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Playboy Knockout

"It sets me aside from every other beautiful woman: I can fight, too."
LaTasha Marzolla

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Men's magazine Playboy published photographs of this blonde bombshell many times; she was on the Howard Stern Show. However, LaTasha Marzolla is not an ordinary silicon beauty, she is also a tough fighter and wrestler, skillful in several combative styles - from Muay Thai to "no holds barred" fighting.

LaTasha knocking down Nina Magsmen

LaTasha plays ram-muay
LaTasha performing Thailand combative dance "Ram-Muay"

LaTasha attacks Trisha Poovey
LaTasha attacking Trisha Poovey

LaTasha Marzolla
LaTasha after K-1 party

LaTasha Marzolla with a doctor
LaTasha at the medical checkup

LaTasha Marzolla - Playboy
LaTasha's face on the cover of "Vixens", the special Playboy edition

This glamour model and tough pugilist was born on August 21, 1979 in Paradise, CA. Weighing 127 lbs she is 5ft 6in tall and has a 36DD-25-34 figure. She has appeared in several Playboy Special Editions series and was chosen as the 2004 Model of the Year. Besides modelling, Marzolla pursues a career in professional full-contact K1 in Muay Thai under the nickname "Venus".

Howard Stern asked her his usual assortment of penetrating questions, like how often she masturbates (not when she’s in training, apparently), how she lost her virginity at the age of 13, etc. Howard particularly asked if her breast implants would explode if she got kicked in the chest during a match. Tasha didn’t think that would be a problem, and went on to say that these fighting events are the real thing – they’re not scripted like the WWE.

Supermodel Tasha Marzolla says showcasing her naked body comes naturally to her. Evidently, so does punching people.

"It would take one helluva punch to put me down," Marzolla said. "My mind power is so strong -- I've convinced myself that I will not be beaten." "People can't get past the double D's," Marzolla continued, insisting she has a full range of motion for every punch she delivers. "But they don't get in the way. To really hurt me, Mike Tyson would have to hit me in the chest."

Many naysayers dismissed Marzolla's tough talk as a promotional gimmick, aimed at boosting her marketability for Playboy and luring fans to kickboxing events. But those doubters learn otherwise when see how the blond beauty flashes her beastly side and mauls other, quite experienced fighters.

"She wanted to fight me because I'm a pretty face, an easy target," Marzolla said of her foe, Nina Magsamen, after winning the three-round brawl by unanimous decision. "Well you know what? Never underestimate anyone... They now know that I'm not just some beauty queen. It sets me aside from every other beautiful woman: I can fight, too."

From the opening bell, Marzolla charges Magsamen and stalkes her around the ring. Marzolla lands several powerful right kicks to Magsamen's stomach. The Playboy beauty also drops Magsamen to the canvas like a playground bully on several occasions. In round three, however, Magsamen manages to sting Marzolla with a few good blows to the face. Rather than retreating, Marzolla furiously unleashes a barrage of punches. The carnage prompts the referee to give Magsamen a standing eight count...

Eyes widen and elbows nudge ribs as Latasha Marzolla launches her pre-fight dance ritual ("ram muay") on a stadium in the Thailand capital. A ceremonial Thai headdress encircles platinum blond locks woven into tight corn-rows, one thick braid bouncing on the back of a pale neck. In place of the traditional baggy boxing shorts, Marzolla sports a gold lame mini-skirt, cut to resemble a Roman gladiator's kilt, with a fitted top to match.

Marzolla comes to the end of the ritual, and performs a picture-perfect five-point prostration aimed directly towards the judges’ platform. As the cleavage from her 36 double Ds spill from the U-neck, the announcer barks out – in Thai – “Look everyone, you can see her tits! Hey take a look at that, will ya!” and the crowd applauds...

Oblivious to the clamour, Marzolla charges her Thai opponent, Euangneua Worwara, with a ferocity not often seen even in Bangkok stadium fights. Making use of the full muay thai arsenal of elbows, knees, jabs and push kicks, she maintains a lead through every round before felling Euangneua with a knockout punch in the third round. When most people think of "no-holds barred" fights they immediately get this picture of two big ape-like heathens slugging it out in some iron reinforced steel cage. And they are thinking of WWE and their odd looking formats. MMA is more ring ropes and occasional chain link fences. No one jumps off the top ropes to take someone out, they throw them around inside the ring and fans love it. A lot of people also don't realize that women also fight in these. And they might not even imagine how beautiful they are!

Marzolla stepped into the ring against Jane Estioko in a K-1 tournament. Marzolla came out with a good amount of offense, using her kicks to immediately put Estioko at a distance. As the rounds progressed she gained confidence and added some good punching combos. Estioko did not have a lot of response that was effective and seemed to take a stance of countering the bigger in outward appearance Marzolla. In the end it was Marzolla taking the decision unanimously as she moves her record to 6-3 with 1 KO.

A fan of fighter women said: "Tasha's bust is an effective distraction tool. If you want to win in a fight, look at your opponent's eye, not at the breast."

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June 2006

Videoclip with episode of the fight between LaTasha Marzolla and Jane Estioko
Photo from the Google album

LaTasha Marzolla against Jane Estioko

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