single combat



How women settled their differences
under various circumstances and
in various times


Русская версия

Evolutional Natural Selection for women:
a beauty has more chances to survive

Nothing personal –
just cave girls have excess of strength.
(An intellect is optional for a strong)

Women's evolution

Amazons never disputed over men –
this is just a pure toe to toe contest
of two strong free persons

Women's evolution

After Paris declared Aphrodite the most beautiful,
Athena and Hera are fighting for the second place;
Bacchus is the referee.

Women's evolution

Empty talking is not done for Spartan women

Women's evolution

Gladiatrices act exactly as any other women do:
while destroying a rival,
keep your beauty visible to public

Women's evolution

Before taking up arms,
learn how to manage arms,
especially as far as souvenir hatchets are concerned

Women's evolution

Unlike sophisticated battle axes,
there is just one worthy target for a fist –
a rival's face

Women's evolution

The beauty is a deadly weapon,
especially armed beauty

Women's evolution

Chilled to the bone in the open air,
Renoir's sitters warm themselves
by elegant French wrestling

Women's evolution

The feminine beauty is multiplied
by the attempts of its bearers to destroy it

Women's evolution

Only that deserves the freedom and the life
who takes them everyday by force (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Women's evolution

Vadim Seliverstov
Using sketches by Renoir, Bilyk, Lefort, Splish and more
February 2010

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