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Go and fight!


Go and Fight!
Artworks (above and below) by artist Pauline Goodwyn
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If you're interested in doing "this", maybe we should define what "this" is. Аn athletic competition in which two people attempt to render each other incapable of movement either by pinning the opponent's shoulders to the surface or forcing her to submit. Wrestling is fighting without blows: grappling with rules.

Go and Fight! You've done it. Maybe it was some horsing around with a girlfriend or your sister or cousin when you were younger. Or maybe you've actually been in a fight or two (it does happen). Wrestling is a natural reaction to being restrained. Contrary to what many people think, women have wrestled and fought for as long as recorded history. I encourage you to get a feeling that you're "not alone". And you're not. Today, thousands of women in this country wrestle each other in private for recreation. Hundreds wrestle in tournaments and public match situations. And the number, in both scenarios, is growing. In fact, wrestling networks and directories have hundreds of women subscribers who advertise for matches and issue and accept challenges and our own Ladies Corner has a long list of real, voice-verified women looking for matches.

Go and Fight! There's no question that this is an outgrowth of the increasing confidence and independence that women feel and enjoy in a society changed dramatically by feminist thinking and movements. It's been accelerated by the development of female body-building, by the increasing interest in body toning and aerobics, the opening to women of all kinds of sports, and, of course, by changes in sexual mores.

It's fun. It's done. It's safe. And it IS natural no matter what people may tell you. If you're intrigued by it or actually want to do it, you must understand that you're not alone and that normal women, with jobs, kids, families and everything else we shoulder in this society, do it a lot and look for other with whom to do it.

Let me say something up front. There are some people who think it's strange or even sick for women to want to wrestle other women. There's a simple answer: this is not your problem because you're a woman and nobody on earth should be telling you should not try a harmless and fun and interesting activity because of your sex.

Lots of women do straight wrestling as described above but there are many tangents to it, as diverse as people's imagination. Still, because I'm not writing a whole book here, I'll divide them into two general categories: catfighting and sexfighting.


Go and Fight! It is a sexist, derogatory term describing a brawl between two women. The very word conjures up an image of a frenzied, out of control fight with nails used as principle weapons and the fighters are mere animals. But, like many terms of injustice, the term has been appropriated by combative women to mean something else entirely.

It is really nothing more than a wrestling match in which the women are allowed to use certain pain-oriented techniques such as hair-pulling, breast grabbing, and slapping. While the term may mean a real fistfight and the rules may be designed to simulate such an affair, rules catfights strictly prohibit punching, scratching, choking or biting. In short, they're rough but not dangerous and the rules are set up to prevent any injury of any kind. Catfights are usually continued until a submission.

Go and Fight!

Erotic combat

It is also called erotic wrestling, "adult fighting ", or "sexfighting", is actually a wide variety of encounters - some competitive, some basically sex. While some "purists" may quibble with me, the fact is that erotic combat is quite popular and, in fact, many women who wrestle seriously also do erotic fighting matches occasionally (or more often than that).

You're fighting but you are also allowed to manipulate that part of the body either to distract the opponent or to actually bring her to orgasm. There are also forms of sexfighting which don't involve much combat - they are more "competitive sex" in which the opponents allow each other to use sexual techniques and the woman who "comes" first loses. Finally, there is a very popular kind of wrestling called "face straddle" or "face sitting" submission wrestling. This involves a match which ends with one opponent straddling the other. While this sometimes stops immediately with a submission (which makes it non-sexual), it can involve the loser bringing the victor to orgasm.

Barbara published this "wrestling manual" in 1992
It was translated into Russian in August, 2004
Redesingned in July 2014

We are deeply indebted to Barbara for her permission for reprint and translation
and to Pauline Goodwyn for her illustrations!

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