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Artist Dmitry Bilyk devotes many his works to female combat. The subject is quite specific but he manages to vary it to the maximum - from artistic means to subject matters. A lot of paintings, drawings, sketches and comics have been created already about female combat! However, Dmitry contrives to express his own vision of this phenomenon (sometimes real but sometimes imaginary).

There are no hair pulling and scratching on his pictures (which is the most popular features of other pictures about female combat). For the most of his works Dmitry choose the most "civilized" (and erotic) form of physical combat - athletic wrestling. Drawing any scene like a brawl, sport competition, nude wrestling or fantastic bout the artist in the most of cases represents normal wrestling techniques such as holds, throws, locks and pouncing. Even an impromptu tussle is not a catfight but a serious contest of persons skillful in this activity - his women always wrestle competently, no matter what they wear - in dress, athletic tights of even nude... Representing female single combat the artist uses various techniques of computer graphics, so his works look like made by means of traditional artistic means: gouache, watercolors, pencil, pastel, oil, etc. That's one of his real distinctions from other artists in this area (for instance, from Splish) who use the computer just for correcting scanned pictures.

Besides scenes with athletic or erotic wrestling, brawls, etc. unusual scenes come across in Dmitry's works: battle of flying creatures in appearance of young girls; fight of witches sitting on flying brooms; devil watching nude female wrestling in a soup dish (with borscht or blood); grappling of female lawyers over a client; shocked night pedestrian watching girls fighting on the ground; fight of two snowwomen... Sometimes Dmitry makes witty captions for his pictures like for that where a referee of a nude wrestling match thinks to himself, "Let me live as sweet as they wrestle." The artist has enough topics but he can quickly draw a picture by request or an illustration to a story as he did, for instance, for our two materials, "From old Prokhor's stories" and "Wrestling parties in New York". We hope to continue the cooperation with this talented artist.

Dmitry lives in Dnepropetrovsk, one of the biggest cultural, scientific and industrial cities in Ukraine. He works as a designer in an advertising agency.

This is what Dmitry said about himself:

- I used to make illustration to books, newspapers, magazines, calendars. But I especially like to create works about female combat. This subject is very impressive and exciting. Besides, I am interested in it because I like it as a sport and a show. Especially since I used to train in wrestling. I quit the sport but frankly speaking, I regret about that. I try to avoid accomplishing a single artistic technique, otherwise works look boring and monotonous, even if they have varied contents. It happens very often with talented artists. An artist is sort of talented, he has a good fantasy but it's boring to watch his works. All my works are made on computer with the aid of a graphical map case. Of course I make some preliminary sketch on paper using a pencil. For drawing I use "Art Dabbler" and "Photoshop". It turned out that "Photoshop" is sensitive to hand movement; it's very convenient software for drawing. "Art Dabbler" was just included to the map case whet I bought it. Despite your site is not commercial I will draw for you with a pleasure.

In fact, Dmitry Bilyk is one of the best artists who specialize in female combat. He is ready to deal with any individual or a company who will want to order him illustrations or to sign a contract with him. Please send letters to the artist on his e-mail. We also will be happy to pass any real offer for cooperation.

Lawyer battle

Battle of lawyers. It happens that you must literally fight over a client. Well-established ladies are not supposed to pull each other's hair, so they firmly grabbed each other as real wrestlers... The position of the left one seems to be more preferable, she can accomplish neck lock and then attempt to topple the opponent... But the question is whether or not they could determine in such a way, who will possess the client. But maybe he is around and watching? We would be happy be there.

Night fight

Night bout. Summer. City. Night walkway. Fierce fight between two well-dressed girls. There are purses and other accessories scattered around. An accidental late pedestrian is shocked by the seen and looks horrified...

Snowwomen fight

Snowwomen fight. A subject matter inspired by the story of old Prokhor

Aerial battle

Aerial battle. Two young winged female creatures are locked in a wrestling position. One of them clenches her fist though...

Devil watches fight

Mephistopheles' dinner. A man looking like a devil or Mephistopheles enjoys the spectacle of two nude beauties wrestling in a soup dish (with borscht or blood). In fact the scene is appetizing and he seems to be preparing to a dinner... The drawing can be interpreted as a caricature of female zealous combat funs.

Fight in a jump

Battle in a space. One more semi-fantastic scene. Dressed in diving suits (or space suits) girls are in a high jump. The brisker one managed to jump higher and to kick the opponent to chest in karate style...


Famous Ancient Greek subject "Kentaur battle". Honor and praise to a cowboy who will manage to subdue these horses.

Works by artist Dmitry Bilyk

February 2004

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