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Two interesting video clips appeared on the Internet recently – girl wrestling tournament in Krasnodar and "rivalry" between two girls, Virginia and Lika. The participants (and their fans and husbands) are active visitors of the Female Single Combat Club.

Krasnodar wrestling Krasnodar wrestling

Wrestler girls and their husbands and boy-friends are active participants of the Female Single Combat Club

A few questions to Virginia's husband Dmitry Wrestlfan, one of the organizers and inspirers of female amateur wrestling matches.

Why Krasnodar looks like kind of an amateur wrestling capital among FSCC visitors? Do you live there?

First of all, let's make things clear – my wife (known to female wrestling fans as Virginia) and I live in Moscow. Time to time, we meet with people who are also interested in the realization of this interest. Some of them live in Moscow, some in other places (Krasnodar, Kiev, Minsk, and Cheboksary – the cities where like-minded people live and female wrestling competitions took place).

However, Krasnodar – a special city in this regard. In fact, well known in FSCC Al Bek and his combative wife Torpeda live in Krasnodar. For three years we have had close contacts with them – three years ago the first match between Virginia and Torpeda occurred. Besides, there are more female wrestlers in Krasnodar – I can't list all of them but can point to Nastya, Elina and Oksana. Nastya visited Moscow last year and her fist wrestling match took place here. The other girls participated in the tournament in Krasnodar which is recorded in the well-known clip.

When the idea to have your wives grapple was born?

I have always had the idea to organize female wrestling contests. However, this idea crystallized as a real events thanks to your web resource – much information about combative styles, rules, etc. So, everyone would be able to choose whatever he or she likes. Thanks to your site we have found some like-minded persons (in Forum and Message board).

When the first wife grapple occurred?

The first match between Virginia and Torpeda took place in May 2005 in Krasnodar (Al Bek described it on the Forum).

What is athletic background of the event participants? Does anyone have wrestling or combative experience?

All the participants are non-professional athletes (perhaps, except Oksana who had titles in freestyle wrestling – in the clip you can see her in red uniform). In fact, the girls wrestle in the submission style and Oksana is probably the weakest among them – not physically of course but due to the radical difference between the wrestling styles. Nonetheless, each girl practiced some amateur sport in the past.

What are the terms and rules of the wrestling matches? What are the stimuli of the wrestling women? Money, the love of the game?..

The terms are quite loose as the submission style itself is. Everything is based on mutual preliminary agreements. Besides enthusiasm, there are also fervor and sometimes money (mostly not decisive stimulus).

How would you call your affinity group?

I would say, this is a society of female waking wrestling fans (if I can say so)!.

How parties negotiate about places and terms of competitions?

For instance, the tournament in March 2008 started with an offer of Al Bek and Andrey (Nastya's husband) to visit Krasnodar in August 2007. Virginia and I in turn didn't have opportunities to go. In February I called to Krasnodar to make sure the offer is still valid. And in the middle of March a plane with Virginia aboard landed in Krasnodar airport…

What are your planned arrangements?

A tournament in Krasnodar (about 8 participants with 1/4 and 1/2 and final) is planned for the May-June. Actually, if it occurs, it will be the first structured planned event – before our events were random and too personal, so each match was a big event.

Who pays the bill?

The girls' husbands and friends solve all financial issues as well as all other technicalities.

How the girls got the wrestling skills?

The skills usually come with experience. In fact, girls' wrestling skills look quite solid in the video clip from Krasnodar tournament. However, I can witness that Virginia has had just 18-20 wrestling matches during last three years.

So, it looks like it's quite natural for Virginia and other girls to wrestle each other - it doesn't contradict their female nature. Does it?

Probably, it is their natural feature. I want to mention though that when I compare videos of her first and the last matches, I see the TREMENDOUS difference! Possibly, since submission wrestling is an open system not having strict rules and scores, the internal drive is more important than experience (even though skills are still important). No doubt, if a woman has played only chess before, she will have a hard time.

Don't wrestling spoil a woman?

To disprove such an opinion, I would point to fabulous bodies of DWW female wrestlers. At first, I thought their perfect bodies had been developed due to their non-combative athletic background. But having watching development of Virginia's figure as she practices wrestling, I better understand now where such perfect bodies come from. Even not having wrestling matches, the girls try to keep their athletic shape by working out in gym with weights. On our part, we try to make our events as a celebration ?ke a birth day.

How the girls react on their husbands or boy-friends get them to grapple?

How they react? Each girl enjoys being a center of attention. Believing me, the girl wrestlers are in the very center during any wrestling contest! Flash lights, cameras from all over the audience and men's glances!!! Besides, it is a real adventure! Imagine, A Friday night after work – a plane – a southern city – adrenalin – submission wrestling – ardor and heat – mountains and sea. Then there is a plane back and on Monday you are home again trying to figure out if it was not a dream?

Under what terms and rules the girls wrestle? Describe the common styles.

Styles and rules? As I said, this is submission wrestling. By the way, I am explaining the things I have learned from your resource. A match lasts until one of the two wrestlers gives in. The terms and rules are discussed right before a contest. General terms are not changed but some details are, for instance, whether or not a hold is counted. Basically, the terms and rules are quite common: the following moves are prohibited: punches and kicks, biting, scratching, chokes, etc. The most common techniques used is neck locks and body scissors. The number of rounds depends on participant level: minimum one and ever maximum – nine. Perhaps, in the coming tournament we will introduce a time limitation because the last match between Virginia and Torpeda lasted 20 minutes of fighting time. After that the girls were unable to wrestle to anyone not to mention fresh opponents. Why female combat attract men all the same?

Probably, this is the most complicated question. There are many version why women's combat attracts men - on your web site and in other places, so it is difficult to add anything to that. I consider three reasons: eroticism, sporty ardor and adventure… Sorry for my muddled explanation but it is about true. I guess, if you ask Virginia, it will be more interesting.

We took this opportunity and asked questions to Dmitry's combative wife Virginia.

Is Virginia a real name of a nick name?

Virginia is a nickname. Why? I just like it!

Tell us about yourself.

I live in Moscow, my husband's name is Dmitry Wrestlfan, I guess you know him.

How did you become an amateur wrestler?

I started being interested in amateur wrestling when realized he liked that. Actually, this is his achievement that grappling is my passion.

When and how you wrestled first time?

Probably I made the first steps 7-8 years ago. A girl and I engaged in a wrestling match in an apartment. It was not too excited – too little space. Our next matches were held in gyms – on the ring or tatami. Later, we found a few couples – wrestling enthusiasts. We began traveling and this activity became a kind of adventure – combination of wrestling matches and visiting interesting cities…

Has anyone taught you wrestling techniques?

Actually, nobody taught me any techniques. I just saw some video clips, website and movie on this topic and then tried to grapple with girls having some experience. I learn a lot from more experienced sparring partners (if such partners come across.

What does wrestling give personally you??

There are several reasons. I love physical exercises in grappling – during a short time of a wrestling match you go all out (20 minutes of active grappling is similar to 1.5 hour training in gym). It is very effective way to be in a good shape!!!

Then another reason of no small importance – many men like female wrestling… It is important for women to attract men; in this case wrestling is an instrument of intensifying attraction. It not just attracts men’s attention but also inspire ardor…

Besides, my husband is an enthusiast of vide and photography – he films our matches and create quite interesting videoclips – I like them. So, it is very nicely to be a participant and a protagonist of such movies!!!

Do you grapple with men?

No, I don’t wrestle with men – just because I think men and women are physically different. Besides, I don’t have too much experience… Perhaps, as soon as I get enough wrestling experience, I will try to stand against the male nature; but I don’t like to lose…

Why men like watching women's wrestling?

You would answer this question much better – you are a man all the same! This is what I want to ask men why they like watching grappling women!

Yes, you're right, it's difficult to answer briefly - this is for a PhD in psychology! Tell us about your permanent (if the clip says the truth) opponent Lika.

I don’t think I could tell much about Lika (you’d rather ask her). I just know that the girl used to live in Moscow and we practiced F/F and F/M wrestling – from time to time. We arrange our submission matches on the phone. She is very strong physically and it was complicated but interesting wrestling with her.

Is there any personal component in your rivalry?

Our rivalry is just athletic, I would say with element of ardor. I lost my first match and of course wanted to revenge – that’s what our rivalry is about.

Some history.

Forum of the Female Single Combat Club.

November 2005

Let's have a wrestling tournament in Krasnodar. We have got a venue equipped with a mat 4m x 4m. We have at least 3 (and maximum 6) girls here in Krasnodar ready to participate. If Krasnodar is not OK, Torpeda and I are ready to visit Moscow.
Al Bek

January 2007
This Summer, a female wrestling club is going to open in Krasnodar – seven girls already agree to participate on the permanent basis.
Al Bek

March 2008
Yesterday, a match between Virginia and Torpeda occurred. It was a return match – three years after the first one. It is difficult to describe what the girls were up to. The contest lasted almost 40 minutes and consisted of 4 rounds. Until the end of the match, it was impossible to predict who would win, the situation on the mat changed instantly. The half of the rounds didn't reveal a winner. Besides, the main match, several more matches between local girls were held but they of course were far less ardent and fascinating than the central match between Virginia and Torpeda.
I tale the opportunity to express my appreciation to Virginia for the excellent performance in the match. Moscow is ahead – Lika was first with her effervescent fighting style and now Virginia - second time. We invite all volunteer girls to Krasnodar. You can ask Virginia or Lika about our hospitality.
Al Bek

A lot of thanks for the reception in Krasnodar!!! We will gladly visit you again and I hope that the return match will be successful. We will come with a backing (wrestling) team. The girls gladly accepted the invitation. Looking forward!

ПHello, friends! We are endlessly happy about your plans visiting us in May. I guess, a team match Moscow-Krasnodar should be held – three on three. Andrey and Nastya are ready – we are looking for the third girl. In fact, there are a lot of them – difficulties are with good ones. Anyhow, this is our business and we guess we will solve it by your visit. Andrey is ready to share the girls' transportation expenses
Regards, Al Bek . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

May 2008

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