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Women's bravado

Sketches and compositions by Lillie Lefort

Fighting of port girls
Seaport girl fight
Backgroung by Vera Andrukhova

Русская версия

In her interview, amateur graphic, Lillie Lefort mentioned her cycles "Bold nudes" and "One-on-one".

Introducing here some her sketches, we asked Lillie to comment them.

After I practiced in depicting Russian bold female peasants to my heart's content, I started looking for other heroines. Strange as it seems, I aroused the interest of Renoir's nudes abounding with healthy flesh. It began with his "Wrestling bathers"; when I saw them, I realized that these soft spoiled young ladies might be imagined in combat. However, I failed trying to depict wrestling Renoir's ladies (as well as other classic female subjects wrestling naked) - their interlaced tender bodies didn't go well together with physical violence. That's why I was attracted by the "perverted" idea to get them together in a fist fight. That's how "Bold nudes" appeared. My very first work for this cycle was a small sketch representing a typical Renoir's nude knocking down one of the kidnapped Leucippus' daughters from the famous Rubens' painting. I felt scorn for the Rubens' kidnapped ladies because of their submissiveness and reluctance to resist; that's why I placed one of them into the fight.

Sometimes, visiting art galleries and watching artwork reproductions I imagine some artistic heroines in physical clashes. That's how the cycle "One-on-one" was born, where everything regarding combative women is collected. Dutch women with worn out arms came to me first, then dressed out ladies. In fact, my sketches don't really need any comments - they are just free fantasy about strong decisive women, who remain women even in their "mannish" bravado manifestations...

I also was fascinated by the idea of placing my sketches over backgrounds created by artists, both famous and not too famous ones. For instance, when looking at the "rye field" by Ivan Shishkin, images of fun-wrestling peasant girls come to my mind. Or bold female peasants come to me in a village landscape… That’s how the cycle "One-on-one" has expanded appeared – Without further ado, I attribute all single combat images to this cycle.

I always try to place proper links for the background pictures. If something is missing or incorrect. I will be glad to correct, just e-mail to the club and I will improve.

Lillie Lefort. Alley fist fight
Peasants fight in an alley in a country estate
Background by Gogo Korogiannou

Lillie Lefort. Alley wrestling
Peasants wrestle on a road
Background by Jo Pearson

Lillie Lefort. Sambo forrunners
Sambo forrunners. Background by Vitaly Gubarev

Lillie Lefort. Sambo forrunners
Sambo forrunners. Background by Vitaly Gubarev

Lillie Lefort. Wrestlers in the rye
Wrestling in rye. Background by Ivan Shishkin

Lillie Lefort. Village wrestlers
Bold peasants. Background by ?

Lillie Lefort. Village fighters
Russian fisticuffs. Background by Valentin Vasilev

Lillie Lefort. Village fighters
Russian fisticuffs. Background by Igor Lukyanov

Lillie Lefort. Russian pugilism
Russian fistfight. Background by anthropologist M. Sheremeteva

Lillie Lefort. Russian fun
Russian fun. Cartoon. Background by M. Chekhova

Lillie Lefort. Waitress fight
Waitress fight. Background from teh site Grafamania

Lillie Lefort. Knockout in park
Knockout in park. Background by Anna Shubert

Lillie Lefort. Nymph fight
Nymph fight. Background by Tatiana Yarosh

Lillie Lefort. Spartan girls in training
Spartan girls in training. Background from teh site Squidoo

Lillie Lefort. Knockout
Renoir's nude knocks out Rubens' nude. Background by Natalka

Lillie Lefort. Punch
Renoir's nude knocks out Maillol's nude. Background from the site DeviantArt

Lillie Lefort. Fight at the bridge
Fight at a canal. Background by Theo van Rysselberghe

Lillie Lefort. Fight in Dutch town
Fight in a palace

Lillie Lefort. Fight at the bridge
Fight by Arles. Background by Van Gogh

Lillie Lefort. Fight in Dutch town
Combat in a quiet courtyard. Background by Van Gogh

Lillie Lefort. Urban fighters
Urban fistfight. Background by Elena Lupandina

Lillie Lefort. Urban wrestlers
Urban wrestling match. Background by Elena Lupandina

Exclusive by the Female Single Combat Club

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