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Chicken Fight Championship

Horsewomen battle
Artwork by Pedro Henrique Ferreira

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The first "Chicken fight" Championship (Horsewomen battle) was held on the beach of the Hawaiian island of Maui. This new sport consists of struggling between two women sitting on shoulders of their "horses" - husbands or partners - men or women - who sink into water to chest. Participants wear swimming suits. By the referee signal horsewoman come together horseback and each one tries to drag an opponent off her "horse". The rule of a winner discovering is very simple - the loser is that horsewoman who first touched water by any part of her body except legs. Rules regarding pair arrangement are quite similar to "wife carrying" competitions. "Horses" are prohibited from using extremities against opponents, just pushing another "horse" by body is allowed (without touching an opposite horsewoman). Horsewomen may grab any part of opponent's body except hair. Punches, kicks and jabs are prohibited. Unlike "wife carrying", the role of a woman in "horsewomen battle" is the most important, but "horses" must act strategically and competently and have outstanding strength.

People staying at the resort, local residents and visitors who intentionally came for the tournament were participated there. The most of the visitors were Scandinavian wife carrying masters. They were a soul of the tournament and those who made contribution to it. However, local pair managed to win in the final, who worked in the hotel service (he was a guard and she was a hotel maid). The competitions proceeded in cheerful and fascinating atmosphere. No prize was put on just winners' names were entered to a special honor book. Separate competitions were held between female pairs where sisters from Canada took over.

horse battle My girlfriend and I also participated in the competition but were put out it after the first round. These are some details. I am not a small man - 5'10" and 165lb and my girlfriend - 5'3" and 115lb. She is very sporty though because she trained gymnastics in her childhood in Russia. We competed with a trained couple from Denmark who had about the same complexions. When we came together our horsewomen got all worked up and began pushing each other, so the both couples were disqualified. Nevertheless, we became friendly with the Danish couple and the next day we had a friendly contest (without pokes though). Usually, a fight lasts less than a minute because since girls are grappled they get falling. That's what happened with us. Since there was no referee it was difficult to determine which girl fell first and who first touched water by a proper body part.

The final "horsewomen battle" was the most fascinating. A couple from Finland who had had experience in wife carrying was the Hawaiians' opponents in the final contest. By the way, the Finnish couple had won mostly due to a trick the "horsewoman" used: she suddenly rose on the "horse's" shoulder and leaned heavily on her opponent, actually finding herself on the top of the opponent's "horse". As a result the rival "horse" was losing balance and the both riders were falling, but the attacker always was the second one: The Hawaiian wife weighed almost 200 pounds whereas her female opponent - just 143. The "horse" with the heavier rider virtually didn't move whereas their Finnish opponents were inventively maneuvering. At one moment the Finnish pair managed to get headlong into rear of the Hawaiians; the Finnish horsewoman embraced her opponent from behind and began dragging her off. Spectators gathered on the beach reacted tumultuously to this culmination. The Hawaiian "horse" crouched and grabbed hold of his horsewoman legs for all he was worth and his wife intercepted her opponent's arm and began to twist it. The both horsewomen started screaming and got falling down. All the same, the mechanics laws played their role and the Hawaiian woman managed to remain up a couple of second longer than the Finnish woman. The Hawaiian powerful man substantially contributed to the victory by tightly holding his wife by legs to the very end. Frankly speaking, the Finns more deserved the victory because they elaborated a smart struggling strategy and demonstrated adroitness and shrewdness. But as Russians say, "there is no shield against a crowbar". :)

Swimmers around them carried the finalists up and swung them. At the end the contestant were thrown into the warm water of Pacific ocean.

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The report has been sent by Vadim Plotkin,
San Francisco, USA
(who didn't have the good sense
to take pictures of the contestants - the photographs are taken from the site FFVIDEO)

June 2002

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