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Ilonka Ilonka

Ilonka with her trainer Lucien Carbin

Ilonka Elmont, ("Killer Queen"), Amsterdam, Nederlands (5’3”/110-112lb). Leading world kickboxer.
Three-time world champion in Muay Thai kickboxing.

I saw your picture with a beautiful child. Is that your daughter?





Ilonka Elmont
in actions

Ilonka in action

Ilonka in action

Ilonka in action

Ilonka in action

Ilonka in action

Ilonka in action

Ilonka in action

Ilonka in action

Ilonka in action

Ilonka in action

Ilonka in action

Ilonka in action

Ilonka in action

Ilonka in action

WOOOW.... No, I do not have children yet, but I plan to have 3 children in the future... or maybe more.

Tell us about yourself and the country where you were born.

Surinam is a beautiful country with very nice people and the weather is nice... Yes I was raised by my grandparents and mother. I had a great time there.

What are your best achievements and titles? What is your fighting record?

My best achievement, for my opinion, is that I have become a champion and my goal is to stay the champion. I am now 3-time world Champion and I will do my best to get a hold on my titles. I have fought 25 times, 3 losses (all abroad) and 22 wins (10 TKO).

In what combat sport are you a champion?

I am champion in Muay Thai. Till now I have only fought Muay Thai but in the near future I will also fight in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and of course I hope to be a good fighter in MMA and to become a champion in MMA.

Marloes Coenen said that you were much better fighter than she was. She seems to be one of the best. Does that mean you are really the best? :)

Ha-ha-ha... I hope so! I think Marloes is one of the best fighters in the world. She has a lot of technical skills and she is a smart fighter too. She is also my stable mate and I think she said that because I have more experience in the standing fight, Muay Thai. But on the ground... she beats me up... than I am a real rookie... ha-ha-ha...but I am a quick student.

Tell us (as much as possible) about fighting styles you are skilled in. What do WMTC, WPKL and WPKL stand for?

The WMTC (World Muay Thai Council), WPKL (World Professional Muay Thai League) are two of the biggest Muay Thai bonds of the World. The WMTC was founded in Thailand and a lot of the Lumpinee (stadium in Bangkok) Champions are champion of this bond. The WPKL has also great skilled fighters all over the world. I am proud to be the World Champion of those two bonds.

I saw a free fighting contest where two women were fighting using open hands. What was that – special female style – slapfighting?

The contest you were referring to was a Free Fight match. There they fight with the “open-hand system”, so you don’t punch with your bare knuckles, you sIap your opponent. I prefer not fighting under those rules. My favorite style is Muay Thai, I enjoy the standing-up fight, I think it is more spectacular to watch. For me Muay Thai is an art, you have to love it. But because I want to become a complete martial artist, my interest doesn’t stop at Muay Thai. I think I would enjoy Shoot-boxing, Shooto and Vale Tudo too.

Which combative form is more useful in MMA competitions?

Closed fists, I am not good at “slapping” or open hand system.

Is there any difference between Shooto and shootfighting?

Yes… I have heard that in Shooto grappling is allowed and the standup fight. On the ground you are only allowed to strike on the body… not on the head Shootboxing is similar to Thaiboxing but there is an extra, in shootboxing you are allowed to throw your opponent on the ground and you can do also a bit of grappling (only standing grappling!)

Is there any difference between Muay Thai and Thailand boxing?

No, Muay Thai is Thai boxing… Muay Thai is how they call it in Thailand... And Thai boxing is how the western people name the sports.

Are there any differences between “no holds barred”, extreme and ultimate styles of fighting and MMA?

Yes, but it is the rules. My trainer says because the rules are adjusted all these fights are almost the same.

In the “no-holds barred” competition in Japan much lighter fighters took over the dangerous heavyweighters: Toughill defeated Rodina and tiny Yabushita defeated Gundarenko. Does that mean weight is not that important in “no-holds barred” (NHB)?

At the end I think that weight is very important, but in NHB I think you can allow more kilos than in standing-up fights, such as Muay Thai and Kickboxing. I think that technical fighters have the advantage to control a match even if there is a weight difference, but will lack the power (in weight) to do real damage. If the heavier fighter is also smart and technical, than I think the lighter fighter has a problem to win the match.

Did you fight against heavyweighters?

No not really, I do not fight the heavyweighters, I am 50kg and I don’t think that I can control a fighter of 70kg. In Muay Thai I have fought heavier opponents, some were 5-9kg heavier than me. I must say that I have won the fights but it wasn’t easy. I didn’t make as much damage as I’m used to make with the opponents of my weight class. I have won the fights on techniques and speed.

Who is the hardest opponent for you (in general and in particular)?

My hardest opponent was a girl Geitsidou from Greece. It was a Thai boxing match. She was 5 or 6 kg heavier than I am and she was a strong fighter, she had far more experience than I have. She was also good in boxing. And the other opponents are my sparring partners Robert Westmaas, Mohammed and my trainer Lucien Carbin.

Which your contest was the most interesting and exciting?

That was when I became the World Champion for the first time. I fought against a popular Thai girl Soi Dao sor Jamsai. I must say I have trained really hard for her and the Thais have a very good reputation. So I was also very nervous because she was also undefeated and a strong fighter too. The most interesting part of it was that I didn’t expect that I could kick harder and faster than she could. And I was also surprised that I could clinch better than she could. And all this surprised me in the fight.

Is there a martial artist who you particularly want to compete with or it doesn’t matter for you who to compete?

First of all, I would like to compete everybody in my weight class, no matter who it is. And second I will fight a weight class heavier.

What are particular features of Muay and what is its difference from ordinary kickboxing?

Muay Thai is far more complete that Kickboxing. Kickboxing you are only allowed box or kick. But in Muay Thai is, kickboxing allowed, and also knees to the body and head, clinching (stand-up grappling) and if agreed elbows to the head. Muay Thai is one of the hardest martial arts.

What are the reasons why you have chosen combative sports, quite unusual activities for a woman?

As I was a little girl I enjoyed fighting, I dreamed of becoming a professional fighter like Bruce Lee, and he inspired me. I was wild and had too much energy. I always wanted to do martial arts but wasn’t allowed by my grandparents and mother. So one day one of my friend brought me to a gym where my trainer Lucien Carbin was teaching Muay Thai. As from that day I have never stopped training. In February 2003 it will be 4 years that I have been training.

What encouraged you to participate in them?

When I was training, Lucien Carbin came to me and asked me if I was interested to do competitions and he told me that he saw something in me and that he could make me a champion. And that really caught my attention.

Why there are so many skilful female fighters in Netherlands? Their percentage seems to be the greatest in the world.

In the Netherlands fighting is very popular, there are a lot of female fighters competing.

Do you feel yourself as a special woman; do you stand out among ordinary non-combative women? Is it visible for other people that you are a fighter?

I do not think that I am a special woman. I just chase after my dreams and try to realize them. I think that more women should do that. It is also not visible for other people that I am a fighter. I still look like a lady.

Do you recommend other women participating in combative sports, in particular, your daughter (if you would have her)?

Yes, I stimulate the idea that women should do martial arts. Also for the basic reason that they should be able to defend themselves and if they have the interest to compete that I will also stimulate it. Of course, if I have a daughter I will stimulate her too. And if she is not interested than that she could at least defend herself.

Do you consider contact sports not to be typical for an average woman all the same?

If contact sports are not typical for an average women? I don’t know... I think it is based on character and the way the women are raised. I really don’t know.

Why women never participated in combative activities during centuries but all the sudden burst into the world of physical combat?

During the centuries women were not allowed to fight or do combative activities. Those were strictly for men. But during the last century a lot of things changed. Women came up for themselves, such as feminism. Those feminists gave us now the ability to vote and to do jobs and sports what men only used to do. In my opinion women became more progressive in everything they want to achieve, even if it's combative sports or something else.

What do you feel when winning over an opponent, doing painful holds, inflicting a trauma? Do you feel joy, triumph, regret, and other emotions?

I feel happiness and joy winning over an opponent. In the fight I want to do as much damage as I can. But after the fight I will always turn to my opponent and see if she is all right. Maybe it sounds strange but I still see this as a sport.

What do you feel when your opponent causes extreme unbearable pain? Does some fury arise against her or intentions to beat her up?

Extreme unbearable pain? Hmmm... Then it feels like something takes over me...That I it feels like fight on automatic pilot... and that every technique comes natural to me... just to survive and in my head I refuse to lose... I just can’t explain it what really happens.

What is the difference between men’s fighting and women’s fighting in each combative sport? From emotional, technical and physical perspective?

Technical there is no difference, physical and emotional...yes... there are differences.

Are the differences going to be diminished the future?

Physical never... but I think emotionally yes it will be diminished.

Russian sambist Andrey Romanov said in his interview: “I don’t understand all this fury, which is clearly sensed in female wrestling. Sometimes this fury seems to be perceived“. Do you agree with that?

Yes, I agree with him.

Do you really compete with men?

In the ring I don't compete with men, but in the gym yes of course. But in some things in live I think I compete with men only on the things that I am interested in.

What do you think about mixed combative competitions in other combative sports? Is it possible at all that women can be on an equal footing with men in boxing and wrestling?

I hope so... I think that there is a chance... because people are changing, women are more progressive nowadays. But I think that these things take time... that is the only thing that we cannot control.

Do you believe that women should do whatever men do?

Only if they enjoy it... yes.

Is it important for you to look good during the contest or you forget about that when wrestling? Are you afraid your face to be damaged? Do you care about this kind of problems at all?

Yes, it is important the way I look before the contest starts... I always have my hair done in braids and every match I wear a different style...That is my image that I present... I am a fighter. But also a woman. I am not afraid that my face can be damaged... that is a risk that I take every time I step in to the ring. But during the fight I do not care about these problems at all...

Don’t you consider physical combat to be dangerous for women?

I don’t think physical combat is dangerous for women, because the women who fight also train very hard. They know that they can get hurt but that is something that to keep in the back of your head.

Don’t you think that combat might be harmful for a female body (particularly for breasts) and for the ability to have healthy children in the future?

Well, if it’s harmless for the breasts or female body...It could be... but then again every women is different, for each women lies a different pain barrier in absorbing punches to the breasts. But if it is harmless...I really don’t know.

Do you wear any protective facilities when fighting?

I wear only a mouth piece and boxing gloves... nothing more...

Do you consider some combat sports to be brutal?

It depends if there is a good referee in the ring. I once saw a fight where two men were fighting in a cage in Russia. The fight was spectacular but when one of the guys got a choke the referee didn't stop the fight when he needed to, the guy almost died… I think that is brutal! Neglect of a referee.

Do you get paid for competitions?

Yes I get paid for competition. This is my work.

Would you participate in combative sports if you don’t get paid?

For not getting paid? Well it depends. My management decides over these things. So I cannot say...

Are you wrestling with friends just for fun?

Yes..., I enjoy it.

Do you consider physical superiority of men over women acceptable and natural? Would you imagine that your husband or boy friend is weaker than you are?

No, l cannot imagine that I would have a weaker boyfriend. I like a strong man, not too big and muscular, just the natural build types. But in a relationship I prefer equality than that the man is overruling the women or otherwise. That is too boring.

Do you think that a man must be gallant and attentive toward a woman even the woman is a fighter?

Yes, of course, I like gallant men, especially attentive. A woman stays women no matter what she does. In her heart she will always be a woman, who desires the same things as all the other women...love... romance... companionship...all those things...That is how I feel about it....

Does the fact you are a fighter help you to attract guys or they get scared when learn you are a fighter?

I really don't know... I think some guys find women attractive in these sports… they are curious. But I can also imagine that some of the guys feel afraid about it… because it is a "man's thing" and a women does it (very well).

Are you aware that some men and women turn on by watching female single combat and by participating in it? What about you? What do you think about it?

I really don’t care... I see myself as a performer an artist. Every time I fight I put on a show, and if some guys get turned on about it... so what? I believe that whenever a fighter or an artist performs it should give the audience a special feeling, a feeling of satisfaction. But that is as far as it goes for me... I will not train or let some guys who are that way train with me.

Do you understand why it happens?

I can understand those people… in a way... You see the same behavior with singers... Sometimes people hold special feelings or they sometimes fall in love with their idols...

Do you like watching physical contests? What is more exciting for you, men’s or women’s competitions?

I like physical competitions! I like both actually. I watch men fighting more than female fighting... But I watch them both.

What is your opinion about erotic and show contests, such as professional wrestling, catfighting or foxy boxing?

That is stupid... and it is disrespectful towards the real female fighters who work and train hard for their goal... This is one of the reasons why men don’t take women fighting seriously!

Do you consider women’s contests for men’s amusement to be humiliating for women?

Such as erotic show contests, foxy boxing, catfighting and all of those embarrassing things... YES!!!! It is very humiliating!!

Have you ever participated in real brawls? Do you consider them as acceptable under some circumstances?

I have never fought with men in the ring… When I was little I fought a lot with boys in my neighborhood along with my nephew Darryl. We were a team in fighting… We never lost battles on the street... ha-ha-ha. Now I don't fight in the street...

Have you used your skills for self-defense against real attackers?

Yes I have...

Can you please tell more detailed about the cases?

It only happened once. I was with a lot of kids/girls in an amusement park. The oldest of the girls was 12 years. Then some stranger, a guy walked up to two of those girls and kicked the girls in the belly and also pulled their hair. Of course the girls were crying...The guy was about 25 years old, but it is very stupid to do such thing as he did. So, he played tuff and said that he does it again if he pleases to when I asked him why he did it... so I elbowed him and punched him in the face, he went down and did not expect it...The security guard of the park had a long word with us that day... but in the end... it was all good! Lucky me... But now I am trained, I think differently about fighting in the street. I fight only in the ring...

What is your hobby (besides combative sports)?

I have a cat named Dieselnoi and a dog named Peres. I spend more time with my dog; these animals are also my hobby. I also love watching movies; I really like Dragon BallZ (cartoon) I collect the DVD’s. I also enjoy eating out... relaxing and going on vacation in the tropics!

Would you like to say anything about content and design of our WEB site?

I really like the site... It is very professional and informative! Keep on doing what you are doing!

We thank Ilonka for her interview and wish her to be successful in combative sports and in the personal life. Please visit her WEB site.

December 31, 2002

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