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It’s hard to stay beautiful with other beauties constantly and deliberately trying to disfigure your face and your body. And very few female fighters manage to look beautiful in the rings or cages. But in the “peaceful times” some of them turn out to be real models. Moreover, some of them are (or were) professional models. Such a weird combination of fury and femininity attracts professional photographers and editors of men’s and fashion magazines. These professionals managed to make beauties of a few famous female fighters who wouldn't be suspected in belonging to ‘beauty corps’ if they were not famous fighters.

Felice Herrig (left) and Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc before their fight for the X-Treme Fighting Organization title in May 2011
Photo from the resource CageRadio

Felice Herrig and Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc

100 top hottest fighters

Ranking is a very difficult and subjective task. Here we consider combative beauties which managed to catch eye of professional photographers and glossies. Surprisingly, all of them happened to be ring or octagon Queens, even though there are many pictures of beauty in different combative sports too. We hope they won't be hurt.

Resource "KocoSports" proposed a list of "Top 100 Hottest Women in Combat Sports". But just 19 out of 100 women in the list practice or practiced competitive combat sports, the rest represent show industries - they are professional wrestlers, valets, referees, ring announcers, ring card girls, fitness models, action movie actresses, stuntwomen, gladiator show women, mayhem models, and glamour models posing in boxing gloves. And just two out of nineteen are freestyle wrestlers, the rest are ring or cage fighters (our classification includes only the latter category).

You can get familiar with those 19+ top 100 hottest women in competitive combat sports from the KocoSports classification on our page and compare their classification with ours.

Latasha Marzolla (nickname "Venus")
American Mixed martial arts fighter and kickboxer currently competing for Tuff-N-Uff Amateur Fighting Championships.
Busty beauty, extremely dangerous in the rings and octagons.
Unlike the most other fighting beauties, she became a fighter already being a Playboy model. She was chosen as the 2004 Model of the Year
She is probably the sexiest fighting woman. She manages to remain attractive even during a heat fight.

Bridgett Riley (nickname "Baby Doll")
American boxer, kickboxer, actress and motion picture stuntwoman.
Perfectly built and marvelously looking woman, one of the most dangerous kicker and puncher in 1990s
Friend of the Female Single Combat Club.

Miesha Tate (nickname "Takedown")
American professional mixed martial artist, grappler, and freestyle wrestler.
She has fought in Strikeforce and is the current Freestyle Cage Fighting Women's Bantamweight Champion. She has also competed and won a silver medal in the FILA Grappling Championships.
Tate is currently the #5-ranked 135-pound female fighter according to the Unified Women's MMA Rankings.
One of the sexiest female fighters.

Michelle Waterson (nickname "Karate Hottie")
Thai-American female mixed martial artist, Muay Thai and Karate fighter, and model.
A karate student since the age of 10, Waterson holds a Black Belt in American Free Style Karate and has also trained in WuShu and Muay Thai.
Waterson rose to fame as a contestant on the Muay Thai-themed Fight Girls reality show on the Oxygen television network.
Universally recognized MMA model and the sexiest MMA fighter.

Sarah Ponce
American fashion model and fighter in San Shou, Kickboxing, Muay Thai
2003 Ujena Swimsuit Model of the Year
The Texas beauty is stunning and athletic.
In addition to appearing on several Ujena Catalog and Magazine covers, she holds three national and international titles in Kickboxing.

Gina Carano (nickname "Conviction")
Italian-American model, actress, kickboxer and mixed martial arts fighter.
Carano appeared as the Gladiator "Crush" on American Gladiators.
Starred in the cult film Ring Girls.
Has been referred to as the "Face of Women's MMA."
Carano was formerly the #3-ranked 145-pound female fighter in the world according to the Unified Women's MMA Rankings.
Carano seems to be the most popular female fighter.
Beyond rings and octagons, she looks beautiful, as a person of high breeding.

Bettina Csabi (nickname "Princess")
Outstanding Hungarian boxer fighting in the category of 117 lbs with impressive record: 28-0-0 (10 KO).
Bettina began her interest in combat sports in 1986, at age 9, when she began to study kyokushin karate in Baja. She went on to win Hungarian championships in kyokushin karate in 1996, 1998, 1999 and 2000.
In Muay Thai, she was the Hungarian champion in 1999, 2000;
IAMTF world champion in 2001 and MTA professional world champion in 2002. She is still an active kickboxer. One of the sexiest European female athletes.

Mia St. John (nickname "The Knockout")
American professional boxer, model, businesswoman, and Tae Kwon Do champion.
Currently, performed as a pro boxer for WIBA, WIBF Lightweight division.
Mia was very successful in Taekwondo (her record is 27-1) and was awarded a black belt. During her college years, she worked as a model to fund her education.
Favorite object of men’s magazines and photographers.
The first sex-symbol of the modern female boxing.

Aby Rulloda
American Muay Thai kickboxer and supermodel.
Trains with World Team USA and previously won WCSC‘s California State Super Flyweight Championship.
Also go-go-dancer, model, clothing designer.

Milana Dudieva
Russian martial artist from the North Ossetia – judoka and MMA fighter.
Training in MMA in the club Peresvet FT in Rostov-Don, in Judo – in Vladikavkaz.
Three time winner of ProFC tournaments.
She won six out of seven MMA fights.

Leiticia Pestova
Freestyle wrestler, grappler, cage fighter, classical musician, and fitness model.
Born in California but considers New Zealand as her home.
Started mixed martial arts at the age of 10, competed in point-tournaments and then in modeling competitions.
Also was practiced freestyle wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu.
Worked in the professional fitness modeling.
In 2006, Pestova happened to be the first opponent of Gina Carano in the cage (and her first victim).
Currently, working as a professional MMA fighter.

Corinne Van Ryck de Groot (nick names "Goose" and “Panthere”)
Professional boxer, actress, stunt woman and TV show star.
She was born in Toronto, Canada; her parents are from Guyana.
Was one of the leading pro boxers in 1990s and early 2000s.
Her pro boxing record is 11-2 (5 KO's).
She is starring in the athletic TV show “American Gladiator”.

Ina Menzer
Outstanding professional boxer in the featherweight.
Ethnic German from Kazakhstan living in Germany.
Until 3 July 2010 was a world featherweight WIBF, WBC and WBO champion.
During her pro boxing career, she had just one defeat; her record is impressive: 26-1-0 (10 KO's).

Kyra Gracie Guimaraes
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) practitioner and grappling world champion.
Member of famous Gracie family, the founders of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy.
She is one of the few Gracie women to achieve a black belt in BJJ and is the first Gracie female to actively compete in the sport.
For several years she lived full-time in the United States, where she is associated with the Renzo Gracie Academy in New York and the Gracie Barra Academy in Lake Forest.
She is famous in the combative world as a superb beauty and model.

Regina Halmich
Former professional boxer and kickboxer from Germany, one of the most popular and the winningest female fighters of all times.
She helped popularize female boxing.
She has posed as a model for some German magazines and websites.
In 2003 she also has posed nude for the German version of the Playboy magazine.
Owing to photographers’ diligence, her baterred nose is imperceptible at glamour photographs.

Kathy Long (nick names: “The Punisher”, “Princess of Pain”, and “Queen of Mean”)
Eminent American fighter, practicing various martial arts (kickboxing, boxing, Karate, MMA, and many more), and actress.
Dominated women's kickboxing in the 1990s; retired with a 18-1 record.
Five time world kickboxing champion.
Having a feminine appearance, Kathy fought as a real man - sharply and mercilessly.
In 1991 Kathy was voted Woman of the Year by the Black Belt Hall of Fame.
In 1992 she was chosen by Inside Kung Fu magazine as Female of the Year and Kickboxer of the year by Black Belt Magazine.
Kathy Long was the kickboxing first "Sex Symbol”.
She has been acted in numerous B movies.

Ashley Salazar
American artist, actress, model, photographer, marketing specialist and amateur MMA fighter.
For six years served in the Air Force. Although her achievements in combat sports are limited, her passion and capability to compete proves that a woman can be a perfect model and at the same time, a real fighter.
She competes as a hobby and loves the work out because it helps keep her in great shape.

Elena Ovchinnikova (nickname "Lady Hunter")
Ukrainian kickboxer and MMA fighter, multiple World and European Champion
One of the best female fighter in K-1
Versatile fighter, practicing various fighting styles

Natasha Ragozina (nickname "Sledge-hammer")
Russian boxer and kickboxer living in Germany.
Undefeated professional boxer currently ranked as the top female super middleweight in the world.
Currently holds all major female super middleweight titles:
Willingly poses topless and nude.
Having an ordinary appearance, she actually became a beauty by successful efforts of professional photographers.

Daisy Lang (nickname "The Lady”)
Outstanding fighter, Bulgarian by birth, living in Germany; her real name is Dessislava Kirova.
Professional boxer, kickboxer, martial artist and actress.
Repeated WIBF and GBU world boxing champion in Super Bantamweight, Super Flyweight and Bantamweight.
Her pro boxing record is 19-3-1 (7 KOs)
Before she started her boxing career, she was world champion in karate, European champion in kickboxing and world champion.

Carina Damm (nickname "Beauty but the Beast")
Carina Paganini Damm Golcalvez. Brazilian female mixed martial artist.
Also practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai.
Her record is 17-6-0.
Regarded for her looks as much as for her fighting abilities, Damm was dubbed MMA's "Barbie Girl" by the Brazilian media.
She has appeared in a clothed pictorial for the Japanese version of Playboy magazine.

Felice Nicole Herrig (nickname “Lil’ Bulldog”)
American kickboxer and mixed martial artist.
In 2005 and 2006, Herrig was named W.A.K.O . IKF Woman’s Bantamweight North American Champion.
She has also competed in the World Combat League with the St. Louis Enforcers.

Alicia Napoleon
American amateur boxing champion (nick "The Empress"), personal trainer, boxing coach and artistю
Alicia was introduced to the sport of boxing in her late teens. She began training at 18 and competing at 21, prepping to draw pro crowds one day. Her Illustrious amateur career has been laced with notable accolades including a 22-5 record and 11 amateur titles, two NY Golden Gloves, one National Golden Glove, two National bronze medals, three Metro Belts, one Empire State Game, one Platinum Gloves and one NYABC belt.
Currently, she is a personal traioner in Mendez Boxing Gym in Chelsea Manhattan.

Laila Ali (nicknames "Lay Lay", "Madame Butterfly")
Former professional boxer, the daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali.
Unbeatable boxer-knockout: 24 Wins (21 knockouts, 3 decisions), 0 Losses).
Strikingly looking but a little too solid for a model (5’10”/160Lbs) became a model mostly owing to her famous last name.
Magazines willingly publish her photographs.
US cosmetics company International Beauty Brands launched a line of cosmetics and hair care products using Laila Ali's name.

Lucia Rijker (nicknames: "Lady Tyson", "The Dutch Destroyer")
Dutch Professional boxer, Judoka, kickboxer, actress and stung girl now living in USA.
Won all her 17 pro boxing bouts, mostly by knockouts. Participated in a famous Muay Thai match against a male kickboxer.
Lucia is called “The most dangerous woman in the world”.
Many specialists consider her as the strongest ever female boxer.
Her key role in movies was female boxer and street fighter Billie 'The Blue Bear' in 2004's Oscar-winning movie "Million Dollar Baby". In this movie, Lucia also worked as a boxing advisor.

Kim Couture (nickname "Sugar Free")
American professional mixed martial artist, a former wife of famous heavyweight fighter Randy Couture.
Kim is fighting with the Strikeforce promotion.
Being a casino executive in Las Vegas, she got involved with MMA upon looking for a workout routine but did not consider becoming a MMA fighter until Gina Carano joined the Xtreme Couture gym. Kim Couture became widely known after Kim Rose Banner broke her jaw and severely beat her in the MMA ring.

Marloes Coenen (nickname "Rumina")
Outstanding Dutch mixed martial artist, one of the pioneers of female "no holds barred" fighting.
One of the strongest fighters in freestyle fighting since women began practicing the sport.
Strikeforce Women's Welterweight Champion on October 9, 2010.
Coenen is currently the #4-ranked pound-for-pound female MMA fighter in the world by MMARising.com and the #1-ranked 135-pound female fighter according to the Unified Women's MMA Rankings.
Coenen won in 17 out of 21 MMA bouts (3 (T)KOs, 14 submissions, 2 decisions).

Sarah Blewden
British former professional model turned a boxer.
She trained in kickboxing and then took up boxing in 2007 as a way to stay fit.
However upon discovering her natural talent for the sport she began to pursuit the sport with amateur competition and even the 2012 Olympics in mind as goals.
However, in 2009 was banned from the sport because of her breast implants.
International rules forbid anyone with breast implants continuing to box because of risk of damage to the breast tissue.

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