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Female Combative Archetypes

Go and Fight!
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In order to find out why men like to watch, think about, talk about or fantasize about two women fighting, let's figure out what types of women appear in their mind. I propose to break all combative women imagined and dreamed by men into categories, or "archetypes."

In the past, I've posed the idea that there have crept into our culture a series of "archetypes": a term, which was, in itself, controversial when I first posted it since someone challenged my loose application of the concept. But I continue to think it's a useful one, if not entirely accurate in the traditional sense.

I think there are several archetypes of the attractive woman that men seem to conjure when talking about combative women and I wanted to mention a few here. Note that these archetypes can be conjured up in all kinds of fantasies, not only fighting ones. But they work very nicely in the fighting context.

For those who are new to these discussions, let me explain that we are talking about "fantasy and sexuality" here. This is NOT what a guy would actually want in real life so please don't answer that "I'd never want MY wife doing that!!!" LOL. We are plowing very deep places here: what drives a man's psyche and fantasies in the context of fighting women.

In other words, these are the buttons female fighting pushes reduced to their most primitive, by extension, ludicrously simplistic level.

Here are a few I can think of.

Go and Fight!

1. The aggressive woman

She is willing to actually physically express herself against this most powerful of taboos - women DON'T fight. As such, the logic would go; she would be aggressive in all areas, including the sexual. This, however, is a choice she makes. She's conscious of it and embraces it.

She's full of adventure and absolutely ready and keenly and clearly aware of her body and unafraid to show it entwined with the body of another woman.

I think this archetype drives a lot of "straight wrestling" fans' feelings.

Go and Fight!

2. The wild woman

This is the "hellcat" archetype, plowed by Ian Fleming in 'From Russia with Love', for example.

While the aggressive woman makes choices, the wild woman acts on sheer instinct and reacts violently. She is, essentially, a kind of animal, expressing her fundamental emotions and needs with abandon and drive.

When she's angry, she fights. Logically, when she wants sex, she goes after it. In that sense, the wild woman is particularly available and accessible. In fact, she is almost predatory in her sexuality.

Go and Fight!

3. The Amazon

This is the "strong" woman. Because she is strong and able to use her strength in the primitive contest that a fight represents, she removes from the male shoulders the terrible burden of being the "strong one": a burden that I believe is actually punishing on many men in this society.

You don't have to protect this woman when danger is near. In fact, she may be able to protect you. She is fierce in her loyalty to you and fierce in her determination to protect you at all costs.

Because she's strong and able to wrestle with YOU, she is something else in bed, as aggressive and desiring as you are.

She is the ultimate, primeval reversed role.

Go and Fight!

4. The woman who loves you like crazy

This is the woman of the "my wife and my ex had a catfight" fantasy, among others. Sound familiar?

Like all human beings, men want to be loved and loved a lot. In fact, society makes it damned difficult to find a woman who loves you and, when you do, it makes very difficult the intimacy required for her to fully express her love for you.

The woman who loves you - archetype is so madly in love with you that she will actually risk injury or even death to have you. There are no niceties here. No necessary courtship. No "winning" her over.

She loves you and wants you on YOUR terms and she's willing to fight a woman who feels similarly for the pleasure and joy of having you.

YOU are now the prize. YOU are so desirable that two women will tear each other apart for you.

Anyway, my humble contributions. Please DO tell us where I'm right and wrong and, as always, any other thoughts you might have about this.

Message from the forum on the WEB site "Combative Women".
April 16, 2000
Translation by Lebowski

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