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Olesya Kudryashova    Olesya Kudryashova    Olesya Kudryashova

Olesya Kudryashova (5’2” / 121lb). Russian Kempo-kan style karateist. Participant and winner of international martial arts festivals.

Tell us about yourself.

I was born in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) in 1984. This year I am going to graduate from the College of the Physical Culture and Sports. For 8 years I have been training in the Athletic combative federation “Kempo-kan”.

What are your best achievements in combative sports?

In 1999 I won Kumite competitions in the ST. Petersburg Setokan Karate Do championship. I am a prizewinner of IV, V and VII International Martial Arts Festival “Free Russia” in self-defense and Kobudo. I am a winner VIII International festival of martial arts “Athletic Russia” in Kobudo.

Please describe the Kobudo martial art style.

Kobudo is a combat style, which uses various forms of improvised remedies. Anything can be used as a weapon: a stick, a rope, etc. They might be used in particular situations of life. We mostly work with traditional weapons: “Bo” (pole), “Hambo” (short pole), “Sai”, etc. If someone is interested, please visit our forum and if you want visit the live club…

What self-defense competitions represent? How a winner is determined?

Self-defense competition is a team contest. Each team consists of several persons (minimum two). Any team should demonstrate self-defense techniques. Each team member defends in turn while the rest of it attacks her. All team actions are estimated by a score. The team is announced a winner if it gets a bigger score.

What festivals represent where you have been participated in?

IFMA is the International Festival of Martial Arts. It’s a yearly tournament gathering athletes from many countries. Competitions are held in various oriental combative forms.

Why have you joined the club "Namazon"? What do you expect from being there?

I have come in the club in order to improve my athletic and combative skills. In the club I have an opportunity to get together with other girls who are into the combative sports. It’s interesting for all of us to deal with each other and to exchange with skills.

Do you hope to make some money appearing in the club?

I would be glad if an opportunity arises.

You have written in the "Namazon" that you were ready for wrestling competitions. What experience in wrestling do you have?

Yes, I am ready. Though I don’t have too much experience in wrestling, I am trying myself in this form. In fact, my skills in different combative sports help me very much.

Are you ready to make paid private wrestling matches for men and women?

Why not? Since I have been working as a trainer for a several years I am really ready to give individual lessons.

Did you participate in other sports? Did you try some other combative sports?

When I was a kid I participated in swimming and Fields and Tracks. Currently I am training in different karate styles… the styles that have a lot in common. Now I am training in wrestling.

Don't you think that a woman might lose her gentleness and femininity if participates in a contact combat, especially in extreme fight?

Being a sales person in a farm market you have more chances to lose femininity and gentleness… When I am combating all “negative energy” is coming out of my body. So, in the real life I am able to be soft and “fuzzy”.

Aren't you afraid that you would spoil your appearance and injure internal organs in tough bouts? After all, you should have to become a mom.

I am afraid. A probability to get a trauma always exists and karate is an extreme sport. There is a risk of injury in any sport if you participate in it for real. But a sport is like a drug addict… Once you try it it’s difficult to stop.

Which bout was the most interesting and exciting?

The most exciting was my very first bout in the club competitions. I won the title then in Kumite and got my first bowl. It was pure euphoria… I just remember what I felt there. Now everything goes quieter.

Why never before women were into combat activities? What have changed in the life, why women became so attracted by wrestling and fighting?

As I can see at the materials at your site women participated in combative activities even in the old times. All the more a woman should be able to defend herself in the present time. We just have to have some self-defense skills.

Can any ordinary girl become a combatant or she has to have some special talents or special physique?

Just an ordinary (normal) girl is the one who needs to be into the combative sports. And no special physique is needed. Combative activities contribute to physique perfection. Actually, will power is more important here and some talent is a plus to achieve high levels in the sports.

Did you have a chance to compete against men?

I haven’t competed with men in tournaments. But in trainings my sparring partners are mostly men. This is first of all because quite few women attend an athletic team. By the way, this is the reason we decided to unite and create our female club.

Can you imagine that your husband or boy-friend wouldn't be able to fight?

Yes, I easily can. To me ability to fight is not the most important male feature…

What guys think about your involvement in combative activities? What is the first man' reaction to the news that you are a fighter?

As a matter of fact, the most men don’t like combative women. They don’t wont to be seen not strong enough in front of such women. I’ve never flaunted I was into the combative sports but I haven’t concealed that.

The well-known Russian sambist Andrey Romanov in his interview said the following: “I don’t understand the rage that is very noticeable in women’s wrestling. Sometimes it seems like you can touch the fury”. Do you agree with the statement?

The sambist Andrey Romanov stated his opinion but I don’t agree with it.

Is it appropriate for a man to fight or to wrestle with a woman?

I think that if a man wants to demonstrate his power it’s better to fight with another man rather than with a woman. But if he wants just to have training or even learn something he would compete with a woman.

Do you consider the man’s superiority to be acceptable and natural?

This is the law of Nature that an average man is stronger than an average woman. Frail guys exists too…

Do you think women should do whatever men do? What is your opinion about feminism?

I am not among feminists. My combative activities are not a protest against a men’s superiority. I don’t intend to humble any man. Not at all. I just love sports and don’t want to get fat. I love fast moves and abilities to control the body. Women shouldn’t do whatever men do… Each person should make his or her own choice.

Aren’t you afraid that participating in combative sports might spoil women’s external appearance?

I hope my combative skills and abilities will help me to avoid serious traumas, which would spoil my appearance. And an occasional bruise will be gone soon…

Do you wrestle with friends for fun?

Sometimes I wrestle with friends for fun.

Are you aware that some men and women feel some kind of sexual excitement when participating or watching combative activities? What do you think about that?

Perhaps, adrenaline ejection affects someone in the way of sexual arousal. But in a bout I have just one goal – to win and not to get blown… All my power is for fighting. I can’t say for other people, everyone is different.

Why it is female combat that has become an important part of various erotic shows, for instance, "mud wrestling"?

Usually, women are considered to be more erotic than men. Therefore, combat events with women seem to be more erotic. So, female combative activities are a good basis for erotic shows.

Do you assess women around you as potential wrestling opponents?

No, I don’t.

Would you able to fight with a woman, for instance, over a man?

I can’t guarantee for the future but it has never happened so far.

Did you have occasions to fight in the real life? Did you use your skills and techniques in the real life?

Yes, I have. Once my skills helped me to defend myself from a street hoodlum.

What is your parents’ attitude toward your passion?

My parents took me to the combat club. They thought I wouldn’t be there for a long time but I lingered there. In fact, my bruises and traumas distress my relatives. They are always upset of that but they don’t impede my fascination with combat.

Do you have a hobby?

I love reading books and walking through our beautiful city. I am collecting soft toys. Besides I like woods and picking mushrooms.

Do you have notes or considerations about the content and design of our site? Which materials are better for you? Which one you don’t like?

I like your site very much. Especially, detail description of forms of female combat. I have never seen essays for female combat history except as at your site.

We appreciate your good and smart answers.

In May 2004 IX International Martial Arts Festival were held in Saint-Petersburg where martial artists from about 20 countries were competing. We congratulate Olesya Kudryashova with her victory in "kata with weapon" nomination!

May 2004

Olesya Kudryashova     Olesya Kudryashova

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