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It's such a bliss, holding an opponent in a helpless condition

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Dear Sir,

I have read almost everything on your site. Excellent site! Thank you for it! I'd like to share my thoughts with you. My writing skills are not great but I hope you will excuse me. My name is Marianna, I am 18 and I have been training in freestyle wrestling for four years. Since I was a child I liked watching wrestling - my dad (he is a trolley bus driver) liked to wrestle with his friend on grass in our dacha. I admit that I loved watching those friendly contests. My mom and I were fans of his wrestling and loudly yelped. I hate any fistfights though, including boxing - there is some confused jumping, very little physical contact and powerful pressure and besides, I don't respect rough brawls. On the contrary, in wrestling there is permanent contact, intense, a force against a force, it is some kind of nobility here: That's why as soon as a girl wrestling team had organized I started training there. Before I hadn't even thought women might participate in such activities. At the beginning it was very unpleasant - our trainer forced us to get used to the body contact - it was unfamiliar at first. Then we got used to that and developed enthusiasm. My dad helped me very much - he knew a lot of wrestling moves despite he wasn't a professional in this area. After all, I became a wrestler.

I want to tell you about my feelings during training and competitions. I prefer to train with guys - you can learn much from them. But I can't compete with them - first of all, because the unfamiliar in wrestling hardness of their bodies scares me, then some weakening and bliss flow when powerful arms squeeze you - you don't want to contend but just give up. :-) I surprised that some combatants in the interviews to your club stated that they didn't feel anything special when wrestling with men. It's impossible! But then I wrestle with girls ardently; it's such bliss to appear on top of a twitching opponent and to hold her in a helpless condition. At such a moment, some sweet visions appear in my mind: two strong epic heroes are wrestling over me or the opposite - I am defeating the opponent over a guy. Winning by pin is the best that exists in freestyle wrestling. When someone tries to pin me I imagine a villain who I have to get rid of at all costs and that increases tenfold my strength.

Don't think I am something like mannish or squared. No, I am a very nice girl and our male wrestlers stare at me. All our girls look very feminine and nobody believes us when we tell we are wrestlers. Unless someone tries to make sure: :-)

I am often stand next to a pair of wrestling guys in order to get them excited by my presence. I always imagine that the wrestling is going on behalf of me - this is almost true though, because the guys go all out in order to please me. I love this "show" - it's better than any circus! I wouldn't imagine that my boy friend or husband is not a wrestler. I deeply got the feel of a part and I can't consider my supposed partner not to be a wrestler. Besides, friendly wrestling with a beloved is a great pleasure and an excellent stimulator. :-) But I agree with Julia Volkova - wrestling is the men's activity and we are just strangers here...

Regards, Your Marianna

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