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Lisine Agababyan

Lisine Agababyan

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Samara, Russia, 15 (weight 54kg/119Lbs). Young Russian female combatant. Participant in more than ten all-Russian Karate Kyokushinkai tournaments, champion of Samara. She also practices boxing and intends to practice various forms of wrestling and grappling. Her long term goal – to participate in competitions "K-1" ("no holds barred fights").

Was it your own decision to practice Karate when you were 12 or someone encouraged you to do that?

I have always been interested in sports. When my dad sent my brother to practice karate I decided to try too calculating upon luck. My parents agreed with my decision – they wanted what is the best for me.

Was a self-defense the main reason you got into combat activities or there were other reasons?

I did not think about that. Just wanted to test and prove myself in a new sport.

Why you chose Karate Kyokushinkai rather than other combat styles?

Since my early childhood, I had dreamt to master a hand-to-hand combat. Karate Kyokushinkai seemed to be the best choice for me

What do you like better, Karate of boxing?

Of course, Karate, I like it better because you can not just punch but also use legs. Besides, exercises Kata make Karate an art. Nonetheless, I have to box well as a real boxer is due.

Isn’t it scared to find yourself knocked down?

I have never worried about that. Moreover, I have never thought about that. I guess if you are afraid of coming out into the ring or tatami or you are scared to get knocked down, this sport is not for you. And if such thoughts drive you, it will show in a bout.

Don’t you feel sorry for your opponents whom you beat up?

No, after all, they don’t feel sorry for me either.

What your parents and relatives think about your dedication to combat?

My parents have nothing against my enthusiasm for combative sports and approve my choice. My other relatives react in different ways: some of them like it but some think combat sports are not for a girl.

What your classmates think about this passion?

Differently. But their opinions mean nothing to me.

What achievements in combat sports are you dreaming?

I want to achieve as much as possible in martial arts and I hope I will be there.

Don’t sparring sessions with Olga Kolosova impede your relationship beyond the gym? Have any conflicts happened with her of other sparring partners or opponents?

have never had such conflicts – if you have arguments after each sparring you shouldn’t be in this business.

Who is your cult figure in sports?

I don’t have any cult figures and I don’t align myself with anyone. I want to be as I am.

Would you use your fighting skills in real life if it’s necessary to defend yourself or other people? Isn’t it dangerous?

I don’t seek any conflicts in the everyday life, I play music, and I exceedingly love singing. But I will be able to defend myself (and not only myself) if it’s necessary. During trainings I can fight against guys on equal footing; some of them yield to me in techniques and blow power, not to mention endurance.

Have you ever street fought?

No, I didn’t have occasion. That’s enough for me to spar during trainings.

What are your parents doing for living?

My dad is a car body mechanic, my mom is a housekeeper.

How could we call you, Russian combatant or Russian-Armenian?

“Russian” because the most of my life I lived in Russia.

Lusine Agababyan and Olga Kolosova

Lusine in training with her friend
and sparing partner Olga Kolosova

Lusine making the splits

The splits

Lusine Agababyan and Stanislav Chepurnov

Perfecting boxing skills
with trainer Stanislav CHepurnov

Lusine Agababyan and Stanislav Chepurnov

Lusine with her trainer
Stanislav Chepurnov

Questions to Stanislav Chepurnov, Lusine’s Karate Kyokushinkai trainer

Aren’t blows to head and to other body parts dangerous for a teenager, especially for a young girl?

In fact, blows to head do not strengthen your health. However, if you are trained properly, the negative influence of such things are minimized and do not harm you too much. But instead, a fighter gets useful skills to defend him/her-self from such blows and to survive in extreme situations. It allows a person to stand out among ordinary people.

Many people might disagree with you here, suffice it to point to a former great pugilist who probably was the best in protection himself. I mean Mohammed Ali… If strikes to head are used in a combative sport, the results of practicing it may not have mercy on the brain activity. Do they?

Certainly, frequent blows to head do not help keeping a good health. However, generally, a martial art is much more that just exchanging with blows and I think the benefit from practicing martial arts is much more than possible harm. For instance, a snowboarder has much greater chance to get a trauma than a martial artist but people ride snowboards. As to Parkinson disease having struck Ali, this disease may strike any person not being related to boxing.

Don’t contact sports makelook a girl ugly? Don’t they make her manlike and rugged?

No, it doesn’t make girls rugged and manlike at all. Just opposite, such sports make female body good looking and allow having good physical conditions. However, often blows top head might spoil a girl’s face. For example, a broken nose can’t beautify a female athlete; I know how important for a woman is her appearance, that’s why a girl should be ready for such things if they choose these kinds of sports.

Do you think women can practice combat sports as actively as men? Which combat sports give the best fit to women?

I think, those combative sports are more appropriate for girls, in which less blows to head are used because the appearance is an important factor for a woman. Kyokushinkai Karate gives the perfect fit because punches to head are not allowed whereas you can kick anywhere including head.

Aren't kicks to head even more dangerous than punches?

This is not about which blow is more dangerous – these contest rules just make a frequency of any blow to head much less than in boxing. In Kyokushinkai the most of blows are delivered to body and thighs (low kicks) and rarely to head. In boxing, for instance, body blows are more seldom.

So, for all that, aren't punches or kicks to belly, breasts, crotch dangerous for female reproductive functions?

First of all, breast protectors are used which make any breast damage impossible. Secondly, after long body hardening training the harm of blows is minimized. Occasional liver or solar plexus “puncturing” (as well as rare rib fractures) do not seem to be critical for the reproductive functions.

How vulnerable organs are protected in competitions and sparring?

First of all, we train our fighters in order to gradually harden their bodies and knees, which allow them to take strong strikes to legs and body without getting a real harm. Then standard for combative sports protection facilities are used: shin and breast protectors, gloves, helmets.

Are there any bans or restrictions against contact sports in Russia?

I am not aware of such restrictions. Actually, many combat clubs in Russia work unofficially and nobody controls and checks them.

What people around say about combative girls? Or the majority still considers such activities as wild and unnatural for women?

The most people are surprised being learned about combative women, many people admire and respect such women – from old times, people respected strength and dexterity. I think such a girl becomes more attractive and interesting, it underscore her individuality. In Russia people are gradually get used to combative girls. I guess, these stereotypes will disappear as soon as women’s fights will be broadcast on TV.

Currently, American and other Western societies are worried about increasing girl violence. Girls now brutally fight, even more frequently than boys do. Desire for "being like men" is considered as one of the reasons of that. What do you think about this and does this problem exist in Russia?

I think this tendency has nothing to do with combative sports because traditional martial art systems teach to be self-restrained, to follow etiquette rules and to respect elders. I guess there are different reasons for that.

Currently, American and other Western societies are worried about increasing of girl violence. Girls now brutally fight, even more frequently than boys do. Desire for "being like men" is considered as one of the reasons for this kind of behavior. What do you think about this problem and does it exist in Russia?

I think this tendency has nothing to do with combative sports because traditional martial art systems teach to be self-restrained, to follow etiquette rules and to respect elders. I guess there are different reasons for that.

Perhaps, repealing the taboo “women don’t fight” might push girls to this direction… Do you think women may participate in any activities that men do or there are still exclusive men's activities and women's ones?

Let women do whatever they want to do!

Should women be like men (of course except reproductive functions)? If no, what should be principal differences?

A woman should be a woman, even though she practices a “men’s” activity.

What is the difference between training boys and girls in martial arts?

There is no real difference: girls even are often more intent on trainings and quicker master techniques. At the same time, they are second to guys as far as physical strength is concerned. Girls often offer an advantage in endurance; for instance, Lusine can keep high pace in sparring and competitions. Besides, women seem to be more steady against stresses; may be I am wrong. As to Lusine, she gives all she has got when training; she competes at the limit of her resources. Even if she is exhausted she keep delivering blows in full strength – as a result, bleeding fists and knocked down opponents.

Are there any forms of insurance for combatants in Russia? Imagine for a second that doctors discover that one of your female pupils may not become a mom because one of her organs has been damage during a training or competition. She (or her family) brings an action against you or your team and claims for a significant compensation… In the West, the most of participants in combative sports are insured, otherwise in case of a trauma or ill health a victim might bring a suit against promoters, trainers or tournament hosts and gain a lot of money.

All my fighters are insured but I hope none of them will need compensations from insurance companies.

Please explain what exactly "K-1" competitions are. What are particular feature of this style in compare to other MMA styles?

K-1 is so-called "no holds barred" fights which include almost only striking techniques; in other words, K-1 is MMA minus wrestling. Typical K-1 fighters are boxers, kickboxers, Muay Tai fighters, Kyokushinkai karateists, etc. The reason why we stake on K-1 is that we could easier prepare to such contests because we shouldn’t spend time for polishing wrestling techniques which would require a lot of time.

Lusine Agababyan and Olga Kolosova

A lot of thanks to Lusine and Stanislav. Wish Lusine, Olga and other Stanislav's pupils great achievements in any area and big personal happiness!

August 2007
Photos were taken on July 21, 2007

Exclusive by the Female Single Combat Club

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