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We receive a letter from an American Robert Buttocks in which he asked to forward his letter and questions to wrestler Marina Kinyakina. We translated his questions into Russian and Marina kindly answered them. We publish their correspondence here (by their approbation) along with the brief interview with Robert.

Dear Sir,

It would be a dream comes true if you were to publish this interview with Marina!

Kindest Regards,
Robert Buttocks

Dear Sir,
I don't mind if you make a material from this correspondence - I always admire your know-how in making a candy from shit!


Robert: ... It would be a lie to say that I have never fantasized about wrestling you. Of course, any man who loves athletic women who read your interview, would fantasize about wrestling with a beautiful woman like yourself. I found your interview on his website quite erotic, and it made clear to me how desperately I want a woman like you in my life… Would you be willing to send me some pictures of yourself wrestling, or any pictures of yourself?

Marina: Let's clarify things from the very beginning - I will honest with you. In fact, you are interested in me because you dream about some seductive image that you identify with me. I am tolerant toward such dreams but I don't want to be in this business at all or to help strangers dream (or masturbate - doesn't matter) looking at my wrestling or even at my pictures. I know that female wrestlers may be objects of erotic dreams. I also understand that a physical contest is a sexual aphrodisiac for some people of both sexes. It's OK for me; however, I don't want to be involved in it! Hope it's clear and final!

R: Would you participate in wrestling in such clubs as "Fighting Style", "Model Fight" or "DWW" as long as there was just plain wrestling involved?

M: No, I wouldn't. For me, "plain wrestling" means a competition in an athletic tournament rather than in a commercial entertaining enterprise. Even if real athletes are involved in suche clubs (and I know they are), it's very different from sports. I have chosen my profession and it's late to change it. I guess the owners of these clubs understand better the difference between the two genres - athletic contest and entertainment show. That's why they will never invite me to participate in any their event.

R: How do you think that you would fare against some wrestlers in the clubs I just mentioned?

M: It's impossible (and stupid, sorry) to determine the outcome of a wrestling match remotely. I know that some men have fantasies about wrestling between female celebrities (who have never wrestled and do not even know how). Would Hillary Clinton over wrestle Condoleezza Rice?

R: Do you think that at a certain age teen girls has an advantage over boys because of the weight placement in there hips and thighs and butt? What is the best way to for a girl to utilize the shape of her body against a boy in wrestling?

M: Before pubescence, girls and boys are much closer in physical strength than adult men and women. That's why they might compete against each other relatively on equal footing. However, boys always have advantage of the inborn combative instinct. Perhaps, a massive lower body might help in wrestling due to a low center of gravity is a positive factor of stability. I would say that techniques, which less involve torso and arms are more advantageous for girls. For instance, some backheels, undercut, leg trips, sweeps, hooks, pickups and some throws. And finally, better suppleness and flexibility might also help girls in certain wrestling situations.

R: Would you ever be willing to wrestle in a catfight type wrestling match? If not, and you think that you were forced into this type of match (fight in real life, for example) how do you think that you would do, and if you ever had this type of match what type of holds did you use? Facesit pins, breast smothers, schoolgirl pins?

M: I have never involved in catfighting and never will. I had a chance to defend myself against two female attackers but as a combative athlete, I used wrestling techniques in order to make them to lose interest to mess with me. They didn't have any chance even to try using such "cat techniques" against me but it’s unlikely they would use them – now many girls fight as guys. I would not use catfighting technique because I respect myself. As to so-called "facesit pins, breast smothers and schoolgirl pins", they are imaginary sexual stimulus or symbols, rather than wrestling or fighting techniques. Being a strong person, I always try to keep away from street fighting. But if I am involved in it, I would use real fighting and hand-to-hand combat techniques.

R: What particular techniques did you use then and what will you use if you happen to defend yourself?

M: It’s a complex subject. For instance, rebuffing an attack from a woman is different from defending against a man. It also depends on the number of attackers and on the way and reason why they attack you. Any undercut or throw would be good against a woman, for instance, a throw by leg shot or a leg tackle. Leg trips, backheels or undercuts might be used against a strong man. Having particular skills, you can undercut an opponent dropping him face down. Clenching a kicking leg is a good way for a counter attack. If you are forced to engage in a tight body contact, a head/neck lock would be good with following twisting jerk or arching throw. In fact, you can use any technique – your choice should depend on the situation. Although I don’t like punching or kicking, I admit that boxing skills are good in street fighting – just because the objective in each of these activities is the same - to inflict damage to your opponent. So, if worst comes to worst, punching and kicking might be applied (even to the crotch in case of a deadly danger). I haven’t had such experience though, thanks God!

R: Have you ever used a facesit pin against any opponent in a wrestling match either in a real match or fun match? Would you enjoy applying this hold? Tell in detail.

M: So-called facesit is used for two reasons - to have sexual pleasure or to induce it to spectators. I wouldn't enjoy it in wrestling - it's an element of sexual activity which I don't accomplish in public and don't discuss with strangers.

R: How big are your breasts? Have you ever used them as weapons against an opponent? Have you ever used your breasts to apply a breastsmother hold, or have you ever been victim of breastsmother hold? Do you think women with large breasts have an advantage in wrestling? If so, why?

M: "A fierce battle with tits" is a typical subject for an inferior erotic comic book! Using female breasts in combat is a pure sick male fantasy!!! Breasts are not a battering tool or a weapon! Women with hypertrophied breasts are not good in any serious sports, let alone in combative contact sports. Even if an athlete do has considerable boobs, she tries to tight and to hold them, so they would not dangle. And of course, she may not use them in combat!!! Sweet dreams… As to my own breasts, they are always with me!

R: Have you ever used a schoolgirl pin against an opponent or been the victim of one? (A schoolgirl pin is a hold where one wrestler sits high on the others chest straddling him or her pinning there wrists to the ground). Please tell me in great detail!!

M: There you go again! In real freestyle wrestling matches against trained wrestlers this so-called "schoolgirl pin" is irrelevant and useless. Real wrestlers don't use this melodramatic gesture (neither other such gestures like "bear hug"). Girls are staged in such positions in order to take a picture for dreamers’ enjoyment. But yes, I used this theatrical gesture just once, when I was in elementary school. In order to punish an intolerable bully, I pinned his wrists to the floor. After that, school kids laughed at him probably for a year.

R: Did you have any brothers or sisters growing up? Did you wrestle with them? If so, tell me about a match in detail. Did they get sat on or did they sit on you in schoolgirl pin hold?

M: I didn't sit on my siblings’ chests, even though we wrestled for fun. Schoolgirl pin… we are looping around the third of fourth circle…

R: If you wrestled Maria Sharapova who do you think would win? Do you think that you could keep her pinned by sitting on her? If you were to wrestle Maria Sharapova in public or private and completely and utterly beat her by smothering her (using face sit pins, schoolgirl pins breast smothers) do you think that she would continue to act so damn arrogant toward people? Can you see yourself becoming aroused by wrestling her? Can you see Ms. Sharapova becoming aroused by wrestling you?

M: Help! Murder! If I had such delirious fantasies, I wouldn’t become a pedagogue, let alone a wrestler! Sharapova is a good athlete but not a wrestler. I wouldn't wrestle with non-wrestlers and don’t dream about that. I wouldn’t be aroused by wrestling with anyone except my husband ). I don't even want to think about such nonsense as sitting on Sharapova! You would rather ask Sharapova if she is capable to defeat me in tennis or knock me out by a tennis ball!

R: Would or have you ever sat one of your students in schoolboy pin hold or used grapevine hold for long periods of time against your students? Would you ever do this to playfully punish one of your students for being arrogant or disrespectful?

M: I have never had a chance to punish my students for being arrogant or disrespectful. As to sitting on opponents, grapevine holds and other "sweet" wrestling holds, any positions might happen in a wrestling match (even in trainings), including those ones. But not for a long time and not for disgracing an opponent… Don’t you appreciate my outstanding patience?

R: What is the best way to escape from a schoolgirl pin? Should one buck or twist? For the person doing the schoolgirl pin should they bounce on the person they are sitting on for more advantage?

M: It’s less difficult to escape from a schoolgirl pin than to escape from idee fixe about schoolgirl pin! Neither bucking nor bouncing with twisting would help! Why don’t you appeal to schoolgirls with this question? Since I am tired of explaining that schoolgirl pin is not a wrestling technique, please ask non-wrestlers, for instance, visionaries and artists who invented this "technique" (for their own pleasure and on behalf of dreaming men.)

R: What would you do if a boy cried after losing to a fellow girl student after being pinned by her? (Answer in hypothetical if it has not happened) Suppose you had pinned him and he cried? How would you comfort him?

M: Of course I would comfort him: "Train hard and grow. Then none of women including me will be able to over wrestle you."

R: Are your teen boy students ever distracted by your extreme beauty? For example, if I was one of your students I would not be able to concentrate on anything but you because you are so extremely gorgeous

M: Thank you but you don't know me - I am an ugly burly surly girl!

R: Do you think your students are ever intimated by your sexy hips and butt? They are probably thinking, my God, what if she sits on me. I will never be able to escape. Do you think they think this?

M: Once again, my hips and butts are sexy ONLY in your imagination! Since my students see the real me, they don't have such feelings!

R: Do you ever see fear in your opponent's eyes before being pinned?

M: Although I am stunt and ugly, wrestlers are courageous enough not to be afraid of me!

R: If you wrestle a teen boy student who weighs much less than you, how do you use your weight advantage to help you? Do you think he might fear your big butt and hips?

M: As I already said, massive strong lower body and legs might help in freestyle wrestling to accomplish some moves, for instance, hip throw, leg trip, undercut. Wide hips may be used as a good leverage. A wrestler having strong massive thighs is good to defend against some attacking techniques as well, like crotch hold, leg grip, pickup, leg shot… Actually, obsessive dreaming about big female butts and hips (particularly in actions) attract you much more than wrestling itself. Please don’t discuss my women’s amenities and their size! You have never seen them, thanks God and will never see. Thanks God again!

R: Do you like using the leg scissor hold?

M: Leg scissor hold is a submission wrestling technique and I am a freestyle wrestler.

R: Would you agree that the weight, density and shape of girls’ hips, thighs, and butts gives them an advantage over sometimes less physically mature teen boy opponent? If so, what holds should they to use to exploit this advantage?

M: The very words "hips, thighs, and butts" sound most euphoniously in your ears. Don’t they? Perhaps, you ask persistently about this matter not to determine how they may be used in wrestling? I guess, the very pronunciation of the words is sweet.

R: What is the best way for a shapely girl like yourself or for any girl that is physically more mature than her teen boy opponents to beat them in a wrestling match?

M: The best strategy to compete against any opponent is to discover your own fortes and use them against the opponent. If a girl wrestles against a stronger boy, she should avoid upper body-checks and try to obtrude her own strategy upon the opponent using the techniques I mentioned before.

R: You mentioned that you can conceive of some of your teen boy students becoming aroused by wrestling you. Have your teen boy students ever become sexually aroused or stimulated while wrestling you? How did he become aroused? Please explain in detail!

M: I just said that normal boys sometimes become aroused, even when they wrestle each other, even for no reason. When they wrestled against me in trainings, they more thought about wrestling because I was more skillful and experienced wrestler. I know (particularly from the interview with Joey Millerр) that in American schools young boys and girls often train and compete together and I nobody noticed that boys become aroused. I don’t know details of boys’ arousal and I really don’t care!

R: Do you ever become aroused while wrestling your students?

M: I have never become aroused while wrestling any opponent except my husband; but it is a different sport.

R: Could you go into further detail by what you mean in your interview for FSCClub when you said that it helps boys’ development when they wrestle a bigger more developed girl that they are attracted to?

M: I don't remember I said this - I mentioned a positive factor if a teenager routinely contacts with women (not sexually I mean).

R: Please extrapolate on what you said in the interview in relation to this subject: "I think though there is a positive factor here too. Permanent contacting with a woman helps teenagers to get rid of some juvenile complexes." Suppose a boy needed a lot of work to overcome his complexes because he was very-very immature? Would more physical contact or a certain type of physical contact with him (i.e. long pins being or being squeezed between your legs) help cure his complexes?

M: Saying it was good for boys, I just meant that they would know better how women are built, so in their adult life they would have less misunderstanding and misinterpretations. You can't judge a subject adequately which is known through hearsay. Many boys have such complexes just because they don't really know what a woman is but already have their own imaginations and conceptions (like you about me ). Unfortunately, for many boys, the principal source of the knowledge about women is the street. They hear dirty things about women from other boys and their attitude toward girls and women might be twisted and inadequate. If they see a strong nice woman proud of herself, not affected or finical, they realize that being a woman is normal. They overcome taboos and sick mind seeing and feeling a strong female body not in sexual activity but in the "normal male" deals.

R: Forgive me Marina, but I want to go back in time and be you naughty student during wrestling class. My head swoons when I think of what you could have done with me?

M: Forgive me in turn buy you would rather keep such dreams about my body with you…

R: During my high wrestling days (and God I wish you were on my team, by the way) we used to play a game called horses and riders. Basically, the rider (was the pinner) and horse (was the one being pinned). The idea was that the rider should try to pin the horse for, as long as possible, and the horse's objective was to avoid being pinned at all. The objective for both involved was to practice pinning and avoid being pinned. We also played a game called bucking bronco where the bronco (person being mounted) was supposed to try and buck of the rider (pinner) again for the purpose of practicing pin holds and escaping pin holds. Do you play similar games with your students?

M: Yes, it's fascinating… When we train outdoor in Summer, my students play a "horse and equestrian" game (chicken fight) but it’s a different game. I didn’t play such games.

R: Do you like using your weight advantage to squash light weight opponents? Can you tell me does it feel good?

M: Nolens volens, in real wrestling, a wrestler uses any advantage but I wrestled in my weight category, so didn’t have weight advantages. As to competing against my student, it is a sparring rather than a wrestling match – that’s different. Actually, I prefer to win using advantage in technique. For me, wrestling is a pleasure, otherwise I would be in a different business but the squashing does not please me by itself – it’s probably a pleasure for dreamers-contemplators.

R: What is the leg lace wrestling hold and how is it applied?

M: Leg/ankle lace is a hold in which the wrestler grasps the opponent by the ankles with his/her arms and exposes the opponent's back to the mat. Unlike "schoolgirl pins" and other rubbish, it's a real technique allowing an attacker to pin the opponent or at least to gain scores. However, I guess, this technique attracts the erotic dreamers because they are turned on by the very word "lace" - they are probably fill with enthusiasm imagining a cheesecake wearing a skirt trimmed with lace…

R: What is the best way to apply a full body press pin? Tell me about a time when you have done this to your opponent?

M: When you struggle for the pin, you try to press the opponent’s shoulder-blades on the mat. In order to accomplish that, various body parts are used as leverages – including legs, arms, thighs and trunk. However, if you press on the opponent by the entire body, she will throw you off and get on top… "Full body press pin" is again from the erotic area which is beyond my competence. Once again: a sport wrestling mat is not a bed or a place for erotic dreams!

R: Do you ever see fear in your students eyes as they are about to be pinned by you? Do you enjoy squashing them?

M: No, I already said that my students weren’t scared of me. Of course, a bit of embarrassment might sometimes appear in their eyes if they work unsuccessfully in sparring and I take advantage of their failures but I always try to eliminate such feelings. Remember, I work with them only in sparring rather than in real matches. I am just a trainer for them – not an opponent. Answering the second part of this question, I stress one more time that I don’t enjoy squashing anyone, with exception of my husband.

R: Marina, thanks for your time, Marina!!! I hope that you don't mind the sensitive nature of the questions.

M: I don't mind at all - I am not a milk-and-water girl but I am very far from such things as erotic fantasy related to my practicing wrestling, even though I understand it exists and don't care it does. Once again, I don't want to be involved in any discussions and actions related to sexual or erotic fantasies about me or my body!!! You could fantasy about that as much as you like but without me!

I’d like to note that in fact, very few of your questions were related to wrestling or sports. You just make a mistake thinking that I was a "Sweet Child". I am just opposite down to the ground! Big vicious Virago!

Finally, I would recommend to place this "interview" in the section "Humor".

A lot of thanks to Marina and Robert! I hope both of them have enough sense of humor to take this discussion easy.

Marina Kinyakina Marina: in the thick of the fight even a beauty looks grim

December 2007

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