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Do women use fists when fighting?

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Women: Have you ever been involved or witnessed a fistfight? August 29, 2008

Fistfight Anonymous participant askes: Between two women? And no I'm not talking about stuff you see in the movies or those apartment videos people who have catfight fetishes watch. I'm talking in the bar, out on the streets, at a nightclub, party/gathering, just in general, have you ever witnessed or been involved in such a fight (with another woman, not talking about defending yourself against a man or fighting a man).
I'm talking seriously here. Just like sometimes guys get into fights with one another at bars and parties, you don't really see too many women involved in any fistfights (again I said women, I know when we're kids a lot of us do get into fights both boys AND girls, but I'm talking about grown women).
If you did witness such a fight, or had been involved, what had happened? Why is it that men are more likely to get into fistfights and not bother to talk about it or use words and women are more threatening verbally but less likely to fight?

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Louise O'H answered:
I saw a fight once. This young woman ran up and stole this middle aged woman's bag. She went absolutely mental and chased the girl, and hit her sooo hard like again and again and again! I think she might have actually had mental issues though!
Men are full of testosterone and need to prove their strength and 'manlyness'. Women do not feel the need to do this and don't need to get into fistfights as they don't want to be classed as masculine! Also, words can often hurt alot more than fists to other girls, because we are so vain and self centered we want everyone to like us.
Hope that helped!
That's crazy (what you saw). Anyways, if only men would NOT have the need to constantly prove their masculinity I think we'd be in a better spot.

Zindzi answered:
I've never been in one before because I think physical fighting is dumb and should only be done if you are physically attacked. I think that men might feel inclined to fight because, if they don't they'll be seen as "weak". In reality, giving in to societal pressures is "weak". Not being able to defend yourself verbally or just walk away is "weak".
I have seen women fighting over complete crap, though not as often as I've seen men fighting.

Shannon answered:
I actually saw a fight a couple of weeks ago at the fair between 5 black girls. Generally I don't find fights funny but this one was hilarious. It wasn't so much a fist fight as it was a lets jump on each other and grab hair. Weaves were flying everywhere. I was waiting for someone to play this song.
A state trooper eventually saw the huge crowd and came to break it up.

abc answered:
Hormone levels is the scientific reason. Sociology plays into it as well since through history men have generally been the hunter gatherers (I'm sure Amazon women get in fist fights).
I have seen a few fights between women, but I would call them cat fights instead of fist fights. They have all involved more pushing, shoving and grappling then actually punching and kicking.

tehabwa answered:
I've never been involved in a fistfight with anyone, nor ever witnessed one. Once, in a bar, someone started a fight, but they were quickly gotten rid of.
I'm 50 years old and have never seen any two people in a fistfight, except for boxing competition clips on TV.

surfagirl answered:
Yes, every now and then, you'll see a fist fight at a bar near the beach, between two women who are fighting over a man, TSK TSK TSK, which is so foolish... I think that one should refrain from a fist fight if at all necessarily unless one must defend ones self.

Rio Madeira answered:
I saw a very brief one in the cafeteria in eleventh grade. The larger girl threw the smaller one to the floor, then kicked her in the face. Then they were broken up.

Claire answered:
Well, my sister and I used to get into fist fights very often, but a lot of them involved kicking instead of punching.

Jeanette Guliani answered:
Women like drama easy as said!!!!!

drkangel210e answered:
Two 16 year-old girls got in a really nasty fight at my high-school. They had a confrontation when one of the girls was standing at her open locker, and the other girl got her down on the ground and started slamming her head in the locker. A football player grabbed the one who was on top, and that ended the fight. Our school rarely had any fights, so this was a big deal. Usually, girls will just verbally go at it, but these two had been over the same guy for almost a year. He was happily jumping back and forth between them, and they were wreaking emotional hell on each other. That type of stress would get to anybody, and I doubt that either of these girls would do this as adults. Women just see less to gain in physical fighting. I think it's because guys have the testosterone thing going on, and that sometimes overrides their better judgment.

particlebored answered:
I was involved in a fist fight with my best friend's sister probably 9 years ago. We were in her garage, and she was being mean to my little brother. I have a fierce sense of protection for him since he is a bit different in the head. So I told her to stop being mean, she laughed and continued to be a fool. So I punched her in the face, and she started trying to kick me with all of her 'karate expertise' and never got a foot on me. I spat on her and grabbed my brother as she yelled after me, "Stay the hell outta my garage!"

originata answered:
I agree with your assessment, and it is more masculine to physically dominate another person, at least that is the view. I know some women who looked at their mate differently if they lost a fight to someone.
I don't buy the testosterone argument clouding a man's judgment because while women may not fight, since they don't want to experience the physical pain will do other things to get even such as destroy property. Burning, bleaching, ripping, and cutting clothes, keying cars, etc. Then you have women who will simply resort to getting even such as interfering with someone's life. Breaking up a relationship, sleeping with another woman's boyfriend, getting someone fired from their job, etc. You see this more in women when it comes to a reaction to a confrontation. Men may fight but women will hold on to the situation longer.

Jennie O answered:
Yes, I have witnessed gals fighting.....grown adults, cos one looked better then the other on a night out. mind you it was a few years ago. it was not a pretty sight to see. if I remember correctly, one of them ot more attention, and the other went mad!....so the 'mad' one tried to glass the other one, obviously a certain amount of alcohol was involved.....eventually we managed to pull them apart, but several clumps of hair had been pulled out....blood everywhere.
Thankfully, no serious injuries...the funny thing was, the 2 gals were flat mates, and had to go home together that night. it was horrible, and embarrassing to watch. cos people assume that by association, then you are the same as them....and thats that.... :)

Girls/Women: Have you ever been in a fist fight when you were younger? August 22, 2008

Fistfight Ayita asked: I usted to get in a lot of fist fights with a lot of girls at school and once I beat up this boy for touching me in one of my private areas. I stopped fighting because it's unnecessary and this boy in my city had gotten jumped and his attackers had killed him. So I won't fight unless someone is attacking a friend of family member or if they come at me with a weapon.
I'm glad that I don't have to fight like that anymore ebcause I have a future. I don't have to fight in order to prove that I'm tough or brave.

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Buttercup answered:
Many fights overseas and in NY up till about 8th grade. For both places, racism and/or xenophobia was mainly the issue, with some territory negotiations in NY for baseball fields & playground space.
I'd have to say that it was nothing like what I see in the news - guns and all that. No one even had a knife. The most advanced "weapons" were sticks and stones. The worst I ever got was black eyes, busted lips or a swollen nose, and never all at once. Overseas, everyone knew martial arts, but kids still pretty much went for thumping the stomach, back & arms rather than doing any kung-fu choreography.
I never started it, but I finished it. Don't get me wrong - lost 95% of the time, but most bullies didn't know what to do with someone kept coming back for more. I think eventually they got embarrassed at picking on smaller kids & girls (baby brother & sister were targeted, too). I got into some minor scuffles in high school & college, but they were self-defense - basically deflecting drunken gropes. Thank goodness none of the situations rose to attempted rape or I was always able to run away.
I don't think I'm tough or anything. Believe me, I cried and got snot down my face and all that. But when I get mad enough, I just don't care anymore about winning or not getting hurt. I just want to go until I die. Maybe not healthy, but every bully backed off eventually.
Again, I reiterate that it was nothing like it is nowadays. I don't know how I would handle kids with guns and real gangs and all that.

Rae answered:
It wasnt much of a fight when i was 5 a little boy beat me with a metal rod and i just curled up in fetal position not knowing what to do. Then i hit 8th grade and was jumped but had to use self defense this time. Sadly, I lost again cuz im so little but my best friend saved me. The girl threw me into a portable and i was dizzy and almost fell and so she threw a punch and since i was so out of it i tried hitting back but it wasnt a very good hit then she put me in a headlock threw me in gravel and sat on me. Literally sat on me and beat me. But my best friend had to like run and kind of tackle her off of me because she was that big thank god for my friend. And every one gave the girl a hard time for having to sit on me and gave her crap because it was even a fight since i couldnt get someone that big offa me. oh well.
Fighting is useless but letting yourself get beat is more useless.

2fine4u answered:
Yes a few times. I have slapped someone within the last year, but I don't fight anymore

kattsmeow answered:
Nope, I have never been in a fist fight.

robee answered:
I have only been in fights with my sister and my brother. I got along with everyone when I was younger.

carriec answered:
Well i am glad to hear that you don't do that anymore because it does not lead to good things.
Yes i did have two fist fights in High school but that was because i was being harassed. I wish i knew back than what i know now.

Nadine answered:
I have never gotten into a fight but i did smack a guy once, but that is it. no one has ever really wanted to beat me up yet

Only with siblings

Des Ta:
Never. I institively hate fighting and always avoided it in high school. I'm glad you see that you don't need to fight physically anymore.

Mira Mira answered:
I've never been in a fight in my life lol
I've always been shy so...
I cant fight anyway lol

bytchy_princess answered:
Yes... and I got my butt kicked...

Prettycutetk answered:
Yes but I am older now and it's not really worth it anymore. I will only fight if I have to. I don't go around looking for fights anymore!

Just with my brother... nothing new there, I think most siblings fight from time to time! They were never fist fights!

Phoenix Princess of Darkness answered:
I beat up one guy when I was in 3rd grade. He challenged me to a fight. So I whooped his rear.

Girls/Women: How come women don't use their fists when they fight? December 12, 2010

Fistfight Ronald asked: I know I'm generalizing, and I'm aware that there's female boxers, and stuff, but how come the average woman doesn't use her fists when she gets in a physical fight. These two girls got in a fight the other day, and they were just pulling each other's hair. I couldn't tell if it was a serious fight, or if they were playing around. Security had to step in, and break it up, and there was hair on the floor (security picked it up, it was gross). I'm just curious about why they don't use their fists.

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Anonymous visitor answered:
I am a woman & use my fists when I fight, I fight like a guy basically.
I have had a tough past & I like to take my anger out with fighting people who annoy me, plus I grew up in a rough area & the majority of women in my area fight like guys.
My fighting techniques could include anything from punching, kicking or picking up the closest object to me.. eg a chair & with being a dancer I have learned how to lift someone upside down without much effort this is an AMAZING technique!
I don't believe in non fighting eg: Pulling hair, ***** slapping ect ect.
I have no respect for woman who fight like little girls.

micka r answered:
Wow. Not at the schools I went to. I was in a few fights, mostly in 6th through 8th grade. I've been on the receiving end of some fists. Most fights are so fast you just have to swing wildly and that's why you see the windmilling. But sometimes girls windmill with closed fist.
I think the hair is an inviting target to grab and try to stabilize your opponent. Again everything is happening so fast and you got people standing around yelling and jeering at you. I would also go for the bra strap to try to end it. The fight wasn't going to continue long without the bra.

I don't fight, but if I had to... I mean, if I got mugged in the street or had to defend myself:
The strongest part of your body is your skull, so head-butting someone's temple is pretty painful for them, the elbow is also very strong, fists are easy to grab and be stopped, then you're immobilised. Knees in the stomach or groin also do damage...
If I got into a fight I wouldn't use my fists or even hands because if you grabbed my wrists you could probably overpower me because I'm small.
Also, the hair grabbing was because it's easy to grab and very very painful.
On this topic, why do women scream when they run away... it's not very helpful to us.

Lamansa answered:
I guess by some "law," Men fight for dominance and to show they are fit to be a mate to women, I don't think Women fight for personal reasons. I have never seen a girl fight because they are angry at the person, more or less, there are people around and they want praise and impress potential mates.
So in all, girls naturally can't fight to an degree.

Look at m'beard:
Because guys fight to win against their opponent. Pride comes into it, and the loser takes a huge psychological blow. Especially if there are 'important' people watching (eg potential mates).
Women fight to cause damage, as in tearing out hair or scratching off skin. They don't care so much about being seen as the tougher fighter. They just want to hurt the enemy.

INTJ answered:
Good question, so many fight, even though they do not use fist they are fighting. not all guys fight, majority do, and really females too when the violence is not seen as violent and won't get reported correctly and get false statistics. a lot do, majority fight.

Anonymous visitor answered:
I use nothing but my fists. some hair pulling but that's my mom's thing and that's just the weakest move in the book. gut punches are better but i rarely hit the facial area, I cringe when I do only because I have to.

Anonymous visitor answered:
Because women have weak upper bodies and most can't do that much damage, even female boxers don't hit very hard as compared to male ones.

Anonymous visitor answered:
I guess for guys it's in our genes so to speak. Fighting and learning from watching other people fight - what works and what doesn't.

Rawr! answered:
Long nails dig into your palm when you make a fist!

Anonymous visitor answered:
We pull hair, scratch them AND punch them. Our fights are more serious.

tea&cake answered:
Eh...maybe they just don't know how to fight properly?

Anonymous visitor answered:
They use the bottom of their fist to hit the other btch in the head.

Rotting Slop answered:
Even though I can't say why, fighting DOESN'T seem to come to women as naturally as it does men. That may just be a false perception on my part. The apparent difference perhaps is just due to the fact that males fight more (from a very early age) than women do. I don't know. But it does seem that, without training, females don't instinctively make the best use of the strength they do have. But I don't think not using their fists is the biggest part of this. They, as has been noted, tend to windmill when they strike instead of hooking and jabbing, and more importantly, tend not to drop their shoulders and put their body weight behind the strike.
Using fists is not always such a great idea anyway, especially for women. I've busted metacarpels in both of my hands using them. Found out the hard way how hard foreheads really are, for instance. I like palm heel and ridge hand strikes, and when you are in close, the elbow and the aforementioned forehead are by far and away the best upper body weapons a woman has.

adfhksdhfkjsd answered:
sister and I used to physically get into fights and we were only 18 months age difference so both teenage girls. She always used to pinch me so hard and bite me. She also is the hair puller and I call it a cheap shot. She pulls the root of my hair and I can't crawl away or hurt her so I grab her hair back. For us, when that happens we have to compromise to let go 'cause well, we aint won unless we killed eachother. I've been the kicker-fighter. I don't really like punching, I prefer to high kick her and kick her here and there. I also learned to quickly kick my leg behind hers so she falls on her bum. I decided to kick her because once I tried to pin her down and she just kicked me off, the power of kicks is good! Some women do use their fists! I think the main reason why women would pull hair instead is because girls *Tend* to have long hair and they can control the opposition when they do this. Also, it could be because, hitting someone can hurt the hand as much as it hurts the other person so that could be a way of thinking.

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