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Christy Martin brutally attacked

A world-famous female boxing star, Christy Martin has been brutally attacked by her husband and tutor. She has gone to her maiden name: she is Christy Salters now.

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Christy Martin
Cover of the Sport Illustrated, April 1996

Christy and James Martin
Jim & Christy Martin in mid 1990s
Courtesy of Mary Ann Owen
From the site Ringtalk

Christy and James Martin
Christy Martin was already a three-time world champ when she beat Deirdre Gogarty in 1996.
That's her husband and trainer, Jim Martin, lifting her.
From the site of the TV Channel ESPN

According to authorities, on November 23, 2010 Christy Martin was stabbed several times and shot at least once in her torso and left leg. James Martin attacked his then-wife in their Apopka-area home on Nov. 23, 2010, after finding out that she was leaving him for a woman, Sherry Jo Lusk. Prosecutors said he stabbed Christy repeatedly, left her to bleed, then returned to fire a point-blank shot. Christy Martin was able to flee the home and flag down a passing motorist, who took her to a hospital. Lusk testified at the sentencing hearing Tuesday, calling James Martin "a cold, callous, soulless individual."

Before the attack, Lusk and others testified at trial, James Martin had controlled his wife's life for years with drugs and threats to harm her or expose her sexuality to family and the professional boxing community. Echoing that testimony on Tuesday, Lusk told Senior Judge Emerson Thompson Jr., "She had become hopeless. She knew she was sure to die by his hand or her own." Lusk said Christy Martin, who now goes by her maiden name Salters, still often has nightmares about the brutal attack, "screaming out, 'He's killing me! He's killing me!" The boxer testified that James Martin "threatened my life for over 20 years."

James Martin also took the stand at the hearing, testifying that he was the one who had been living in fear. "Outside the ring, I was scared of Christy because I didn't want to do anything to make her mad," he said. He apologized vaguely several times during his testimony but did not admit either shooting or stabbing Christy Martin. He suggested, rather, that her injuries were suffered in a struggle, and both he and his ex-wife were responsible: "We stabbed her," he said, later adding, "I didn't attack Christy." He called his ex-wife his "hero" and told the judge, just before the sentence was handed down, "I came here with God in my heart, and I'll leave with God in my heart."

The judge sentenced James Martin to 25 years, the mandatory minimum sentence. After the sentencing, Christy Martin said she was disappointed with the judge's decision, but hopeful, due to her ex-husband's age (68), that he'll still spend the rest of his life in prison. "Of course we all hoped for life ... but the 25-year minimum mandatory should be life in this case," she said. "He deserves to spend every day for the rest of his life behind bars."

Orlando Sentinel by Jeff Weiner (shortened)
June 26, 2012

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