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I am happy to see that someone is finally putting female combat in the right light and not so much garbage like all the other sites. We women have as much right to engage in combat as men do and I do not understand why most people think it is fine for males to engage in combat but not if women do. I have a few friends that like to wrestle and box and we have fun at it but we have to hide it and that is not right. I think you have a great WEB site so keep up the good work. You have the best!

I want to tell you about our group of fighting enthusiasts. Our so-called "club" is more like "our bunch" I guess. We got started a few years back because two of my husband's friends are into "extreme fighting" where they travel to different parts of the country to engage in their underground sport. We had never heard of such a sport until we met them. We were having a BBQ over at my cousin Diane and her husband's place and there were several couples there also. Some we knew and others were new to us. We had been swimming in their pool and "horse fight" broke out which were a lot of fun. Afterward, some of the guys started wrestling each other and soon began to encourage us girls to join in. Several of us did. That is when we found out about this sport that we never had heard of. They started talking about it and offered to take us to one of their meets and we went. I did not want to go but everyone kept pushing me to go with them and I gave in. I'm glad I did for this was something that I had never seen before. I loved it. The guys fight for real. I have seen men fight but I had never seen of heard of anything like this.

When I was a small girl of about twelve or thirteen I watched a fight between two boys on the way home from school. One day I got excited and turned on by the sight and I have been hooked on fighting ever since. I have another cousin who lives with us in a small guest house in back. She and I grew in the same household after she lost her parents in a car accident years ago. We are quite close. We came up wrestling and play fighting with our brothers and sisters. Even after we got grown we continued to wrestle and later got into boxing because my husband is a boxer and he taught some of us girls how. It's a great exercise. As time went on more and more of the girls joined in and now we get together and spend a lot of time wrestling and boxing. We do not think of ourselves as so called "catfighters", we are fighters. We do not do some of the ridiculous things that a lot of women do. We do this because we like it. We do not put on "girlie show" for men. We do not call them "stud fighters" and they are not to call us "catfighters". We are into the sport for real. After going to the first meet with our friends we now go as often as time will permit. Some of us girls have tried doing "extreme" thing and find that some of us like it. We don't have rules. There is to be no biting, eye gouging or pinching. Anything else is fair. We do not do this on a regular basis but there are times we do engage in it. At our BBQ's we usually have wrestling and boxing matches just for fun along with guys. We try and keep it in the group for. A lot of people think that there is something wrong with females who enjoy watching fighting and fighting themselves. We do not see ourselves as some kind of strange weirdoes as some might. We do it for we enjoy it. I never understand why it is OK for the males to be able to test themselves against each other and it turns into some kind of freak show if females do it.

Unfortunately, I cannot send you a photo of any of us at this point due to an agreement we have among ourselves. If we get comfortable with you later then will be option but at this point, my husband does not want my photo anywhere out there. I am sorry but maybe later.

I hope I have not bored you with all of this but it is great to find a WEB site that is not all B.S.

Thanks again,


February 2004

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Girls fight

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