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Heavyweight became a champion parrying all blows


Which heavyweight – Torlopova or Sinetskaya will go to the Olympics?
Will see who is stronger!

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Thirty year old Nadezhda Torlopova from Kostroma (Russia) became a European boxing champion in the category +81kg just after three rounds combined. More over, she managed to get no punches. Due to a small number of participants in the heavyweight, her first bout in the Seventh European championships was in semifinals - with Rabuca Chis of Romania. The bout was stopped by the opponent's seconds in the first round at the score 5:0. The second, final bout was stopped in the middle of the third round, even though her opponent in the final was formidable Semsi Yarali of Turkey, a world champion!

Nadezhda, what was your trainer's direction for the final match?

Continually, keep her away by the left hand and punch by the right one. To step back from the Turk when she attacks and accurately get her punched back. Actually, I got it but I would punch a little more accurately.

Do you have knockouts in your record?

Yes, it happened. For instance, in the first my tournament – Central Federal District championship, I have just one opponent and she tumbled down. In the tournament in Turkey, a Polish opponent didn't remain on her feet too. By the way, Sylwia Kuziak participated in this European championship but in the 81kg category.
I dreamt to decorate the Russian team victory in the championship by a knockout but unfortunately didn't get it. However, I am happy that I managed to defeat Yarali and to even the score for the defeats in our previous bouts. Last year, I lost her in my first international bout and then this year – on the tournament "Ahmet Comert" in Istanbul. I think however that in the second bout I didn't lose – the judges just made the victory for the Turk with the score 6:5.

From an outsider's viewpoint, you got the gold easily at this championship.

I felt very self-reliant at this championship – for me my fighting mood and spirit are very important. Of course I was a little nervous before the bout but after came to the ring and started warming up, I settled down all anxieties evaporated. I just remember that match in Turkey with the Turk. I came into the ring dumbfounded. Then I came to consciousness but I was not in such a good condition as in Nikolaev.

Is this the first European medal?

Yes, it is the first. It was my debut at such a high rank tournament.

Do you record your achievements?

No, I don't. My son does.

Is this true that you have your son to thank for being into boxing?

Probably, yes, if you will. I don't remember exactly when it happened, probably 2005. My husband and I took our son to our local boxing gym in Kostroma. Stas seemed to be six that time. He had practiced aerobics and wanted to try himself in boxing. At the beginning, I accompanied him to the gym and while waiting for him, began training on gym simulators. Before we lived in Kazakhstan where I practiced basketball for pedagogical college where I was studying. After we moved to Kostroma, I started looking for practicing basketball. There were no such an opportunity and since I wanted to do sports, I started training with my son. Snanislav practiced boxing for two years and get some success. When my son and I visited my parents in Kazakhstan, my husband staying in Kostroma met a boxing trainer from that boxing gym my son attended. Suddenly he asked my husband if I wished to practice boxing because he anticipated boxing talent in me.

How did he recognize them?

I am an athletic woman, I always did sports. So, he perhaps detected in me some fighting potential. As we came back to Kostroma, my husband, Vladimir says: "Can you believe I just met Aleksandr Morozov who offered you practicing boxing for real. Do you want?" I didn't have any doubts and agreed immediately: "Of course, I want!" That's it. Since that time, I attended the gym with my son. Then the son left the gym – probably it was too early for him to practice boxing seriously. But I remained and one day my trainer offered me to participate in a tournament in memory of a local boxing founder, Alexei Zakharov. I didn't mind. Although I had been in boxing just for two months, I won the tournament. Moreover, in the bout fro the main prize in 81 kg category, I defeated an experienced girl from Nizhny. I don't know what helped me to win. May be the passionate support of my fans, friends and relatives. Since that moment my career really starts.

How did you get to the national team?

In 2007 I won the Central Region championship in Stary Oskol and was selected for Russian championship in 2008 in Odintsovo (Moscow oblast). Then I lost to Albina Vaskeykina in the semi-final – at that time 15-punch rule was in effect. I just began discovering the right way to deal with her but the bout was sopped at the second round. However, I was invited for training session in the national team. That's how I find myself belonging to the top pool of female boxers. This year, I became the national champion in the category +81kg.

You used to live in Kazakhstan. When were you born?

I was born in Eastern Kazakhstan. Then I moved to Russia

They say you are German by descent. Don't you?

Yes, I am from German, my maiden name is Buckhorn

How did you find yourself in Russia?

My husband and I just fled from the 2001 crisis. It was hard times even though now it's getting better there and we visit Kazakhstan every year. Then my sister-in-law helped us to get Russian citizenship.

Did you consider Germany?

Frankly speaking, we did, we have many relatives over there. But my dad strongly objected and nobody insisted.

Does your husband still approve your boxing career?

Of course! My husband is a golden guy. He and my son support me very much. If they didn't, I wouldn't spend so much time in boxing, especially now when I achieved a high level rank.

What international titles do you have?

Silver medal from Ahmet Comert tournament in Turkey. Once again, I disagree that I lost that competition. My trainers and I made a careful study of the video with my bout against Yarali and unanimously concluded that the judges made the decision in order to encourage the Turk at her home… In Nikolaev I have proved I am the strongest!

Besides boxing, are there any other activities do you like?

Of course. I am a pedagogue by training – I graduated a pedagogic college in Kazakhstan. In Kostroma I got another diploma of mechanical engineer - from the Agriculture academy. Besides, I work with the beauty company "Oriflamme". I am trying to do business in this area. Recently I got a job of bailiff. So, I am doing many things at the time. It is difficult but this is the life!

Does your son regret he has quit boxing?

I think he doesn't. He is keen on drawing and enrolled in an art school. Stas is very smart with logical mindset. So, he knows what he is doing.

Do you dream about the Olympics?

I should say so! In 2012 I will be 34 – after the Olympics. So, if I make my way through, the age restriction won't apply to me.

Irina Sinetskaya, the most decorated Russian amateur boxer, is in a similar position. She likes to say that she won't give up the Olympic category 75kg!

Will see… Let the strongest win!

Will you need to work off?

Easily! But for now I will continue boxing in my category and then - at the discretion of the national team trainer.

Boris Valiev
Russian Boxing Federation
October 1, 2009

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