whoosh and begins landing hard shots to the head while Lena covers up. Lena manages to firmly lock Rita's neck and the duelists are stuck locked being unable to continue wrestling. I order "stop!" and they scrambled to their feet keeping watching each other with hatred. It was the only wrestling episode during the duel and I give them warning: no grappling, only boxing! Rita gasps for breath, she has exhausted. The women slowly move towards each other with savage faces and hands ready to destroy each other.

It was the turning point of the duel. Lena strikes Rita a powerful swinging blow by the open glove (it's against the boxing rules but I don't interfere). Ritas face is starting to redden and her mouth is open wheezing as she stares angrily but mournfully at Lena. Lena keeps going punching Rita to every part of her body. Rita is literally stunned. The women fight silently, the sounds of the punches and Ritas groans are heard. Her head is being snapping up. However, Rita stands surprisingly steadfastly and courageously. The end of the duel turns out to be a disaster for Rita. Her gas tank is completely empty and Lena ends up literally chasing her.

Although Lena's fighting skills are weaker than Rita's, Lena's superior fitness comes out and Rita is so tired that she could barely breathe! Lena begins to back up Rita and hits her with some hard punches to the body and then a roundhouse right to the cheek. Rita turns away, obviously winded and looks for a way out! Lena chases her and hits her in the temple with another roundhouse right. Dizzy Rita shows her back to Lena and spectacularly falls to the ground. The menace kickboxer is knocked down and writhing in pain and annoyance

Lena takes a few steps back and starts bouncing on her toes and gloatingly yells

I came up to Rita, examined her injuries, dabbed at her face with a wet towel and help her stand up. Then I treated abrasions to skins of both women and put bandages on scratches. After that I had a brief speech. Dear Lena and Rita! I am happy this has finished without serious traumas and both of you seem to be OK. I congratulate Lena with the victory but I must admit that you both have fought honestly and courageously like lionesses. I hope now your conflict is over and none of you will need to have a duel with anyone in the future.

Watching this unusual duel - Lenas impressive victory and Ritas bitter defeat, I had unaccustomed and contradictive feelings. Although I didnt enjoy the tough beating a woman by a woman, I felt some strange excitement during this fight. I am ashamed to say this but I seemed to feel kind of eroticism in it. Besides, I felt that the humiliated and beaten stout woman started attracting me very much. Apparently, sometimes a person shows his or her worth in mishaps and defeats and wins the sympathy of other people.


After the duel, Rita and Lena had to stay home for a few days because both got visible bruises on faces. However, it was not enough time to conceal them from other people. So, some rumors were spread and my wife learned that too

Rita also felt drawn to me and we became friends. By the way, Lena doesnt object; actually the as soon as women eased in the duel, the hostility against each other was gone (even though they are not close friends). I have learned what was the underlying reason for the duel. I cant tell the details because several people are involved and they might be cognate. The only thing I can say is that the womens quarrel happened because of Lenas boy-friend characterlessness. The women turned out to have strong characters and fought over a sissy

I am signing with a nickname because the event is fresh in memory of some people.

Boris Mitroshkin

May 2007

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