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A Wrestler against a Grappler

Referee’s diary

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That summer I worked as a sport trainer in a summer camp for a college age youth and young adults.

Two worthy camp girls are the heroines of my story: college student Amy (19) and Joyce (25) - both former combat sport athletes; Amy was a high school college wrestling champion in the 72kg category while Joyce actively practiced Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since her early childhood quitting the sports after the high school graduation. At first glance, Joyce looked bigger but less athletic than Amy; she had grown a little bit plump. As it usually happens between representatives of different combat sports, they disputed who was a better fighter, in this case - a freestyle wrestler or a grappler. Other campers provoked them to determine that in action by competing in front of the camp inhabitants. After some negotiations, it was decided they would wrestle until a pin or submission – whatever would come first - using all available wrestling and grappling techniques (except gripping clothing). By agreement, the match was supposed to consist of 5-minute rounds with breaks – the number of rounds was not limited – until the upright victory. In fact, friendly wrestling matches between guys are a common tradition in our camp which has a good venue for such events: well illuminated playground covered with rubber mulch.

Bringing to your notice a fragment of my diary.

The match begins as a decent grappling event – both fighters look determined to fight and fight vigorously. Bigger Joyce immediately attacks Amy and shoots in for a takedown but Amy has good balance stuffing the takedown. Joyce finally backs out while Amy looks for a takedown of her own and takes Joyce down ducking to her legs. As they grapple on the ground, Joyce catches Amy by holding her neck from behind; Amy seems to be in trouble with Joyce cranking her neck, but Amy resolutely shakes Joyce off the top and resets with Joyce still on the ground. Joyce drops Amy down and gets into side control. Then Joyce has Amy in a head lock and keeps holding her down. Then Joyce tries to triangle Amy – no success, then attempts an armbar but Amy again defends well. Joyce applies a headlock and the two contort oddly before Amy escapes again and eventually both found themselves on their feet.

Although Joyce has dominated on the ground, Amy skillfully defended herself and the grapplers get back to their feet several times in order to immediately pounce on each other again engaging into new set-tos. Typical combination: Joyce tosses Amy to the ground and lands in side control. Joyce grabs Amy’s arm but can’t finish it - Amy successfully rolls to defend and escapes. Both are again on their feet…


The second round begins with a challenging moment: now Amy throws Joyce following her down but Joyce manages to be on top taking Amy’s back and dragging her down. Amy is struggling to free, she attempts to stand up while Joyce literally saddles her back. Amy manages to stand up with the ‘rider’ on her back and accomplishes the classic ‘fireman’s carry’ – she literally slams Joyce back on the ground remaining on feet. The spectators roar their excitement. Amy magnanimously waits while Joyce is collecting her wits and slowly lifting her toes. However, Joyce demonstrates little taste for appreciating Amy's benevolence – her eyes burn in hatred…

I guess, it is a turning point in the match and I anticipate Amy's victory. As grappler Joyce gets upset missing numerous opportunities on the ground to catch her opponent and break her down, the wrestler Amy builds confidence: she uses freestyle standing techniques, especially impressive grand amplitude throws: she is tirelessly throwing Joyce down as a wrestling dummy forcing her to stand up in order to be slammed down again; Amy confuses Joyce interchangeably using ‘gator roll’, ‘single-hip toss’, ‘headlock throw’ and other wrestling throws. Amy even no longer bothers to follow Joyce on the ground where the grappler is like a duck to water. This tactic, very uncomfortable for Joyce, makes her pissed off – being thrown she desperately tries to grab Amy’s legs but every time they are beyond of Joyce’s reach at that moment…

Second break!

In the third round, after Joyce gets back to her feet, Amy eases off a bit letting Joyce creep up on her from behind. Joyce locks her neck and dragged her down. The girls furiously jockeys for position on the ground. Eventually, Amy finds herself on top looking for the way to pin the opponent while Joyce tries getting breath. Desperate Joyce gets furious and manages to reach between Amy’s legs, firmly grabs hold of her left hip by two arms; Joyce literally seizes Amy‘s hip in a death grip and shakes her bottom attempting to turn Amy around. Although the move looks like a legal hip hold common in freestyle wrestling, my feeling is that Joyce covertly implements an illegal ‘crotch claw’. Since that moment until the end of the match Joyce doesn't relieve the hip grip. Amy desperately tries to escape while Joyce keeps holding on to Amy’s hip with a grip of steel. The grapplers begin rolling over the venue, I can hear Amy’s desperate whisper: “stop doing this” and Joyce’s malevolent “don’t talk, keep fighting.” The two tightly coupled bodies keep arduously rolling over each other. All the sudden, the two experienced fighters have transformed into two crazy pussy cats. They are rolling and squealing while Joyce keeps holding Amy’s hip. Eventually, Amy yelled “Stop it!” and Joyce immediately gets to her feet and glances triumphantly around while Amy keeps lying motionless on her back for a long while.

I guess, watching campers did not realize what really happened that night. In fact, my conscience pricks me – I really had to stop the match; I suspected Joyce used the ‘crotch claw’ after all. I heard about this trick before from a female freestyle wrestler.

Later, I skated over thin ice and I asked Amy what really happened that night. She agreed to tell the story only on condition of anonymity – no real names and place – just on my honor. This is her story.

"I have had quite a long freestyle wrestling experience but never thought it had any connections to sex or eroticism. But it really does... Joyce started the fight very aggressively and I was in trouble. After I escaped her brutal grappling holds, the fight ran fairly even for a while and then I began to prevail throwing her down again and again. The campers wildly cried out cheering me. I felt too relaxing allowing her to creep up on me from behind. We got down engaging in furious fight on the ground where I just discovered that had her thigh, calf, heel and hands occasionally pressing on my love bud; from bad to worse - in the heat of the fight she seemed to be rubbing up and down on it as she passionately grappled with me. As the ground fight progressed, I got on top trying to pin Joyce when she strongly seizes my hips and I found the sensations taking a hold of me getting stronger, and taking less time each time she got me this way. With all of the extreme motions of my struggles it was impossible to hide from her just how wet I had become. I could feel her arms pressing down hard and rubbing slowly and steady on my love bud. I attempted to ask her not to do that but without result. I struggled wildly to get free as I raced towards the point of no return. Finally, I felt great lust while all my strength leave me as I was bucking furiously into her arms. I was embarrassed to feel great enjoyment and came to a slow stop. It was quite dark at that moment, so I hope nobody seemed to notice what really happened - the spectators were busy cheering Joyce's victory. I was exhausted… I had mixed feelings – I was miffed at Joyce for her unsporting conduct but at the same time, thankful to her for getting me to discover some fresh sensations…"

Tom Witkowski

September 2015

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