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Lillie Lefort. Boxing Hello everyone! Since my childhood I have been interested in women's fights; I even have had some own limited experience in this activity. As a hobby, I draw scenes with women competing in combat contests, even though I realize that my artistic level is quite amateurish. I guess, depicting fighting women allows well expressing special delight, beauty and attractiveness of female body. In fact, my subjects often exaggerated and fabulous.

Lillie Lefort. kickboxing This time, an idea has come to me to make a gallery of silhouettes of fighting women. Simplified drawing with lights and darks allows depicting essentials of body lines and positions as well as dynamics of the body movements without being distracted by trivia.

Depicting my combative women I willingly adopt someone else's ideas and plots. Once it was quite common for many artists even for the most great ones, why shouldn't I less famous do the same?

In my silhouettes I try to deliver dynamics and dramatics of physical hand-to-hand encounters. Once again, the most of silhouettes presented in this gallery are quite sexed up, in other words, I intentionally exaggerate the situation. As a matter of fact, the art is basically about this. Is it real, for example, to come across a fierce and skillful fistfight between two high-heeled little young ladies? Probably, unlikely but the image fascinates me... Or two heavy-assed busty ladies battling with big knuckles as thorough guys in no-hold barred fights… Unlikely as well but also fascinating. Or a curved girl celebrating over a bite the dust rival … Such fantasies allowing not just satisfied latent unconscious desires but also express passion and grace of the female body.

I use two main techniques for creating my combative silhouettes:
- Black outlined silhouette
- Black silhouette supplemented by hairlined details and black hatched silhouette.

I am sure that some combative poses will look familiar to you but every single silhouette contains my own specifically personal flavor.

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