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Beauties in boxing gloves

Joan Crawford
Joan Crawford, March 1927

Boxing gloves make you sexier unless they are used for real punching the face

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By the end of the XX century, boxing became exceptionally popular. Never indifferent about accessories, women started trying on boxing gloves which unexpectedly turned out to become ladies. This attribute of the brutal men’s amusement added savor to women, redoubling their femininity. Wearing boxing gloves helps women maintaining piquant gracious postures and emphasizing the dynamics and elegance of female body lines.
Who could think about women fighting for real at that time? It was hard to anticipate they would and could fistfight for real in full strength. Then a lot of photographs appeared with beautiful women posing in boxing stances. Besides, light choreographic female “fights” became popular. In other words, in those “prehistoric times”, female boxing appeared as artistic showing-off and choreography and was far from contemporary ruthless fisticuffs.
Gone are the days when women in boxing gloves just coquettishly posed; now many of them fiercely fight in the rings and cages. And, yes, there are some real beauties among them, even though too intensive face massage somometimes makes the beauties not too dazzling. But not always too.
Lille Lefort

From posing and choreography - to fistfighting for real - with knockdowns, damaged noses and blood...
And not only by boxing gloves but also by semiglows, legs, knees - with beating downed girls...
And even there are a great deal of beauties...

Chris Namús of Uruguay (left) attacking Leticia Rojo of Brazil. Montevideo, Uruguay. September 2008
Resource Wikimedia Commons

Bonnie Porter vs Kim Shannon. Muay Thai Tournament "Ladykillers III", May 9, 2009
Photo by Jan Plitko. Resource Photos by Jan Plitko

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