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Female reincarnations of George Bellow’s pugilists

Stag at Sharkeys

Stag At Sharkey’s - Redux

Stag in Sharkeys - Redux

Stag in Sharkeys

Both Members Of This Club - Redux

Stag in Sharkeys - Redux

Stag in Sharkeys

Dempsey Vs Firpo - Redux

Stag in Sharkeys - Redux

Русская версия

The great American artist George Bellows once said in 1907 referring to his famous paintings depicting back room boxing matches, "I don’t know anything about boxing; I’m just trying painting two men trying to kill each other." His widely praised masterpiece "Stag at Sharkey’s" is not just a realistic depiction of a boxing match – the boxers’ pose is far from what you can see on the real ring. However, his painting perfectly expresses frantic lust of two human males to physically destroy each other, if not to kill. His fighters look like wild stags during rutting season. Actually, Bellows was the first artist having expressed a psychological phenomenon which Werner Sonntag would call ‘fighting lust’; both - fighters and spectators are seized by it.

A century has passed and another artwork appeared (thank to Drew Hammond and Mike G): the same pose, the same fight outfits with the same colors, of those two male boxers are hereby brought forward into the 21st century and updated to a modern boxing ring, with two female boxers in their stead. As it befits to a high tech epoch, the art technique is three-dimensional and much more realistic. And the referee has also been changed to a woman. After all, this is the era of equal opportunities and female boxing can’t surprise anyone, especially those who have seen brutal Miss Cyborg fighting in the cage.

There is another 'Redux' of Bellows' pugilistic masterpiece, "Both Members Of This Club" - thank again to Drew and Paul Rose. Bellows' pugilist keep inspiring other artists and we expect more to come. The artists rebuilding Bellows masterpieces called their versions by the Latin word ‘Redux’ which in English means: ‘brought back, restored’, actually remake

To be honest, there is just one unrealistic thing presenting here: it is extremely doubtful whether two big-bosomed topless girls violently fight for real. In fact, all these 'Redux'es as well as some other combative women artworks look a little enigmatic: their watchers are perplexed why thousands svelte gracious topless 'does' are busy with mutilating each other - the activity naturally habitual for mating 'stags' experiencing intensive seasonal surge in testosterone which causes passionate fighting lust.

The idea of the reincarnation belongs to the big enthusiast of combative women in arts, Drew Hammond. He commissioned talented artists to make his idea come true. He is a copyright owner of these two 3D artworks and we publish them with his permission. We also would like to thank to Drew for his write-ups and help

June 2012

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