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Ladies boxing

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Last year I had a chance to watch a "boxing match" between two absolutely ordinary non-athletic women, wearing good-looking summer dresses.

Ladies boxing It occurred in a nightclub in Rostov-on-Don (Southern Russia). When dancing and that kind of stuff was in full swing, the host suddenly offered volunteer ladies to test themselves in real boxing gloves. He raised two pairs of boxing gloves over his head and announced: "If here are ladies wishing to clarify problems between them in a civilized manner or just to amuse themselves and other people or to demonstrate courage, welcome here to put on the boxing gloves". The audience perked up and taunts got heard around.
Ladies boxing
Before the announcement, I watched a neighboring table where a group of seven young men and women had dinner. There were three girls and four guys. At first, I thought it was three pair and one "odd" guy because that one danced with women not from his company, whereas his friends danced in turn with each other. I also noticed that the odd guy developed an enthusiasm for a girl sitting in a girl company at another table. When the call was announced for a boxing match, one of the girls in the company of seven decisively rose and proceeded to the girls' table. It was a solid girl wearing a colorful dress. She approached to the 'ladylove'. "I challenge you for a duel, I'd like to clear with you" - she unexpectedly said. Everyone around died down. It took some time for the sitting girl to realize it was about her, she looked around, then turned red and in a few seconds said that didn't know how to box but it her opponent insisted she was ready to whip her well. She stood up and turned out taller and slimmer than the opponent. The girls began needling each other in the manner typical for teenagers. "You beat me, ha-ha?" "We will see now!"

Ladies boxing The girls from the both companies tried to talk out of the fight but the girls decided to fight. A little embarrassed, the girls come out into the spot. Both girls had nice feminine figures and looked very attractive. The audience blew over. The girls were helped to put on the gloves and the host ordered, "Box!" The ladies started clumsily swinging by arms and it was obvious they had never boxed before, at best they would just watching boxing on TV. The spectators screamed and egged on the girls; advice of "professionals" aired, "Punch to head!", "Punch to body!" The girls soon came to feel at home and waved their hands ardently but unskillfully. At one moment, the opponents managed to exchange with punches to head and both simultaneously fall down. At that moment, the bout was over. The draw was announced. The "bout" probably lasted just a minute but the audience delighted it very much. Well-dressed feminine girls waving by fists represent quite bizarre and erotic show. The host helped the girls to stand up and lifted their hands. The rivals looked over each other by incinerated sights and proudly proceeded to their seats to the load applauses. After the event, the evening went as if nothing happened.

Unfortunately, no more ladies turned up for boxing.

Robert Shevelyuk
December 2004

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