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I hurried through the schoolyard toward a park. It was a quiet green place, just an ideal venue for a fight. One-on-one. To death. I will choke her! Choke… While I was thinking about the upcoming fight, my fingers reflexively clenched and muscles stiffened.

A week before that, my stepfather and I moved to another town. I had had to change several schools - it was my fourth school. Usually I didn’t have problems with adjusting to new people but in that town I was disliked. On the very first day I was about fighting with a female classmate and then they stole my bag. After a week, a dislike for me from the girls turned into real bullying and I was challenged for fight by the “chief” school girl.

Her name was Lisa. She was a tall strong brazen huzzy. She was too well-groomed though. Being a little shorter and slimmer than she, I had solid experience fighting with guys; I was used to carrying heavy bags to the market and bedspreads to a river for laundry.

The remote venue was chosen not by accident: after the fight one of us was not supposed to be alive.

Lisa waited for me at a small meadow in the covert part of the park. There were two girls with her which was against our agreement to fight one-on-one. They seemed to back up their chief. She stood with arms akimbo like intending to break into a dance; her pose supposed to demonstrate how she would beat me up.

I dropped my bag and took of my coat remaining in jeans and wooden shirt.

- So, bitch, let’s start ass-kicking?? Are you deaf, bitch? As a starter, she pushed me at the chest and pushed again. I was dried out and I was unable to answer properly, just pushed her in turn.

We circled around each other in attempts gaining the best position for the attack. Lisa slapped me and I answered her by a punch. Then we engaged in grappling.

For around a minute we were busy grabbing each other by clothing, hair and necks in attempts to take each other down and to become atop. I managed to trip her and to take her down; I saddled her and gave her a few good punches and prepared to finish my rival: my fingers found her throat while she grasped my neck. I bore heavily on her…

Lisa’s friends started hammering me with a thick shower of blows and pull me away by my hair. Together they took me down and started kicking me. As soon as my rival came round, she joined them. “You are a goner, bitch!” she screamed. “I am gonna kill you!” The three Furies pinned me down and I just realized I was scant of breath. I got fighting my way free like a furious wildcat. “It seems to be the end”, I thought and jumped down her throat and crushed her not paying attention to her friends’ strikes. If I die, I thought, I will took her with me. Then we were set apart. A photographer, who took fancy to this part of the park, noticed us and didn’t let me choke her and her friends to choke me.

Women fought at all times. Certainly, we are weaker than men and our mission is probably different. However, women’s fights excited people not less than men’s fights.

Choke In the Ancient Greece they liked to watch girl fights; Fights between hetaeras attracted crowds of spectators; sometimes, sometimes, the outcome of such battles was fatal – the Greeks didn’t want to interfere into beauties fighting. A kind of pervert excitement steals upon people at the moments of cruelty and even murder. Not even the moments of killing by a blade or pistol but moments when one girl is choking another one.

The struggle between wild females for superiority was always brutal and merciless and that’s why it is so attractive.

Whatever people say in our goody-goody world but men always like strong women. It is the law of the evolution: offspring of the victoress is always stronger and viable.

You probably won’t agree with me attributing all this to barbaric traditions and relic of the past but let’s look closely at our society. A girl is regarded beautiful if she is athletic and fit – just because it displays a male instinct because a strong girl has more chances to win physically over other girls. If a woman wears men’s clothes (like a men’s shirt), it is considered as very sexy.

You can see a similar tradition in some Amazon tribes: local female healers and shamans (curanderos) wear “clothes of the strength” – pants and shirts. And local men can’t resist their beauty and hotness.

At the instinct level, men are turned on by real “brutal” females who do not faint at the site of blood and do not scream for any reason. A wife of a warrior is a warrior.

Now, let’s discuss the techniques which can be seen in female street fights. Actually they are similar to men’s techniques. The earliest and most natural techniques consist in a few strikes followed by a takedown and a throat grip. Choking is the oldest effective way to finish an unarmed hand-to-hand fight. The main goal of animals (wolfs, lions, dogs, hyenas, mongooses), in a mortal fight is to hold on the rival’s throat. We humans have a perfect weapon – our fingers.

In the contemporary society, choking by fingers is undeservingly considered as an ineffective archaic technique. But let’s digress from martial arts and look at the statistics.

The most common way of barehanded killing is choking (76%) – not a rear naked choke and not the guillotine choke which are common in martial arts but just a choke with fingers.

If someone intends to choke you, self-defense techniques of hold release wouldn’t help much. Rage triples the attacker’s strength while your strength is given out quickly.

This technique is the same for all peoples in our small world and since the evolution didn’t reject it that means it works and works well.

Varya Baroeva
September 13, 2011
Translation from Russian.

Fact Sheet: Strangulation is one of the most lethal forms of violence. Strangulation is a form of asphyxia (lack of oxygen) in which blood vessels and air passages to the brain are closed as a result of external pressure on the neck. The effective constriction of the Carotid Artery and/or Jugular Vein can induce the loss of consciousness within about 8-10 seconds and death within 4-5 minutes.

Warning by Female Single Combat Club: We strictly urge not to use strangulation in brawls or street fights unless there is a real danger for your life or for the life of your loved ones!


Aniuta 2011/09/14
In general, I agree… I have fought just three or four times if serious fights to count. My very first fight took place when I was with my boy-friend at the sea beach. It was late evening when two drunken guys and a girl stick to us; one guy was drunk as a boiled owl and was unable even to stand up from the bench, the other one picked up a fight with my guy while the girl attacked me. We fought for a long while rolling all over the esplanade and all the sudden I found myself sitting on top of my rival and choking her with my two hands; the gal was already discolored to blue, lolled out her tongue and rolled her eyes. I hardly forced myself to release her and she was coming round for the next 10 minutes. My boy-friend also finished but actually, it was a draw… they just practiced in fistfight and broke up.

K.Buslaeva 2012/09/23
In my opinion, it is disgusting when a person brutalizes, especially when a woman brutalizes - it is much more odious. The comment nauseates as well.

Skromnica 2014/05/12
I also have a similar experience at a South beach. Without strangulation though. My husband and I reserved a spot on the crowded beach but we didn’t notice a bag around. It happened to belong to a couple which was swimming at that moment. A girl in a wet bikini followed by a guy came to us. The girl was very aggressive demanding to get out of their spot. Her guy didn’t want a scandal and ask the girl to move to another spot. No such luck – she began cursing me and picked a fight. My husband tried to stop her but I decided to give the saucy jade a good lesson. I proposed her to get out of the crowded place and to have a girl-on-girl conversation. She was taken aback by my proposal but she didn’t have any other options because we had attracted attention of other people. My husband demurred but I was uncompromising - I asked him to hold the spot and blankly stepped out toward a tiny uncultivated ground just behind the beach. The girl trailed me followed by her nose-led suitor. Having reached the spot, I turned around and as the girl approached me, pushed her by her shoulders. She fell down but instantly rose on the foot and pounced at me like a Fury trying to grasp my hair. I landed her one on the ear with all my force – I was a good volleyball player then and knew how to knock the ball hard. She blacked out and fell down with a crash. Her guy began to futz around her while I victoriously left the venue and return to my husband. After that, we have no longer seen them…

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