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Two BraziliansTwo years ago I had a business trip to Brazil for my petroleum engineering business. One day, when I was visiting my colleagues in San Paolo, I was invited to a restricted men's club. At the beginning I refused but my Brazilian friends assuring me that I wouldn't regret. I agreed but I really didn't know what exactly would happen that night.

The performance started with a team of girls entering the rounded stage protruded into the auditorium. I thought it would be some kind of dancing show with striptease but I was mistaken. The choice fit girls were well cut, had big athletic bodies with developed breasts and thighs – they seemed to match the Latin American taste. At first, they demonstrated strength tricks: lifting each other, building human pyramids and other acrobatic, usually performing by strong men. Then the team got away and a pair of girls stepped up into the stage. One of them introduced as "The Aco" (steel) was a little taller and slimmer than the second one - "The Pera" (pear). The show host asked the audience to guess a potential winner using the consoles embedded in each seat. I just realized that the girls were about some kind of physical contest, which surprised me very much because I was ready for any kind of strip show rather than female wrestling (that I had never seen before). My friends explained to me that if I participated in the betting I would be charged for each vote. While the spectators (seeming to be familiar with both girls) were voting pressing their buttons, I was guessing how the contest would look like... The girls came to the stage looking quietly confident but it was visible they are thirsty for a fight.

At the signal of a referee the girls instantly engaged and started fierce grappling, without any preparation or preliminary circling. It definitely was a 100% real fight! Their unstoppable moves were confident, skillful and very quick. They literally collided with each other, furiously pouncing their robust bodies on each another. It was extraordinary bout! For a while the fight was consumed with ferocious stand up grappling - the wrestlers were intensively struggling trying to topple each other. Yet they both were so strong that managed to withstand for a while; their powerful legs placed apart made the wrestlers stable. At the end of the standing trade Aco tried to chop her opponent while Pera attempted to choke her. For all that, stocky Pera seemingly dominating the beginning of the bout managed to firmly lock the opponent's neck and to perform a spectacular hip throw taking her down to the mat. Then she immediately leaned heavily on the opponent controlling her by firm scarf hold. But Aco turned out to be quite competent in her escapes and initiated intense battle on the floor – the wrestling intensity never reduced during this fascinating bout. Aco, who was wonderfully thrown to the floor minutes before, showed great skills on the ground and gradually possessed initiative. She gained opportunities for submission by rolling Pera onto her back and by heavily pressing her against the mat. Then Aco violently grabbed her neck and chin (this technique seemed to be the most effective). Being fiercely choked Pera asked for mercy by impatient knocking to the floor. The audience was totally electrified in its appreciation of the girls' wrestling skills and techniques (and especially of their courage) – it was so noisy that I even didn't hear anything my neighbors said.

The second match of the evening was between two robust black girls. They had self-explanative nicknames: "The Ferro" (iron) and “The Barra” (barrel). They traded standing for a few seconds and then, contrary to my expectations, the bout just finished after one of the girls accomplished a wonderful hip throw (using her well-developed hips as a leverage) backing her opponent against the mat and making her absolutely immobile in grips of her hug. Then several more bouts took place. Although they didn't stun me as much as the first one did, I still was very impressed and excited. All the fights were running with extremely high speed – the girls literally chopped up each other. In the end of the show, after a break, the two strongest girls (who won all their previous bouts) stepped up on the mat for the final bout – to determine who would be "the best" girl of the night.

It was a pair of black and white female giants who were eager for a battle. The white girl Aco was the one who won the very first bout, the black one Ferro was the quick winner of the second fight. It was obvious that they were familiar with each other very well and perhaps, had wrestled not once before. Wearing gymnastic tricot both wrestlers looked like classic sculptures: big and tall with cut narrow waists. Aco was a little taller than her opponent: a beautiful brunette with a short haircut and broad shoulders. Stocky Ferro looked a little frightening: sculptural shoulders, wide hips, big rump (noticeably jutting out), and packed stocky breasts. While standing on the stage they seemed to look quite slow and clumsy. However, just after the bout had been started the wrestling pair reminded a speed meat grinder.

At the beginning, the wrestlers planted their bodies firmly against each other and started jerky jostling in attempts to bring the opponents out of balance. They looked exactly like fighting male bears but at the same time they were true women managing to retain their femininity… difficult to explain that but they did… Suddenly, when Aco was busy pushing her opponent, Ferro accomplished a trick: instantly moved back carrying herself off. Due to the mechanical inertia the Aco's massive body kept moving forward while her opponent placed a leg on her way forcing her to stumble and following her down – wonderful move! But as the very first bout showed, Aco was very adroit on the ground. She reversed and forced Ferro onto her back. But Ferro shoved the opponent hard and managed to escape from her hug. The fight returned to standing. Ferro embraced Aco, picked her up and threw her following her down. The bout returned to the ground where Aco took dominance again dumping Ferro to the mat and started moving determinedly for a submission. Being on Ferro's back she wedged knees on both side of her waist and began to tighten her hand around Ferro's neck helping to choke by the other hand. Iron grip! The big black girl asked for mercy. The tall brunette demolished her robust opponent in spectacular fashion making her totally immobile and defenseless. Really epic battle!

The audience gave an ovation to the girls – it was really fascinating extemporaneous show. Then my friends were busy calculating their gains and losses in the betting… I didn't regret I attended the show!

Since that memorable night I started being interested in female combat and discovered the WEB site “Female Single Combat Club”. I’ve seen some videos and video clips with female combat but I have never seen so intensive, speedy and ardent fights as I was lucky to see in Brazil. On my opinion, female combat is the most erotic and exciting show and it excels other shows including striptease. But only if women compete in full strength, skillfully and ardently. Anything like semi-naked beauties slow rolling over the ring is not inspiring. I consider traditional in Russia combative forms: boxing and wrestling to be the most erotic and exciting in women’s performance. In this connection, the best looking matches seem to be boxing bouts where Christy Martin and Leila Ali participate.

Aleksandr Poplavsky, Moscow

June 2004

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