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Bridgett Riley Bridgett Riley ("Baby Doll"), 30 (5'4" / 115Lb), California, USA. One of the most famous and dangerous female boxers and kickboxers. Possesor of the world champion titles in the both sports (her boxing record is 15-3-0 / 7 KO; her kickboxing record is 23-2-0/14 KO). One of the most attractive and beautiful combative athletes, her photograph decorated the cover of "Black belt" magazine. Worked as a stunt woman in movies. The WEB site "Bridgett Riley" says, "From coliseum to the ring, from gladiator to pugilist... Bridgett Riley puts poetry in motion in today's version of a combative sweet science called professional boxing."

Bridgett Riley
in actions

Riley in action

Riley in action

Against Tina Speakman
Riley in action

Against Stephanie Curtis
Riley in action

Riley in action

Against Para Draine
Riley in action

Riley in action

Hard bout against
Aicha Lahsen

Bridgett is knocked down
Riley against Lahsen

Bridgett knocks out Lahsen

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Riley won

Riley won

Riley won

Riley won

Lilly Rodriguez
Lilly Rodriguez

Elena Reid
Elena Reid

What are your best achievements you are proud of?

The boxing world title win.
Winning my kickboxing world titles.
Getting on the cover of Black Belt Magazine.
Getting inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame.
Getting baptized as an adult, but that wasn’t me, that was by the Grace of God. Actually everything I accomplish is by the Grace of God.

You have won the most of your bouts on the boxing and kickboxing ring having lost only to Ramona Gato and to Bonnie Canino (in kickboxing matches). What is the most important victory for you?

My 12 round kickboxing victory rematch over Bonnie for 2 world titles.
My boxing world title defense against Lahsen.
Ramona Gatto would never rematch me once I moved to California and learned how to actually kick box. Funny like that, huh.

You are one of the most dangerous female fighters, a real knock outer. How come you got the nick name "Baby Doll"?

My karate instructor from Illinois, Mr. Jim Boucher. He knew me since I was a kid, and nick-named me that years ago. It just stuck.

Who are the best female boxers now?

I like Mrs. Lilly Rodriguez (Bridgett's former trainer - FSCC). Even now. They just don’t make em like that anymore.

Who was the hardest opponent for you (in general and in particular)?

Myself. I am way too hard on me.

Is there a boxer who you particularly want to compete?

Elena Reid would be fun to fight.

It's understandable -- since she stole your nickname "Baby Doll" she must prove she deserves it. But it would be a real mismatch and I don't think you want to kill her. What do you feel when winning over an opponent, knocking her out, inflicting a trauma? Do you feel joy, triumph, regret, or other emotions?

I like 2 win. Although I learn so much more from losing it seems. If I win by knockout, cool. People want 2 see that. It ups my annie. I love a knock out. It’s exciting. Women are tough as nails though, and they don’t all go down so easy… at all. It’s cool, as long as no one is seriously hurt. I’d hate to see that. Fighting is the ultimate feeling, besides falling in love, and faith in the unparallel love of Christ.

What do you feel when you are knocked down? Does some fury arise against the opponent or intentions to beat her up?

It only happened once (by Lahsen - FSCC). It was weird. I don’t remember getting up. My vision went half black. I heard a loud – long ring. All I wanted to do was survive the round, and then the next one. Then in the 3rd… I started landing shots. Then in the 5th I’m thinking… I can knock this girl out. Then I could settle for nothing less than that. In the 9th … I knocked her out cold. It was sweet.

Don't you consider boxing and kickboxing as dangerous sports, especially for women? For instance, low kicks…

These are VERY dangerous sports. Make no mistake about that. It is our lives that are out there on display. It’s very serious.

Do you think boxing and other combat sports are brutal?

They can be. UFC is very brutal at times. But going down to the mat and fighting, takes massive skill.

Besides boxing and kickboxing, what other sports have you participated?

Gymnastics. I love it. N soccer (goalie) as a kid. That was fun.

You worked as a stunt and a backup woman in movies (you have beautiful appearance in conjunction with great fighting skills…) How do you feel in this area? Are you going to become an actor after finishing your athletic career?

I have worked as a stunt woman. That’s serious as well and risky, but I enjoy it. I find acting the biggest challenge. I will pursue this as long as it’s God’s will. That’s what I seek to fulfill. I’m here for a reason and I want to do what God created me to do.

A few questions regarding kickboxing and boxing.

Why 10-20 years ago kickboxing was more popular among women than boxing? Is this form more suitable for women?

Kickboxing was the only ongoing fighting sport available for women at that time. We had to do it. I never had the luxury of even an amateur fight. My first fight EVER was my pro debut in kickboxing against the U.S. champ. Drippy.

What do you think, why boxing is more popular among spectators than kickboxing which seems to be more exciting combative sport?

I think kickboxing should be marketed better. I feel there were too many mismatches and when you do not see true world class kickboxing, it can look very bad. But there is poor matchmaking in boxing and it is still much more popular. Maybe because boxing has been around longer. I really don’t get it to be honest. Kickboxing just doesn’t take off for some odd reason????

A lot of female kickboxers have moved to boxing (like you have). Just because it's better paid or for any other reasons?

For me it was more opportunity. Plus I am a huge boxing fan. I love the sport. Another avenue to fight… come on… how good is that.

Can you please briefly characterize boxing and kickboxing (their particular and common features)?

Boxing, you have to work on distance. Sitting down to get good leverage on shots. You take a lot more head damage.

Kickboxing, you can buy time w/ the kicking. But your entire body takes a beating. You are a bit more upright. You have 2 more weapons to use in there.

I was a better kickboxer. But I love the challenge of boxing. Not every kickboxer has been successful making the transition. It just goes to show, boxing is VERY challenging. I think the 2 are great sports. Dangerous, but terribly exciting.

Several questions regarding men-women matter.

What is the difference between men’s boxing and women’s boxing? From emotional, technical and physical perspective? Are the differences going to be diminished the future?

A man has a man’s strength, and no matter what, they are stronger. When you match a man and a woman up perfectly… the man wins. I can crush a less experienced man, but what does that prove. It’s a lose/lose situation, and proves absolutely nothing in my opinion. I think it is silly for a woman to seriously fight a male. I will consistently “spar” men in the gym. The guys get me good.

Women can be more disciplined though. We have so much to prove and we want to be taken seriously. Women tend to focus and concentrate a bit better. There can be the same ego in each gender. Women can hide emotions well when we want to. I am such a perfectionist as well, to the point of obsessive compulsion which can be a little annoying. I aspire to fight like the men. That’s what I shoot for.

Why have you chosen kickboxing and boxing, quite unusual activities for a woman? What encouraged you to participate in them?

I like to fight. Period! I may as well hone it and get paid for it.

Can you tell about your shootfighting bout against Japan's Fujiko Ishimoto. What was the reason you participated in it? What is shootfighting, by the way?

It was a super fun trip w/ friends to Japan. I had not a clue about what I was doing. It was ages ago. I didn't even know how to fight a lick. But what a fun time there.

Do you feel yourself as a special woman; do you stand out among ordinary non-combative women? Is it visible for other people that you are a fighter?

I have a very strong personality. Yet I am weak in many areas. But that’s great, because that’s when God’s strength shows up. People see there is something a little different about me. But I’m just me. I’m full of my own insecurities, and I have much to work on…on a regular basis. But that’s what life is.

Do you recommend other women participating in the combative sports, in particular, your daughter (if you would have her)? Do you consider contact sports not to be typical for an average woman all the same?

I believe in EVERYONE going after their heart’s desire. Dream big, and take baby steps to get there. But take the steps. Success won’t fall out of the sky.

Why women never participated in combative activities during centuries but all the sudden they just burst into the world of physical combat?

I think they just didn’t know they had it in them, maybe they did, but were made to hold back.

Do you believe that women should do whatever men do?

Well, we can’t urinate up a rope. Thank goodness. I love being a girl. I love a man being a man. It’s good to have differences, etc. It’s also good to just go for it in life.

Do you consider physical superiority of men over women acceptable and natural? Would you imagine that your husband or boy-friend is weaker than you are?

I need a man to be a man. Being a man, is not arrogance, and NOT pride. It’s being humble and having wisdom. We each have to put the other person’s feeling’s first.

Do you think that a man must be gallant and attentive toward a woman even the woman is a fighter?

I want to be treated as a lady. I want a gentleman. I want a man who loves the Lord w/ all of his heart, then to love me. That is true love.

Why female combat became so popular? There are so many movies, TV shows, video films and pictures with fighting women. Why?

People like to see strong women. It’s attractive I guess.

Are you aware that some men and women turn on by watching female single combat and by participating in it? What do you think about it? Do you understand why it happens?

Hey, whatever floats their boat. That’s their deal. I just do what I love to do.

What is your opinion about erotic and show contests, such as professional wrestling, catfighting or foxy boxing?

Silly to me, but that’s just me.

Have you ever participated in real brawls with women? Do you consider them as acceptable under some circumstances?

Only in self-defense. Anything else is insecurity. Bullies are the biggest cowards.

Is it important for you to look good during the contest or you forget about that when fighting? Are you afraid your face to be damaged? Do you care about this kind of problems at all?

It can all be fixed, hopefully. I pray all of the time. I wear makeup into the ring, but it’s all gone by the first round.

What is your hobby (besides combative sports)?

I love acting.
I like to draw.
I love going to the movies.

Do you want to say anything about content and design of our WEB site?

Cool site. You have so much information available. I like the opening page showing real sport in variety. I wish you success and thank you soooooooooooo much for considering me. God bless!

Thank you very much for the interesting informative interview and also for the perfect sense of humor!!! Be successful in the sports and in your personal life!!!

March 2004

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