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Just a knockdown

Puerto Rican Amanda Serrano needed just 44 seconds to annihilate Hungarian Alexandra Lazar
at the annual WBO Convention at the Hotel Caribe Hilton in San Juan, Puerto Rico. October 20, 2016
After two knockdowns, referee Sparkle Lee stopped it with Lazar still down from the second knockdown.

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As a matter of fact, the main object of attacks in boxing or kickboxing (also often in "no-hold barred" fights) is an opponent's head. A skillful heavy punch or kick to head is the most effective way to stagger an opponent and finish the bout ahead of schedule. In order to get an absolute victory a fighter should knock his or her (in our case – just her) opponent down ("knockdown") so strong, that she wouldn't be able to stand up or continue the bout by count ten ("knockout"). Winning by knockout is much more weighty than by decision, it impresses spectators, makes glory and increase fears of potential opponents… For a winner knockout is the sweetest moment while for a loser it's nausea and disgrace. While the one who is knocked down is groggy her opponent enjoys her superiority and feels exultation; she nervously follows the fallen girl wondering if she will manage to get up on time. But a knockdown is not a knockout yet, the knocked down one has a chance to concentrate her will, to stand up and to plunge into the battle (cheered by the audience) and to try to punish "the offender". For instance the friend of our club, famous knockouter Bridgett Riley once was hardly knocked down but managed to get up, to recover and to heavily knock her powerful opponent Lahsen out, so the girl was unable to get up for a long while.

Scenes of knockouts and knockdowns from the YouTube collection Female Fighters 3

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