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Tatiana Boiko

A woman who wrestles
(Russian Barbara the Doctor)

Tatiana Boiko
Since Tatiana Boiko doesn't truly want to be recognized (see the reason in her interview),
she has chosen a female image which looks close to her from the page The Amazon Club.

Tatiana Boiko. Russian amateur wrestling enthusiast and a follower of famous American wrestler Barbara the Doctor. Participant and promoter of female private wrestling matches.

Русская версия

Tatiana, how did you get into wrestling?

Believe or not, your translation of the Barbara's "manual" for combative women "Go and fight!" encouraged me to start practicing wrestling - I got determined to test myself in this activity. Until then, I took interest in combative sports just as a spectator.

Tell someting about yourself

I am a full-bodied young woman, married, have two teenage kids. I am on my feet, having a big warm house. What else?

What full-bodied exactly means?

Well, 5'10" / 220 Lbs. Nevertheless, don't think of me as a fat girl - not at all, I am fit, muscular and well-trained, I am exercising daily on indoor fitness machines installed at my home. And I wrestle...

Sounds considerable. How are you finding female opponents then?

Well, it is difficult but I managed to find a few ladies being a match for me.

How people around regard your hobby?

People around shouldn't know and they don't really know about that - I am a well-known person in the town. Only wrestlers-participants and their mates know about that - I strongly request that. So far, I manage to keep the lid on my hobby - people appreciate my friendship! I am also asking you to present me with me nickname and I have found an image of a woman looking exactly like me.

What are you doing besides wrestling?

Like Barbara, I am a doctor, women's doctor, gynecologist.

Wrestling by CalvadosJapan. Russian Barbara

"Nothing in the world is more fascinating than contest of two female spirits!"
Artwork by CalvadosJapan

Perfect! That means you are very well familiar with anatomy and physiology of a woman, which makes your recommendations much more valuable. Then tell us as a doctor if there are any contraindications to practicing wrestling.

doubt, some women (as some men too) are not recommended for wrestling but the many women would be benefited of practicing it. However, If I was not a doctor, I wouldn't hesitate to organize female wrestling matches without a trainer, a doctor or at least an experienced wrestler. And I don't recommend doing this to anyone. As in any sport, Injuries and traumas are possible in wrestling. That's why I always have conversation with every potential wrestling opponent or participant in my matches. If I found a potential issue, I would perform some medical inspection with her. Contraindications? First of all, it is pregnancy. The period is not a big obstacle though, if a woman feels comfortable. Barbara has told about all these matters. As every single physical activity, wrestling might be not good for everyone. For instance, gals with back pain problems or those who easily get bruising probably wouldn’t go into wrestling. Actually, even that is overcomable...

What are the benefits?

Tremendous benefits for many reasons: good health maintenance and tonic experience, improving posture and body shape, advancing self-control, will power and self-esteem and many more including improvement in sexual life. And it is also an engrossing leisure – nothing in the world is more fascinating than contest of two female spirits! In other words, you can mix business with pleasure; you entertain yourself instead of doing monotonous exercises in gym.

Why do you like wrestling?

It is not simple to explain, I feel unprecedented surge of energy, strength, joy and happiness. Yes, happiness!

Do you experience joy even if you lose a match?

Yes, even though I lose very rarely.

Tell about your most interesting defeat.

Well, it was my very first wrestling match, we wrestled in Greek-Roman (classic) style. Having read a lot of Barbara's recommendations, I started seeking a right opponent. At the start, it was very difficult; you can't survey every single big girl and ask her if she is willing to wrestle with you. In fact, the most of women of my weight class are not athletic at all. However, one day I came across a big well-built woman exercising with a barbell in a public gym. I did my best to become acquainted with her and we became good friends. She was not surprised at all when learned about my intention to test our strength at the wrestling mat. So, we scheduled a match at my home. We wrestled in front of our husbands. I lost the match but learned a lot from that experience.

Why did you lose?

At that time, I knew almost nothing about wrestling techniques, even though I had had some friendly fun wrestling matches with my husband. I just relied on my remarkable strength but she turned out ti be even stronger than me; she locked my neck, took me down and soon pinned me.

Which your match do you consider the best?

Once, I happened to have a Greek-Roman match with a former Judoka who was shorter but heavier than me. Of course, Judokas are not accustom to compete without kimono and without accomplishing joint locks and pain holds which are not allowed in our wrestling community. So, I had a head start. Actually, I try to avoid wrestling with professional martial artists.

How did you manage to defeat her?

Wrestling by CalvadosJapan. Russian Barbara

Trading in standing. Waist lock
Artwork by CalvadosJapan

It was a long and tightly contested match - my hardest match ever. I happened to be in a better shape - since quitting Judo she had run to fat. However, she was highly experienced tough grappler and I knew I would be given no mercy. She tried to accomplish a blood choke by locking my neck but by then I had had a lot of grappling experienced and managed to escape all her attempts to choke me. We were so busy involved into tough grappling that didn't even stop for breaks. The match lasted 10-15 minutes and at the end we both were exhausted. As soon as I felt she got out of breath, I gathered myself up and managed to tuck her head underneath her armpit and I eventually overcame her desperate resistance and pinned her.

Have you ever defeated your husband?

Ha-ha-ha! Actually, I almost match him in strength but any wrestling match with him inalterably develops into another form of physical activity, not less pleasant than wrestling.

Have you wrestled with other men?

No, I just said that a wrestling match with a man might develop into a different activity which I love too but prefer to practice only with my husband.

Who usually referees your matches?

Our matches go in an informal setting. If I don't participate in a match, I watch, control and make decisions. For instance, I can interrupt or stop the match if I anticipate even a little possibility of a trauma. If I wrestle, I also "keep an orderly house". Nobody has complained yet about my partiality because they trust me as a doctor. My hisband also can interfere if I am too involved into contest and lose sight.

Is your husband a doctor too?

No, he is a successful businessman.

Have you competed with other doctors?

Yes, I have. It is much easier to compete with a doctor, once she understands obvious things.

Do you educate novices?

Yes but only as a special gesture. If a lady appears who has never wrestled I tell her about basic principles of wrestling and grappling and safety arrangements. Unaccustomed women should just try, this is the best school.

Does this mean you not only wrestle yourself but also set up matches for others?

Yes, it does. But again, as an exception only. For example, if I have a scheduled match and my opponent asks to help her friend show the ropes, sometimes I help her find a right opponent and invite them to see my match; then they can try wrestling under my supervision. If a newcomer turns out to be big enough I propose to wrestle with me in a "simplistic way". However, I try to avoid holding third party matches because I don't want to take responsibility for other people.

How would you estimate a percentage of women who would want to practice wrestling/grappling if they know about the activity as much as you and Barbara do?

I guess, around 25-30% in the age range from 12 to 45. But I agree with Barbara that for most women, fighting is a deprogrammed act; "it's not something we learn to do as kids nor is it something our society encourages us to do as adults. Quite the opposite, it is usually foreign and strange to us at first." But only at first, until Barbara and I educate them...

Wrestling by CalvadosJapan. Russian Barbara

In the fervor of wrestling
Artwork by CalvadosJapan

You compete in the heavyweight division, do you have contacts with lighter female wrestlers?

The fact is that heavy- and middle-weights represent the very core of the female private amateur wrestler community, which can be called the association of big ladies. There are several reasons for that; in particular, weight limitations in the most official combat sports. For instance, the heaviest category in female freestyle wrestling is 72kg (159Lbs). So, middleweights and lightweights can train in numerous wrestling teams (admittedly, young athletes). Besides, there is another specific reason why it is more appropriate for us big girls compete only in private matches.

What is the reason?

This is the very question for Barbara's "ladies corner". OK, it is kind of awkward and cringey for plump ladies to strut their stuff.

How about beautiful female Sumotories?

Moreover, superheavyweight Judokas are available. But we amateurs don't like competing muffled. Unlike Sumotories, we wrestle for a long time, including ground grappling... As I said, a Judoka came across to me and I had her floored!

Have you wrestled with lightweights?

Yes, just once. Against two girls at once.

How come? Who won?

I won! We grappled until submission and I concentrated on one of them; while the other attempted to harm me, I finished the first one. After that, the second one recognized defeat. Certainly, it was a playful match - they just challenged me after I stated that one heavyweight was worth two lightweights. However, I try to wrestle only against women of my weight category and about equal to me in strength.

And what a not playful would be?

It is when two sweaty robust ladies squeeze each other long and hard.

Who was your heaviest opponent?

A young lady who weighed about 150кг (330Lbs). She was a novice and I wrestled with her in the simplistic way, i.e. I didn't use any special techniques just trying to overpower her by brute force. The giant turned out to be not stronger than an ordinary woman. She had a lot of fat and I advised her to go on a diet, attend a gym daily or to find another fat girl and to wrestle with her daily.

What wrestling techniques do you prefer?

I always try to take an advantage of my remarkable strength and it serves it right in the most cases. Usually, I just catch an opponent by whatever her body part comes in handy and then firmly hold it not giving her chances to escape. Then I manipulate with her body not releasing the hold.

What particular body parts of your opponent you usually catch by?

By waist, by hip or by neck. Even better hold is accomplished by pushing my arm through her armpit and around her neck. Then I act depending on the wrestling style. If I manage to push her head down, I catch hold on her torso from behind and from top trying to "double" her body; it works well in grappling when you have to force the opponent to submit.

Do you have "tricks of the trade"?

Of course. For example: the most of lady wrestlers try to take an opponent straightforward down as soon as possible. I prefer to conveniently hold her body in the standing position in order to control her body before taking her down. Then, on the ground, I already have an advantageous position for a subsequent successful attack leading to the victory.

What wrestling styles do you wrestle and what rules do you follow?

Wrestling by CalvadosJapan. Russian Barbara

"Heracles move"
Artwork by CalvadosJapan

According to the rules of freestyle or Greco-Roman (classic) as well as submission wrestling (now called grappling). However, unlike the common grappling rules, joint locks and pain holds are not allowed in our matches.

Which wrestling style do you prefer?

For me, Greco-Roman style is the easiest: except my very first opponent, nobody has ever defeated me in this style. On the other hand, freestyle wrestling is more fascinating even though I sometimes lose to more agile and deft wrestlers. I participate in grappling (submission wrestling) only if my opponent wants it.

What the reason you are more successful in Greco-Roman style?

In Greco it is easier to win by raw force while techniques are more important in freestyle. By the way, I prefer the term "classic wrestling".

But in classic wrestling you also must use wrestling techniques in order to pin your opponent.

Of course, we are familiar with basic techniques but we are amateur and self-taught wrestlers, so the way we wrestle is different from the way "professional athletes" do. I personally like the classic style for the possibility to use thr strength of my arms and torso to the full extent. And I successfully apply my strength to opponent's body parts as leverages in order to hold her, take her down and turn her on her back. Against experienced wrestlers, I love to accomplish so-called Heracles move - powerful body hold, lift and throw. In such a way I seize the initiative and enjoy the sight of falling big body. I am kidding!

Why do you call this move "Heracles"?

Legendary Heracles lifted Antaeus and crushed him in a bear hug holding him aloft for a while. I am not Heracles and I am unable to crush anyone holding aloft...

Can we call you "Heracles in skirt"?

No, I have not killed anyone yet, even though I am physically capable.

Do you use so-called supplex which is quite similar to it?

I know what it is but don't use - it is too dangerous. I think it is a men's technique.

How can you force your opponent to submit in grappling?

The most effective legal way is to strangle her locking her neck or to choke her by holding her on her back and pushing with your body against her face in order to cut oxigen coming into her lungs. You can try to immobilize her limb by firmly locking it in order to get her to feel numbness and discomfort. You can exhaust her. There are many other ways to force her to submit and many reasons for her to submit, including realization of irrelevance of further resistance. As a matter of fact, as a doctor, I am not too happy about this style because air strangle and choke can cause irreversible consequences, especially preventing blood from coming to the brain. That's why I don't allow longtime neck locks and dangerous chokes. However, this wrestling style is the most popular for amateur female wrestlers. Perhaps, it is more important for a woman in such a contest, to force her opponent to explicitly submit than to place her in a conditional position like the pin.

It sounds scarry though.

That's true. In fact, I compete in this style only if my opponent insists on it. Usually, they explain their dedication to the submission style by ineptitude for sophisticated techniques used in freestyle or classic. I guess though that the submission style just better matches the spirit of some women. If I have to compete in this style with a knowingly weaker or unskilled opponent, I prefer to force her to submit using more humane and entertaining way: I just dispose the opponent's body in an awkward uncomfortable position in which she suffers from discomfort rather than from pain. I have a quick wit inventing such positions, while my strength helps me successfully handle their bodies as I intend.

Wrestling by CalvadosJapan. Russian Barbara

Hold opponent's back from the top placing her in an "uncomfortable position" in order to force her to submit.
Artwork by CalvadosJapan

Please give some examples of the awkward positions.

Well, holding an opponent's body in a position it has never or rarely been, like placing heels over head or folding the body in half. For instance, using the freestyle move called "cradle": grabbing the neck of the opponent with one arm, and wrapping the elbow of the other arm behind her knee (or both knees). As a result, the cradled opponent has very little chance to escape. My specialty of the house consists in accomplishing the popular move "front head" with successive folding the opponent body in half: you lower the opponent head, chin in her back, place one arm around her head and bring the other hand through her armpit area; then tightly lock the arms together at her chest. After that you lower to your knees and keep moving her head and torso down until her head is on the floor between your legs while you secure her legs tightened to her chest. She won't be able to stand it for a long time. Look at the image at right which I have found to illustrate this technique. Besides, there are some body positions women feel especially awkward, particularly if they are undressed... I always improvise.

Don't you sympathize with your opponent?

Actually, these are quite painless and sparing moves; the opponent just experiences discomfort which is difficult to bear. Believe me, choke is much more uncomfortable. Besides, remember that I wrestle not against prim young ladies but against wrestlers who themselves choose wrestling until the submission.

Which position in wrestling do you consider as the most comfortable?

Probably, the clinch at the beginning of the match: while standing chest to chest, opponents bearhug each other and test each other's strength and abilities. It is the most important part of the match, especially when competing with an unknown opponent. I love wrestling in clinch. I can try to grab her torso over her arms in order to immobilize her. Then I gather myself up and try to lift her off ground in order to accomplish the "Heracles move" or an ordinary takedown. I don't relieve the grasp even for an instant continuing to control her body on the ground. If I make it, I overturn her to her back using my weight and strength.

Takedown, clinch, front-head... Are you well familiar with wrestling terminology?

I am an internet person! Takedown, for instance, consists in unbalancing an opponent and bringing her to the ground...

Have you ever surrendered?

Of course, since I am not a superwoman. For instance, if once I get the neck lock, my things look blue...

Who is your most formidable adversary?

There is a lady, smaller and physically weaker than me but she is phenomenal agile and deft whereas I am a lubber all the same. Her husband is a titled lightweight freestyle wrestler and she wrestles with him on a regular basis - she says they wrestle as equals and their matches never turn into something else. ) She consistently floors me. She recognizes only freestyle wrestling because she is an expert in tripping and ducking. Although it is embarrassing for a big girl to be flat on her back under a lighter girl, it is extremely interesting wrestling with her once very few gals have beaten me.

Is it hard to compete against heavier wrestlers?

No, Just the other way around: the heavier, the easier to beat her. My strength helps.

How come you are so strong?

By nature but above all, I have been training with weights on the daily basis since long ago. It is really necessary with my bodily constitution.

Aren't other women afraid to appear on the mat before you?

Although I look firm and everyone is aware of my strength, everyone also knows that I wrestle just for pleasure that I never behave brutally. I always spare my opponents' self-esteem and whatever the match outcome is I do everything I can to make her feel comfortable and what is more important - to encourage her to want to wrestle again. Wrestling against me is absorbing because I always improvise and compete with a humorous undertone.

What does this mean to compete with a humorous undertone?

Well, to be able to make a joke when you or your opponent is in none too good a plight. The most important is to be able to make fun of yourself. Once, a girl having lost me the match was very upset and I asked her if she had ever wrestled against men. She said no. "Then consider you have wrestled with the majority of men because I am much stronger than most men are", I answered. Then her mood got visibly improved...

Do men like your mighty appearance?

I look very feminine: round hips, strongly marked waist, nice bosom, light footsteps. Men like it very much... My husband says that I become especially super sexy during a wrestling match.

Do you have secrets from men as Barbara had in her "Ladies corner"?

Basically, almost no secret except some specific details we discuss with a prospective opponent.

Who are your spectators?

Usually, our husbands or boy-friend (if exist). Sometimes, other wrestlers from our community come with their men. Sometimes, we hold more than one match at once.

What attire do you wear when wrestling?

Depends on wrestling style and on the audience. In matches in freestyle and classic wrestling we usually wear one-piece swimsuits. In submission wrestling we compete in bikini or even topless; more rarely - naked.

Do you record your matches?

Never! It is quite clubby events and I don't want to be recognized. My opponents agree.

As a heterosexual woman, what do you feel in the tight contact with another woman, especially undressed?

Do you hint at sex fighting? No, we don't play this game, even though during a contest, sometimes we experience spontaneous turn-on. However, we don't work for that, we compete to win in wrestling rather in sex! See what Barbara wrote about this matter.

Don't you think that women's wrestling, especially topless or nude is something unnatural or even perverted?

Not at all! Rivalry between women is very natural and wrestling is the most wonderful and noble way to make this rivalry civilized.

Wrestling by CalvadosJapan. Russian Barbara

Women's wrestling is energy, passion, beauty and art!
Artwork by CalvadosJapan

So, do you consider two women squeezing and choking each other look aesthetically beautiful?

Undoubtedly! Look at numerous photographs of wrestling women! What a beauty, body mobility, femininity, passion, dynamics and nobleness. Look at the pictures I have selected for this interview.

Do you contest in catfights?

No, this activity is not for big string ladies. And I don't like brawling.

But even Barbara participated in catfights.

Perhaps, she is smaller than me but I would assume she did that by requests of her opponents.

Did you participate in boxing matches?

I tried once to box in gloves - with my very first wrestling opponent by the way. I unintentionally knocked her out and deeply regret I agreed to box with her. Never more! I didn't enjoy that; fistfighting is not my piece of cake, even though I has a heavy hand and once I used my fists to defend my husband.

Did you defend your husband?

Yes, once while he and I were waiting for a bus at a bus stop, a drunk beef attacked him. Realizing that my husband would have a rough time of it, I just punched the attacker in the temple and kicked him in the private part. He went down to rest and we got into the bus.

Did you fight in your childhood?

I always was a big girl and everybody was afraid to mess with me. A few times I had to punish impudent boys but I always was very peaceful as befits a big person.

Isn't your husband skeptical about your hobby?

Just the opposite, very positive. It was him who put furtively the Russian translation of Barbara's wrestling manual. He gets randy with women's wrestling.

Turns on?


One more delicate question. Aren't woman's breasts suffering from collisions or squeezing during a wrestling contest, especially when wrestling topless?

Indelicate answer. It is not common in our female wrestling circle to twist or squeeze breasts. If not to do that they won't suffer; in fact they are not such vulnerable as someone thinks. Neither are women themselves.

You live in a small town. How do you meet with opponents who live far away?

A wrestling match or a small tournament is an important event, so people come from afar and stay with us overnight - our house is quite roomy. The circle of private wrestling enthusiasts is relatively small and all its participants are tiptoppers.

Tiptoppers? What is your typical wrestler as far as her position in society is concerned?

Strange though it may seem, the most of them are either well educated or being in easy circumstances; in the most cases - both. Actually, there are a lot of well physically developed strong women among countrywomen but none of them is attracted to this activity. Probably, they can't overcome the social taboo and they might think that a woman wrestler won't attract men.

How your kids behave toward your practicing wrestling?

I rarely compete in front if my kids, only well dressed. They are proud that their mom is a tough wrestler.

Does your husband wrestle too?

Yes, he sometimes does but only if we have a couple-to-couple competition. Sometimes my opponent and I make arrangement that our husband will wrestle too. But this is a quite intimate and delicate matter, so it can be arranged far from everyone.

Why is it delicate?

The truth is that two-couple contest is very lust-worthy for all participants, so you should be ready to make love right at the venue in front of others. No wonder, it can be embarassing.

Does watching men's wrestling turns you on?

Yes, it does, especially if men wrestle just after I have wrestled.

What uniform the men wear when wrestling?

It depends... Won't say anything else - this is just for the "ladies corner!"

Then tell something to the visitor of the Female Single Combat Club.

Wrestling by CalvadosJapan. Russian Barbara

Wrestling is the most fascinating activity
Artwork by CalvadosJapan

To women: Go and wrestle if you haven't yet done! I look on future female wrestlers with admiring envy - how much they will discover. You will realize that being a woman not just means to be able to attract men; it also means to be able to physically compete with other women and sometimes win.
To men: Involve women in practicing wrestling; wrestle yourself with other men before your woman for her pleasure! Your domestic and sexual life will become much brighter and interesting.
To everyone: Read the recommendation of great Barbara.

Thank you very much! It is a luck to meet you in the vast expanses of Internet!

I honestly admire the Female Single Combat Club and it is such an honor for me to have my interview with you! I have a question for you: Can I contact Barbara the Doctor via you?

Much to my regret, a couple of years ago, for some personal reasons, Barbara closed her website and isolated herself from the virtual world of combative women and their fans. Since then all my attempts to contact her have failed. Nonetheless, we greatly appreciate whatever she has done.

I am grateful to FSCC for letting me share some thoughts and considerations with the public. I have selected and commented a couple of images illustrating women's private wrestling and some techniques we use.
I express my personal appreciation to 3D artist CalvadosJapan for his perfect rendering of dynamic and energy of female wrestling.
The original artworks can be found at the resource DeviantArt.
All the comments to them are mine.

Tatiana Boiko
June 2014

Exclusive of the Female Single Combat Club

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