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Jenna Bernick

Jenna Bernick
Jenna Bernick in the cage ready for a fight.
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Jenna Bernick, 39, California, USA. Heavyweight MMA fighter, grappler, taekwondoka and kickboxer.

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Jenna, tell us about yourself and your family.

I live in Ventura County, California. My parents live in CA along with my brother. I have 2 nieces and a nephew. My dad is a retired USAF Lt. Colonel 26 1/2 yrs, also retired pilot from Fed Ex. My brother is also USAF active, my Mom helps out with the kids when my brother works. I have a wife her name is Stacey.

Jenna Bernick and Stacey

Jenna Bernick with her wife Stacey
Photo from Jenna's facebook

What are you doing for living?

I work for Nordstrom doing Loss Prevention

What your parents, brother and Stacey think about your fighting career? Aren’t they concerned?

No they are not concerned. Stacey is very supportive and comes to my fights with me.

How long is your combative experience?

Been fighting since 2008 but training on and off since high school.

How the idea came to you to go into the combat sports being a big girl?

I've always been athletic and did Tae Kwon Do in high school and got into kickboxing. Just kind of got into it, didn't really have to think about it.

I saw you grappling in a YouTube video. Are you practicing grappling as well as MMA?

I try to practice all different aspects of MMA. The grappling was something to add into my workouts.

Which skills are more important in MMA, striking or grappling?

I believe striking is more important because it tends to lead to more exciting fights. Not that grappling isn’t important but it can be a bit boring sometimes.

Are you going to continue your fighting career?

Yes I am. Currently trying to work on my next fight for March 2015

Will this fight a MMA match? Who will be your opponent? What MMA league are you play?

It will be MMA for sure and not sure on who my opponent will be. The league/promoter is The Clash MMA out of Utah.

What is your weight and height?

5'5" and currently heavy weight but cutting weight to light heavy weight by March 2015

What exactly is the light heavy weight in your league?

Jenna Bernick and Miesha Tate

Jenna Bernick with Miesha Tate at the grand opening Bus Ruten's new Gym, Elite MMA
Photo from MMA Free Agent

I believe it will be 185-205 but not sure.

Don’t you think if you substantially lose weight you might also lose distinguishing features and singularity becoming an ordinary fighter?

No I don’t believe so. Everyone has their own way of fighting so I don’t believe there are ordinary fighters.

A couple of questions about the role of weight in the combative sports you participate. It is important to know because in men’s combat sports heavyweights are the most praised fighters. What about women’s combat world?

In women’s MMA it’s the opposite. There aren’t a lot of light heavyweights or heavyweights out there so it’s harder to get fights. Most of the women’s mma is focused on the weight classes that are 155 and below. Mostly 105-135 to be exact.

Is an additional weight an advantage for you in MMA with other things the same, or it slows you down not giving any benefits?

There really isn’t an advantage to being a heavier weight it honestly does slow you down and that’s why I’m working on dropping weight.

Did you consider Sumo in which you would have a lot of advantages as a heavyweight?

I don’t know anything about Sumo and wouldn’t ever do it.

Have you ever brawled - with girls or boys?

I only fight girls.

Questions about a sensitive matter which our authors and visitors often bring. Some people of both sexes discover a kind of turn on when watching a fight between representatives of the opposite sex and even watching the watchers. Do you know or did you think about such matters?

I don’t see how that even matters. I watch the sport and am a fighter because I love the sport. If they want to get turned on then that’s one them but I believe if you are true fan of the sport then you watch it for the sport nothing else.

There is a video showing you training young girls in grappling. What it was?

It actually was just a one time thing. A friend's daughter and her friends were the only girls on the Ventura High School wrestling treat and had a big tournament coming up. One of the girls was having problems with some escapes from the bottom so I helped her out showing her some stuff. Had a good time for sure. The girl I showed a couple of things do didn't win but she was able to use the technique I showed her to escape a couple of times and was really excited about that. It made me feel good to helper her out.

Why submission wrestling (grappling) has become so popular among girls and especially among amateur women who like wrestling privately?

I'm not a big wrestler and not a fan of going to the ground. I need to work on my BJJ and wrestling so I really can't answer this question.

Are you paid for the MMA fights, even for defeats?

Yes as a pro fighter we get paid even if we don't win.

What exactly attracts girls and women in combat sports?

It's different for every female fighter. As for me it's being able to learn different techniques and learning from others.

Jenna, thank you very much! Good luck!

December 2014

Jenna Bernick in MMA bouts for Steelfist Fight Night

Jenna Bernick
March 2012. Fight in Salt Lake City

Jenna Bernick
April 2013. Fight in Salt Lake City against Heather George

Jenna Bernick
March 2012. Fight in Salt Lake City

Jenna Bernick
April 2013. Fight in Salt Lake City against Heather George

Jenna Bernick in training and grappling matches

Jenna Bernick Jenna Bernick Jenna Bernick

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