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  Gentleman loses to skank
  Author: finnesse
  Date: 26-08-2016, 19:18

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  Re: Gentleman loses to skank
  Author: finnesse
  Date: 26-08-2016, 19:42

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This was actually my story. I was raised by a wealthy mother (father often away on business for months on end). My senior year of high school she told me she would start me out with $3,000 worth of suits and $200 more every week if I this would become my regular form of attire. [Before this, I only had two suits for special occasions since she explained it was a bad monetary decision to spend money on high end clothing that someone will soon outgrow]. I am little taller than average and fairly slim. I always knew that of 500 other males my size my physical strength was in the bottom one percent. This got demonstrated to me two days in a row by two other smaller and younger sophomores. Admittedly, my nose in the air attitude contributed. The first one ended upon top of me after punching me twice in the solar plexes (I was wind milling into him with little effect). The girl I had a major crush on was in the front row. She sat and watched and after he let me up her expression was rather opaque. She and two female friends walked me home. One other girl in the audience (whose face wrinkled every time she saw me" said it was a good fight while he lasted.


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