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Author Alexei Bauman. Germany. Sports commentator, sports historian, amateur wrestler, translator from English and German, sports expert for the FSCC, arranger of interviews and discussions for FSCC.
Essential materials with the involvement of Alexei Bauman:
Prehistory of female boxingа
Female combatants in the old days. Overview. (in cooperation with Alexander Khromov)
Women are not as weak as many think. Afterword
It's a no-win situation for guys. Afterword
Women’s fight through the eyes of a historian. Interviewing
Novelty is born in pains (in Russian)
Conversation of three female combatants. Afterword (in Russian)
Female combat as a specific show (in Russian)
Good-natured replies to the angry letter
Weight against strength. Afterword
""No more fight with a woman!" (Translation from Russian into English)
Even fight between odd opponents (Translation from English into Russian)
"Childhood Impressions"

Lillie Lefort Lillie Lefort. USA. Amateur drawing artist of Russian origin living in America. Lillie Lefort is a talent many-sided person: besides artistic talent, she enjoys sense of humor and perfect easy style. She is familiar with wrestling not by hearsay – you can read about that in her interview "Special women come across in Russian villages".

Lille has illustrated many our articles and made these articles for us:
Bold peasants
Forerunners of Sambo
Women's bravado
Is Wrestling a men's activity? Parody (in Russian)

Anna Sidanova Anna Sidanova. Russia. Historian, psychologist and feminism movement enthusiast. Made an experimental genre "Gender Inversion of the Classic Fiction", which she has altered gender of some characters in well-known fiction pieces on a trial basis.
In order to know more about Anna Sidanova, please read her interview to FSSC: Women’s fight through the eyes of a historian.
Articles by Anna Sidanova for FSCC:
Spartan Female Wrestlers Inspired Artists
Ancient female warriors
A Mom and a Son. Afterword. (In Russian)
Female recreations in Ancient Sparta
Battle over being a Queen (in Russian)
Challenge of a Spartan girl

Alexander Khromov Alexander Khromov. Russia. Expert archiver and historian, specializing in culture and ethnography of upcountry people in 19-early 20th centuries. During his career, he inscribed data about most interesting facts which came across, including reports about circus wrestling and fistfighting. Being native of the Russian North, he learned much from his antecedents.
Articles by Alexander Khromov for FSCC:
Old-time Female Combatants. Overview. (in cooperation with Alexei Bauman)
Circus Female wrestlers at the turn of the XX century. Reports, item of news
Circus Female wrestlers at the turn of the XX century. Stories, Tales, Legends
Circus strongwomen and female wrestlers in the beginning of XX century
This unwomanly Russian fisticuffs
Russian Stove (Larisa Belaya)
Amur Tigress (Anastasia Yudina)
Circus of Alexander Koromyslov

Vera Chechelnitskaya Vera Chechelnitskaya. Russia. Designer-decorator and the expert in classic and contemporary art (which she uses in her everyday work). Her hobby is to write memoirs, ironic poems and parodies. You can learn more about her in her interview to FSCC Contest for balance..

Articles by Vera Chechelnitskaya for FSCC:
Motion and fighting in fine arts.
"We wrested with you at sunset..."
Men’s duel in women’s eyes

Dmitry Bilyk Dmitry Bilyk . Ukraine. Artist, designer and artistic decorator. His artistic interests are wide and include fantasies about fighting girls. The subjects of many of his artworks are very original and unusual. Dmitry Bilyk has illustrated many articles in the FSCC.
You can learn more about him in the material Fanciful world of fighting women.
Another set of artworks depicting wrestling of two nudes is presented in the article Sailing knots. His special order set Grappling by a fireplace depicts topless wrestling between blonde Olessya and brunette Oksana.

Nick Kulikovsky Nikolay Kulikovsky. Russia. Artist and illustrator, the author on numerous artworks dedicated to fighting and dueling women. He has illustrated many stories and article for a few online magazines.
You can learn more about him in the article Our whole life is about women fighting! Nick is the author of the essay written for FSCC Girlish Games (in Russian).
Nick has illustrated many articles for FSCC

Werner Sonntag Werner Sonntag. ГGermany. Born in 1926. Journalist, author, scientist, magazine and newspaper staffer and editor, and super-marathon running pioneer.. Werner Sonntag is the author of the unique monograph "Kampfes Lust" (in German, meaning Fighting Lust), in which the first ever attempt was made to examine physiological and psychological relations between physical combat and sexuality.
In order to know more about Werner Sonntag, please read his Interview to FSCC.
With kind consent of Werner Sonntag, some unique illustrations from his book have been used for FSCC materials, particularly History of women's combat in illustrations..

Svetlana Kravtsova Svetlana Kravtsova. Russia. History teacher from Ural region. Her hobby is writing stories, poems and parodies. She is a boxing fan and understands the sport. Svetlana is not a big fan of combative women but she is interested in the phenomenon of the popularity of female combat from historical, social and psychological perspectives.
Articles by Svetlana Kravtsova for FSCC:
Apologia of Boxing
"No more fight with a woman!"
Russian pastime. Ironic poem
Outward appearance might be delusive!
Duel in a Summer camp. (In Russian)
Fighting instinct. (In Russian)

Drew Hammond Drew Hammond. USA Artwork collector, essayist, art patron, and sponsor of artistic projects in the genre of female combative art. He has a huge artwork collection (containing more than five thousand artworks) located in the digital format at his section of the resource Deviant Art. For each artwork in his collection, Drew provides a graphic verbal description which really features an expressive essay. Each of his essays finishes with the byword "Nuff Said" which means "Enough Said," i.e. his description is so exhaustive that there is nothing to add to it. Drew has kindly allowed FSCC to use some artworks from his collection as illustrations to enhance our female combat articles. See, for instance, the article “Female reincarnations of George Bellows’ pugilists”..

Artist Splish Artist Splish. Germany. Artist-illustrator with about thirty years in business of creating artworks in the genre of female combative art. In multifarious pieces created by Splish, women fight, wrestle, duel in attire of all kinds –dress, dinner gown, sporty suite, kimono, bikini and even naked. Artist Splish has illustrated some articles for FSCC and kindly allowed using some of his artworks for article illustrations.
You can learn more about Artist Splish in his interview to FSCC. For those wishing to see his artwork collection or to buy some artworks, please visit his web resource Bitchwars Illustrated.

Andrey Nevezensky Andrey Nevezensky. РRussia. Well known Russian poet and bard. Using the nickname Nevezensky, Andrey writes poems dedicated to combative women who inspire him and whom he consider as his combative muses (the term invented by Anrey and used by FSCC).
Poems of Andrey Nevezensky published in FSCC:
Chickens. (In Russian)
Women's Judo. (In Russian)
Women's boxing. (In Russian)
To my rival (Liberal translation the poem by Susan Ondine into Russian).
A Wrestler's Husband (Translation the poem by Fetenz Farkash into Russian))

Julia Volkova Julia Volkova. Russia. Lawyer, seriously practicing karate since 16 y.o. She created her own page in the FSCC "Art of being", in which she expresses non-standard and original thoughts about martial arts are expressed on the site; at that spiritual practice of karate and the other martial arts are emphasized. On the site you can get practical advice, find links and visit the page of humor. Special section occurs on the site regarding a place of a woman in martial arts.
Julia Volkova represented the Female Single Combat Club at the Central Russian TV in a show dedicated to combative women.
In order to know more about Julia Volkova and her vision, please read her Interview to FSCC.
Julia Volkova has participated in some discussions in FSCC:
Conversation of three female combatants. (In Russian)
Good-natured replies to the angry letter.

Marina Kinyakina Marina Kinyakina. RRussia. Pre-school teacher, freestyle wrestling trainer and wrestler from Siberia. Despite she is quite young, she is has versatile personality and is able to analyze complex social and psychological phenomena.
In order to know more about Marina Kinyakina and her vision, please read her Interview to FSCC.
Other articles with Marina's parrticipation:
Conversation of three female combatants. (In Russian)
Dreamers by the wrestling mat
What is combat?
Good-natured replies to the angry letter.

Paulina Goodwyn Pauline Goodwyn. United Kingdom - a well-known 3D digital artist. In the large DeviantArt community her nickname is 'PaulineG1'. Pauline’s favorite artistic subject is combative women.
Many Pauline's artworks illustrate materials of the FSC club.
You can learn more about Pauline Goodwyn in her interview to the club.
For benefit of the club, Paulina renewed her ilustrated story "Encounter in the paddock": Regency Era female bare-knuckle prizefight reconstruction based on historical records.

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