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I love the buzz!

I love the buzz
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Kirsty, 24 year old; avid street fighter girl from England. Has been involved in many fights against girls, mostly in clubs and bars. Enjoys fighting and being a center of public interest as an initiator and performer of exciting combative "performances".

Hello, I am a 24 year old English girl, who has just looked through your web site. I have been involved in many fights mostly in clubs and bars, most of these I actually enjoy and sometimes look to start. My friends often wonder why I do this, and I too have wondered this but the excitement a fight give me is better than sex. I love to have men and women watching me fight, and your web site has helped me understand why I do this. Thanks very much I really enjoyed it.

What are the reasons for you fights?

You would like to find out more about the reason I fight? So would a lot of my friend as they also don't understand it. Fighting is an enjoyment!

Tell about your very first fight.

When I was younger I was always very quiet, never really got noticed always was in the middle calls at school and always came about 3rd or 4th inn any race. I was not at the top and not at the bottom. During a lunch break, a popular girl of about the same height as me pushed me on the way to get something. She didn't do it deliberately at least I don't think she did! Normally I would not have said anything but on this occasion I said something like, "Hey watch where you going". The girl who was called Sarah (just in case you print this and she reads it) turned around and came up to my face, looked into my eyes and asked me if I had a problem. Immediately, everything seamed to stop. Anybody who was walking by stopped and looked at the two of us. I felt a real shiver go down my back; I had seen a few fights at school but never been close to being involved. It is also fair to say that I never thought I would be involved either as I did not look like a fighter at that time. I remember Sarah standing there for what seamed ages and again she said to me but slightly lauder what's your problem, she added the word "Bitch" to the end of this! Unbelievably and I'm embarrassed to say, I told her I was not a bitch. At this moment I heard a laugh of another girl behind me, and I think it was this that riled me more than Sarah standing in my face. I can remember the tension of the occasion all eyes were on me and Sarah, and then she pushed me. I remember falling back a few steps and knocking another person. I can't remember if that person was male or female as I seamed to spring back up and run and push Sarah. It was not that I heard my first "fight, fight" echo around the room. Sarah came back at me and we just ended up grabbing each other hair and falling on the floor. I think the fight could have only lasted for about 2 minutes as two teachers, who heard all the noise being made by the watching people, came in and split us up. This was my first fight, not a very good one, I agree, but the first time I became the centre attraction. After this fight I seemed to get more respect from girls who would not have talked to me before. So that's how I started fighting, and why I like to fight.

How did your life change after you became a fighter?

Girls who would never fight became my friend as they knew I was prepared to stand up for myself. It is fair to say that after this, I got a kick out of pushing past another girl, and when they saw who it was; they wouldn't say anything as they knew I was prepared to fight. Obviously I got into more fights after this and in the end I got a reputation for fighting. It also changed my circle of friends and I got poor grades in school, it has probably had an effect on the whole of my life. I love the buzz and being a centre of attraction, I like people to watch me and think twice next time they see me. I like the doormen telling me not to cause trouble tonight and girls around me staying clear in case I start something!!!

Can you give us more details about your fights (in general and in particular). What techniques do you usually use? Are your fights done in catfighting / hairpulling style or you use fists, holds and throws like a real guys?

The details of my fights are all pretty much the same. Most of my fights tend me be outdoors or in a club / bar. Nearly all of them are spontaneous and involve pulling hair, punching in the face, scratching, biting and anything else that goes. I guess you would call that a real catfight.

Did you get some real fighting skills during your combative clashes?

The only catfighting skills I have are self taught. It is really easy to fight, you just need to guts. Most girls don't fight because they are afraid of humiliation.

Who is your usual fighting opponent? Always girls or guys too?

I have only ever fought girls, apart from the odd slap or punch to a guy's face, but it has never resulted in a full blown fight. I don't have a regular opponent, but I have fought the same girl a few times. Mostly because our previous fight was broken up. The most I have ever fought one person is 4 times, this is a girl who lives down the road from here. She is a real bitch and throws stones at my car. I will fight her on many more occasions when we meet. The last time it was in a shopping centre that was just crazy!

Is this common in Britain that girls and women fight?

Finally, it is not that common for women to fight, many men fight but not many women. I refer to my reason above, but generally you will at least find two or three catfight in the town on a Saturday night!

Have you heard about Elizabeth Wilkinson Stokes, a Londoner lived in the 18 century who was a matriarch of female fistfighting and no-holds barred fighting?

Yes, I have, I know that in the old Britain women fought just as well as guys... that changed in the Victorian era...

Thanks, it was extremely interesting and educational!

Interview with Kirsty the English
January 2004

Exclusive by the Female Single Combat Club

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