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Go and Fight!


"Just us, just wrestling, just to see who's better today, just for the enjoyment of doing it."

Go and Fight!
Artwork by artist Pauline Goodwyn
Album DeviantArt

Русская версия

In a world filled with taboos, misinformation, fantasy posing as reality and frauds posing as potential opponents, you have a right to a place where you can learn about how real women really wrestle safely and enjoyably. That's the purpose of this section which is prepared entirely by combative women. It's is a "tutorial" about how to actually go about wrestling other women: getting opponents, setting up matches, rules for various types of matches, conduct guidelines, doing scenes, security and safety precautions and even how a man can involve his mate in wrestling. This "tutorial" comprised most of the original Combative Woman's Web Site when it was first launched in 1992. It is still the only primer of its kind on the Internet.

An important note here: while our site supports many forms of female combative activity (including organized sports), this tutorial is designed for the "recreational wrestler": a woman who does it only for fun, usually in the privacy of a home, in front of a select and usually small group of observers. It's a past-time, hobby or fun activity for her. For the record, we coined the phrase "recreational wrestler" because, to be honest, there was no definition for what we do or niche for us. Okay? Now, before we start...

One of the more important developments for combative women is the developing education and molding of expectations of fans of female fighting. It's important not only because it affects the mass "take" on female combat (and that affects us, obviously) but also because most of us have one major fan (our mate) and his or her expectations are important to us. We are pressured to live up to them or asked to match them somehow.

The development has been remarkable because a man who likes to watch women fight can now watch women fight the way women actually fight. The increasing standard for video companies (and live events producers) is the "real match" and so a person who buys a video by one of many companies can see a real wrestling match between women.

This was not always the case. For a very long time, female fighting was a fetish in the closet, garbed with the accoutrements of fetishism which, while tweaking many a groin, had nothing to do with the way women actually wrestled in real life. And women have wrestled in real life in private for a very long time!!!

Barbara published this "wrestling manual" in 1992
It was translated into Russian in August, 2004
Redesingned in July 2014

We are deeply indebted to Barbara for her permission for reprint and translation
and to Pauline Goodwyn for her illustrations!

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