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Go and Fight!


Why would a woman wrestle another woman?

Why people like watching women wrestling?

Go and Fight!
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Go and Fight!

Why would a woman wrestle another woman?

On its face, the question appears pregnant with sexism. I mean, hell, why would a man wrestle another man, right? But we know that answer is disingenuous. The sexism encased in the question affects all of us and, because we're exposed to that sexism from birth, we simply have to buy into some of it on some level.

We're taught to not fight, to not use our strength, not to compete physically or even to exert ourselves, to never sweat or grunt in public, to not expose our bodies against the bodies of other women. We're taught that women who do that are crazy, or "low", or "perverted". Girlfriend, put the cards on the table, it's not easy for most of us to fight.

Those who do it cite many reasons. Exercise or fun, their own needs (including sexual), or the needs of partners (often sexual). Usually, like so much in life, it's a combination of these and all of them, including the last, are very good reasons. There's nothing wrong with two women getting together to do what they want safely and enjoyably no matter the reason.

In fact, I think it's especially wonderful if your wrestling turns your mate on. A couple that shares common sexual interests and can meet each other's sexual needs is very lucky indeed. But in the end, it's about you and what YOU want to do. Do NOTHING in this world than you don't want to do. And the moment it stops being fun, drop it... no matter what you think might be the impact on a relationship. For most women, this means that you need to feel comfortable and safe and confident when you go into a match (particularly when you're first getting started).

Why people like watching women wrestling?

In a world filled with taboos, misinformation, fantasy posing as reality and frauds posing as potential opponents, you have a right to a place where you can learn about how real women really wrestle safely and enjoyably.

Go and Fight! Many men and women like to watch women wrestle and fight with each other. For some of us, watching two very good wrestlers go at it provides technical knowledge and other information about conduct and attitude. Sometimes, it just gives us confidence because we can see that other women do what we do. For many of us, watching women wrestle or fight is a turn on and it can be a most erotic turn on. I have yet to meet a combative woman who doesn't know this completely and isn't comfortable with it. We do this because we want to but the fact that it may turn others on should never be a source of questioning or shame. Sexuality is a central component in the human make-up and it helps mold much of what we do and think. That people are aroused by women wrestling is hardly surprising - in fact, I'm surprised when some men tell me they aren't aroused (surprised, and by the way, a tad suspicious).

Why do we, men and women, like to watch women fight? And do we differ in our reasons?

Go and Fight! From Russia with Love In the movie "From Russia with Love", for example, two gypsy women ordered to fight to the death for the right to marry the Gypsy chief's son. (Photo at right). The fight is a highly choreographed, and not very adept, rough wrestling match with no nudity and no obvious eroticism. It's tame on its face but men love it and talk it about and refer to it many decades later. Why? Perhaps it has to do with why they are fighting: their willingness to kill each other for the pain and pleasure inherent in a relationship with this young man. Perhaps the build-up, whispered threats, looks of hatred, and modified stripping for action inject the eroticism that the actual, brief fight never yields. In fact, the passage in the novel, in which the two women end up nude and the fight itself is replete with breast biting and crotch kicking, is much more overtly sexual but, strangely, not as riveting.

For some reason, these two beauties managed to mine the male erotic subconscious. Maybe the erotic button is power and control: the ability of a man, through his sexual charms, to move these two beautiful young women duel -- one becomes a killer, the other a dead body. I make no judgments here. Our sexuality is keyed not only by our own experiences but by the pounding pressures of society and it would be a shock if power and control were NOT part of this eroticism.

I think this eroticism resides in the positioning of these two women as quasi-animals (a theme novelist Ian Fleming dwells on in his description of the fight and even of the fighters before they get it on). They are hellcats, out of control; unable to keep their hands off each other, filled with hatred salted with their wild woman temperaments.

But I guess, there is another kind of fight that I think women might enjoy. Here's a tip-off. There is a kind of fight women seem to like to watch. It’s usually hard fought, crafty and competent, and done only for the sake of competition. There is no prize and it certainly isn't a man. These two women [below] are obviously strong and athletic. There is no real rancor; they start as friends and end that way (not obvious in the pics but it's true). Rough moves, like hairpulling, are done for strategic reasons. Clothing is brief -- only what's needed but certainly not eroticized. And, in its intensity and power, it's beautiful!

I don't know why and I don't speak for any woman but myself but when I look at these pictures [depicting wrestling women], I have this visceral urge to fight these women. Just us, just wrestling, just to see who's better today, just for the enjoyment of doing it.

Barbara published this "wrestling manual" in 1992
It was translated into Russian in August, 2004
Redesingned in July 2014

We are deeply indebted to Barbara for her permission for reprint and translation
and to Pauline Goodwyn for her illustrations!

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