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Treatise on Female Self-defense
Handbook (in Russian)

Author: Viktor Lyalko

Русская версия

There are two common delusions reagarding women's self-defense:

1. A woman will never be able to withstand a male violence, so the best protection for her is a strong big guy near.

2. A woman must practice martial arts and study self-defense manuals. Then no hoodlum or rapist may frighten her.

The handbook's author, Viktor Lyalko, decorated combative athlete, martial artist and trainer. He is the holder of many titles and awards, sport master in boxing, "black belt" bearer, three-time Siberia champion in hand-to-hand combat, champion and prize winner of tens tournaments and championships. The 30-year experience as a women self-defense trainer and personal involvement in fights against hooligans and attackers allowed Viktor Lyalko to elaborate simple principles of self-defense for women.

Viktor Lyalko is confident about the capability of a woman to protect herself but in order to do that, she has to get rid of commonplace stereotypes and to properly prepare physically and mentally. The sad fact is that the vast majority of "martial art" groups doesn't help at all in self-defense capability but increase self-appraisal and makes a false confidence which may have grave consequences. In Viktor's opinion, the most of so-called self-defense manuals actually are "suicidal manuals". A thug won't even notice that a woman has skills in martial arts or has read manuals – he may just thrust a knife into her belly. What really may help a woman get a chance to find a way out of a trouble is to develop the ability to control yourself, to curb your fears and to play a false note. Then you should be a speedster in durable shoes, you should have a sharp tool with you and some knowledge about painful points and some techniques of hitting them (developed in training with boxing claws and in sparring. Finally, you need to know a proper tactics to distract attention of the attacker with following sneak counter attack. This is all!

LeV Vilenkin

Preface by Ludmila Prosolupova to the Viktor Lyalko's book

I live in Novokuznetsk, the most dangerous cities in Russia as far and crime and ecology are concerned. So, specimens belonging to the weaker sex have less chances to be safe than in any other place in Russia. The only way out of the situation is to practice sports, preferably, martial arts.

As many other girls, being a child, I dreamt to be a photo model and to participate in beauty contests. But I was shocked when the first "Miss Novokuznetsk" was raped in a basement by a group of teenagers. She was unable to beat off the bastards.

Then I realized that I had to learn how to defend myself. I began looking for self-defense manuals. When I was 14, a copy of the #1 issue of the magazine "Sports life in Russia" as of 1991 fell into my hands. I read an ad about all-Russian contest "Lady Karate". I would be held in Tashtagol, just four hours from me by train. But you had to know Karate in order to participate. And I enrolled in a Karate group which trainers turned out to be true teachers rather than usual quacks. That's how I started practicing Koshiki-Karate with Vadim Baranov. He is still one of the best specialistd in Russia, possessing the 3rd Dan. I have him and the club "Ronin" to thank for all my achievements.< br>
I am sure that just this style lets feel women at ease and emancipates them from limitation. It allows to work as tough as possible, almost as in a real street fight. For sparring and competitions, special protecting gadgets are used: breast protector and helmet with plastic face guard which provide with absolute safety while the girls look like heroines of the movie "New Amazons". The skills of contact combat helped me several times pull through extremely dangerous situations, which for the most of women would finish tragically. However, I realize that the most of women are unable to spend two hours daily for training. For these women, this book is a real godsend.

I personally have never come across with such excellent text for self-defense and combative sports. Interestingly, the author of the book, Viktor Lyalko, was the organized of that contest "Lady Karate" in which I wanted to participate long ago.

I totally agree with the author's concept. In our brutal times, any woman must learn how to use weapons and make her body a weapon. And above all, to be ready to active self-defense anytime anywhere. In dangerous situations It may happen exactly as in combative sports – if you let the chance slip, you lose; of you attack opportunely in a proper way – you win!

It is staggering how well Koshiki-Karate ("tough Karate) matches self-defense needs of women. It represents the basis of striking self-defense techniques for women. The techniques include strikes to joints, eyes, neck, occiput, solar plexus, groin – extremely hard and even brutal in order to deal the final blow to the attacker.

I'd like to say that girls' concerns that practicing combative sports negatively affect their private life are wrongful. My combative skills just helped me – I am happily married; I am not going to give up sports and I hope that my gold in Australia is not my last achievement.

I wish the readers every happiness, success and love!


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Viktor Lyalko is having lesson sessions in London

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