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Madam, I challenge you to a duel!

Womens duel


Русская версия

- Madam, I challenge you to a duel!

- I accept the challenge, Madam!

- Be careful; don't fracture the nail by the pistol trigger.

- Don't worry, it's stuck well.

- The trigger?

- No! The nail.

- It's stuck to the trigger?

- Are you offering yourself for being slapped across your face by the other glove?

- Yes, I like the first one. I wouldn't mind to have the pair.

- Ha-ha! I had only one. I had to throw it out anyway, so I threw it to your face and to demanded satisfaction!

- Usually, it's demanded from a man...

- I don't know what you mean by the satisfaction but that's alimony which is usually demanded from a man.

- Correct! Satisfaction first and then alimony.

- OK, Make up you mind and shoot.

- O, dear! I am scared at the sight of blood.

- Then close your eyes and shoot.

- I dread darkness!

- Me too... Especially when I am coming back home late...

- And nobody sees you to the door...

- And nobody gives you flowers...

- And nobody sings a serenade under your window...

- And nobody duels over you!!!

They embraced each other and sob.

The curtain is dropped.

Translation from Russian
November 2005

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