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Tatiana Boiko

Wrestler types
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Barbara described four groups of combative women, which can be imagined by men in their fantasies; she used for these groups the controversial term 'archetypes'. I just attempted to create my own simple classification of female private wrestlers based only on my own personal experience dealing with my opponents (on the mat and beyond); I also try to correlate if possible my types with Barbara's archetypes. Like the names of Barbara's archerypes, my type names are conventional.

Tatiana Boiko, private wrestling enthusiast

Artwork fragment by CalvadosJapan
Wrestler types


This type seems not to be correlated to any Barbara's archetype. A girl grew up among boys; she played soccer with them, fought, smoked, drank... Having grown up, she remains as easy as old Tilly for her old male friends. However, in actual fact, she is a lonely person who consiously or unconsiously feels like a stranger in both men's and women's environments. Such a woman is sometimes taken to my wrestling session by my opponent whose husband wants to help his old friend entertain somehow.

There are not that many of them but it is them who I learned a lot from, even more than from a former Judoka who I happened to compete with. Tomboys agree to wrestle in any style because they have been familiar with fighting matter since their childhood; they know many things which the majority of girls and women do not have a clue about: sophisticated wrestling and boxing moves, fighting tricks, feints, vulnerable body parts and sore spots, and many more. The only thing must be worked out with her - to train not use non-wrestling moves like punches and kicks, joint breaks ir hairpulling.

It was one of such tomboys who taught me the technique "front headlock" which she used for preparation to takedown or throw. I invented another continuation of such a move applied in the submission match: I then fold the opponent body in half forcing her to submit... And this tomboy became my closest friend. Wrestling changed her life.

Believe it or not but it is the women of this category who are most benefited from practicing wrestling. Competing to other women allows them to enter the women's world through the right gates. They begin to better understand the female nature and to consider themselves as parts of it. My friend, a former tomboy, has transformed from a regular lad to a whilesome girl and now she is happlily married (a gentleman whom I invited to see how she wrestles.)

Artwork fragment by CalvadosJapan
Wrestler types


Unlike a boyish girl called a 'tomboy' who just happened to spend her childhood along with boys, a man-like virago, muscular and athletic by nature, usually doesn't get along with boys because boys are a bit afraid of her. You can find grown up viragos practicing the toughest "men's" sports, such as martial arts, boxing, grappling, MMA, weightlifting, bodybuilding, etc.

Becoming a teenager, a virago gets ashamed of her man-like appearance and wishes she would look like glamour women in commercials, movies and on magazine covers; she aim vainly to make herself smaller and more feminine.

However, earlier or later, the virago discovers some activities in which she could be strong and sexy at the same time; among them wrestling is number one. As soon as she realizes that men can be extremely pleased watching her wrestling with other women or enjoy competing with her, the virago begins to appreciate her own body, which entirely changes the way she views the world and herself.

During a wrestling match, it is difficult to strip away the illusion you compete with a strong man. Unlike the most of women, viragos are naturally born fighters. My achievements in competing with viragos are not too impressive: I lost a couple of matches to them, including my very first wrestling match against a powerlifter. I guess, dominating men in private sessions which are on great demand now, is more suitable for viragos than private wrestling with other women. (One of the most known clubs of strong women domination is "Virago" founded by great fighter and a friend of FSCC Helen Von Mott - FSCC.)

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Wrestler types


This is a combination of Barbara's "Amazon" and "agressive woman" (more from the "Amazon", probably). She is an independent and self-confident person who is sure that women should not be second to men and actually are not. She has firm tread and short haircut. She attends gym on the regular basis and works with weights; she also attends self-defense classes. She could interfere into a fight to set apart the brawlers but will never fight herself because "a brawl can't prove anything". However, she likes wrestling as soon as she learns about the opportunities and advantages of practicing it. Perhaps, Barbara herself, belongs to this type. I probably belong to this group too but only for about 70%

It is easy to organize a match with her: just make an arrangement, meet, and compete. She carefully listens to instructions, comes out to the mat with a businesslike air and engages in the contest without any forewords. She always learns from mistakes and quickly explores wrestling techniques. She prefers freestyle and classic styles which she rightly considers as more logical than the 'disordered' submission style. Along with viragos, emancipes constitutes the backbone of female combative elite. Honestly, sometimes it is a little boring to wrestle with them - the rest of my 30% thirsts for the passion.

Artwork fragment by CalvadosJapan
Wrestler types


She is a combination of Barbara's "wild", "agressive" and "the woman who loves you like crazy". Such a woman likes to do whatever is interesting for her, and to be involved into activities she is really enthusiastic about. She can be easily carried away; she adheres to ventures and often becomes a heroine of romantic adventures. In the past, it was she who was able to have a duel with her rival.

In order to bring such a woman into private wrestling, you have to interest her and to convince her that this activity would be exciting and fascinating to her. She is the one who can be willing to wrestle for her man's amusement. She accept only contest to submission. I love wrestling with such women; they always do their best when contesting and devote themselves to the contest. She strives for victory at any cost and doesn't pay attention to pain and inconvenience and sometimes violates the rules. In the heat of the fight she sometimes growls like a lioness; she considers her wrestling opponent as an adversary who has to be eliminated. I am always particularly careful when wrestling with such an opponent...

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Wrestler types


Perhaps, a woman of any Barbara's archetype can belong to this category. To tell the truth, you can come across slampigs in this group of women. Deep unconsious motivation of such a woman is hedonism. Actually, she fails to realize why physical contest with another woman attracts her. But I know why: she aspires to a tight dynamic physical contact with another body. Perhaps, she is satiated with men and unconsiously attempts to widen her sexual sensation. In fact this is absolutely not about Lesbians - those I have had as wrestling opponents clearly belong to the emancipe category.

Когда сексуальная пружина впервые выходит бороться с другой женщиной, ей требуется некоторое время (пара минут), чтобы освоиться и осознать, что телесный контакт с другой женщиной - это нормально и не страшно. Она быстро находит удовольствие в телесном противоборстве с примерно равной по силе партнершей. У таких иногда (но не так уж часто) во время борьбы возникает оргазм. Женщины этой категории имеют некоторые мазохистские наклонности, что позволяет им, испытывая своеобразное удовольствие от боли и дискомфорта, проявлять неожиданное упорство в борьбе. Но, при этом, они могут и досрочно отказаться от поединка по неясным мне причинам.

Artwork fragment by CalvadosJapan
Wrestler types


This is a big heterogeneous group which consists of the majority of ordinary non-combative women (or those who think they are ordinary and non-combative). What stereotypes first come to your mind? Tender, fragile, sensitive, quiet, shy, timid, passive, screamy... And of course, they are afraid of getting a physical trauma, especially of injuring the reproductive organs. They consider their natural femininity to be an alien to any form of violence which is in turn considered as a male only activitiy. Few of them who have found themselves in private wrestling got there by accident. However, some of them are gradually getting accustomed to it discovering something interesting in the activity which seemed to be uncongenial. It is like soldiers recruited for the army: some of them are ill-fitted but eventually almost all of them draw into it. Honestly, I wrestle with such women by a "simplified scheme" which I developed for competing with novices, undertrained opponents and those whom I call "very women".

Author: Tatiana Boiko
Июль 2014

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