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"We wrested with you at sunset..."

Ironic poem by Vera Chechelnitskaya from the story of same name

Vera Chechelnitskaya Vera Chechelnitskaya is the experienced designer and the expert in classic and contemporary art. Her hobby is to write ironic poems and parodies; we already published her poem illustrated the story "We wrested with you at sunset..." written by her husband. She is interested in the subjects of our club and has written the article for us, "Motion and fighting in fine arts".

Русская версия

Big girls wrestling
Artwork by ScareGlow from his album Deviant Art


To Alla from Vera

in honor of the anniversary
of the famous duel


We was wrestling with you at the dusk
By a forest and beautiful beach,
We firmly hugged each other's bodies
Forgetting our natural femininity.

It was strange for two buxom ladies
To squeeze each other in public,
But we followed the natural call...
Long ago in the Olympic year.

No throws, no jabs, no punches -
In this truly feminine battle,
Each of us tonged the opponent firmly
Relying on the will of fate.

There were so many pushes and pulls
In that fierce battle - you wouldn't count.
We wrestled in the evening fog
Defending men's honor.

The rough anger of male battle
Is not accepted by the girl's nature.
We wrestled by the edge of the water
Loudly inhaling the fresh air.

But your huge boundless bosom
Overshadowed the battlefield view.
You treacherously took an advantage
Attempting to dip me into the water.

I apologize that I vamped your husband,
I deserved your righteous anger.
You skillfully managed to pacify me

Throwing and pinning me down.

But irretrievable years have been passed,
I managed to defeat you husband,
Now, according to the law of the Nature
He enjoys pinning me down.

Every day we are training in wrestling,
We've achieved the excellent skills,
And I must confess to you friend:
Being pinned is my favorite move.

February 2005

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