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In 1990s I visited a nightclub in East L.A. where entertaining female boxing shows were held. I was interested in women’s boxing and I was wondering how unskilled girls fight. Female volunteers who wanted to try themselves in a light boxing match were invited to the amateur ring (established in the lobby). The most of the girls boxed comically, in the girl way that caused chuckles of spectators and smiles of the participants themselves. Usually, they fought just symbolically and didn’t inflict any damages to each other. In fact, they got boxing gloves, which were bigger and softer than regular ones. But two times such boxing shows were really spectacular. I want to tell you about them. It turned out that the winners in those bouts won by body blows rather than by punches to the head (that’s what usually happens in real boxing). It will be clear why from my story.

Please excuse me for artless writing – I am not a writer.

Actually, the entertaining fights in the club were another specific way for girls to show and prove themselves in front of other people and they willingly used that way. The girls entered the ring dressed in whatever they wore for the club – some were dressed up, some wore jeans and t-shirts. The only requirement was to take their shoes off.

Once a tall, well built girl appeared in the ring who was dressed fit to kill. While an opponent for her was being waited for, the tall "model" showed off, blew kisses to the audience, made boxer stands and coquettishly smiled, looking forward to having fun. At last, her opponent appeared who turned out to be a short stocky girl with bright secure face, which reflected tranquility and readiness. Boxing gloves were put on the girls’ hands and they were asked to stand against each other in boxing poses for taking a picture. The distinction in their heights was so striking, that the elevated gloves of the short girl located just in front of the waist of the tall one while the second girl disposed her gloves just in front of the first one’s face. These circumstances determined the "bout" strategy. Thus a "beanpole" goes against a "runt"…

The host explained to the girls that low blows are strictly prohibited and ordered, "Boxing!" The beanpole started straight away to coquettishly wave gloves in trying to strike the opponent’s face. But the runt efficiently shielded her head by the gloves and stood still like a boulder. The attacker comically punched to the gloves and the spectators cheerfully encouraged her to work more actively. However the runt disregarded the "psychic attack" and in cold blood just punched her to the left side of her waist.

The blow was not too strong but the "victim" instantly lacked her confidence and was in doubt if she should continue the match… However, she seemed not to realize yet that things were going seriously and decided to punish the "offender", punching her incoherently to the gloves again and again. The runt held on a few moments and delivered a similar punch to waist. The shocked beauty took to her heels and backed away holding on the injured side. In fact, while she set her course to the exit, real things just started. The small scrapper blocked her way and delivered punches alternately to the right and left parts of her waist, preventing her from escaping. The punches were weak and unskillful but still quite perceptible for the delicate beauty’s torso. She loudly screamed,"Stop it!" but the aggressor didn’t hear and kept smashing her waist. Once the beanpole showed her back, the runt unflappably worked over her sides from behind. The girl seemed to have some personal reasons for acting like that or she just wanted to punish the arrogant "model". Not having boxing skills, she still worked cold-bloodedly and decisively. At that time, the host interfered the fight. He slapped the aggressor on the shoulder saying that she had won and should stop beating. But the girl encouraged by the audience just hit him to ear by the open glove and then caught the opponent who was already by the ropes and one more time punched her to waist. The stunned beauty got lost and started slowly moving down clinging to the ropes. Her scared face appeared just in front of the runt who felt temptation to turn her out by punching to face. But at last moment she changed her mind, stopped her hand and waited until the opponent lied on the floor… Actually, the "victim" was more frightened rather than damaged.

As soon as the poor girl found herself on the floor, the winner raised her hands. Her nice face was just blinking – she was very happy! I don’t really know what caused such behavior in the friendly match but it was obvious that something was behind that; maybe it was a fight over a guy, who knows. All the same, at that time I got in sympathy with that outstanding girl. She might look a little merciless but she was competing magnanimous - she had never punched the opponent to face although being overwhelming all the time she would be able to color her opponent’s face very well. Then she was able to finish the bout by the spectacular knockout but she mercifully didn’t do that. She also refrained from hitting breasts and stomach, which she easily could strike. The tall beauty hoped to show off; she was not ready for a real fight and was punished. I think if you go to the ring, you should be ready to fight to the end and if you can’t fight, just don’t go to the ring.

Besides this bout, I saw a few more personally motivated boxing bouts in the club where girls just clinched, started wrestling and fell down to the floor. Then attendants picked them up and pulled them apart. Really nothing to tell about…

The club owners sometimes changed the contest forms and one day they invited an experienced local female boxer... The woman in her late thirties was very well fit and she rapidly moved around the ring demonstrating jerky punches. Men were called to stand against her and a cash prize was offered to a winner. But the fight rules had substantial restrictions for a male opponent: he didn’t have to work against her head and breasts – just the rest of her upper body was legal to hit. Since her big prominent breast protectors covering almost all her front torso, very little area left to aim to. And the rules violator would pay dollar penalty…

The female boxer just made mincemeat out of the first daredevil and he shamefully left the ring, accompanying by taunts of the spectators. Her another male opponent turned out to be persistent and had some obvious fighting skills - he skillfully blocked and avoided her punches. From the very first moment the woman brought down furious attacks on the opponent but the guy easily repulsed them and started counterattacking. When she was trying to deliver just another punch, he jerkily threw the left hook and stroke the unprotected right side of her waist. Then he started simulating punches to head, so she instinctively moved up her protective block opening her belly and he delivered several quick punches to the abdominal area. The woman got in a tight spot - body blows disrupted her breathing. She just opened her "invulnerable" head and chest and moved the hands to the belt in order to protect her waist. At that she looked like an attack victim rather than a fighter. But that tactic didn’t help too much. The guy no longer cared about defending and started pounding her hands pinned to the belt. Even such indirect blows stunted the poor woman and she got dizzy. Then she turned around and squatted grabbing the ropes. She felt nauseous and people around bustled about her…

The guy’s victory was striking, but the audience was yelping in disapproval - everyone looked forward to the guy’s defeat. As a matter of fact, fighting against a woman is a no win situation for a man. However, it’s much better to defeat her rather than to lose her – still less shame.

It happened that in the both most interesting fights in the club, which I have watched the winners worked just on the opponent’s body and never punched to the opponent’s head. For the short girl it was handier against the tall one while the guy didn’t have any other choice. I noticed that even professional female boxers didn’t stand well against body blows. I just remember the exciting bout in 1995 between Deirdre Gogarty and Laura Serrano in that Serrano literally shocked Gogarty by devastating body attack, which broke her resistance and, in fact, determined the outcome of the bout. Dangerous Gogarty was beaten up heavily and after all she just broke into tears like a child...


Deirdre Gogarty and Laura Serrano

Enrique Hernandez

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