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"Combat and Femininity"
Collection by artist Ilya Armanovsky

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Ilya Armanovsky was bon in Russia, in 1972.
Graduated from Surikov Art Academy in Moscow.
Currently lives in Israel.
Participant in the group exhibition of Israel professional artists "Heart memory".

Our guest - artist Ilya Armanovsky with his new cycle "Combat and femininity"
Let him have the floor:

For me, this artistic cycle represents one continuous artwork, expressing the joy of the youth, its sincerity and chastity. It is the incarnation of the beauty of the young female body, which perfectly shows its passion in a toe-to-toe combat against another beautiful female bosy. This cycle is a tribute to my own youth and its hopes and aspirations. It is an imagination of the archetype of my woman. After all, all this about myself because art always represents the artist and his incarnations. I would say, this cycle is about the Woman - a beautifyl lady which struggle is a conflict of opposites, my own internal struggle. In fact, my artworks are influenced by Ancient art and sculpture, even though I work in my own way.

Actually, I have been struggling with this topic. I gradually expanded the space of the internal freedom and eventually managed to fit this concept into that space. It is my most ingenuous and subjective art cycle, even though the tradition is visible in it. I am not a topical artist, I am an interpreter of what has created before!

I am recalling my first visit to Luvre. We had an exhibition in Paris and I thirsted for seing Ancient sculpture in Luvre. What an enjoyment. I couldn't help feeling a satisfaction - "I am right!" These artifacts which I love all my life confirmed that I was right!!

I have had two personal gallery exhibitions devoted to this topic. I got a lot of positive feedbacks. These artworks are made using oil on canvas or acrylic on paper.

Ilya Armanovsky
January 2010
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Ilya Armanovsky
Eternal female rivalry

Ilya Armanovsky
Eternal female rivalry

Ilya Armanovsky
Ingenuous women's conversation

Ilya Armanovsky
Heated female argument

Ilya Armanovsky
"Frog". An Amazon before a bout

Ilya Armanovsky
An Amazon after a bout

Ilya Armanovsky
Face to face

Ilya Armanovsky

Ilya Armanovsky
Feminine strength harmony

Ilya Armanovsky

Amateur photographs of paintings of Ilya Armanovsky from the 2009 exhibition "Morning existence" in Tel-Aviv gallery "Fresco"

Ilya Armanovsky
Femininity of rivalry

Ilya Armanovsky
Fury of rivalry

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