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“The Shadow” comes out of the shadow and won

Decisive Heavyweight Battle

Sonya Lamonakis vs. Martha Salazar
Heavyweights Sonya Lamonakis from New York (right) and Martha Salazar from San Francisco exchange with punches
Mike Abe Photography. Website Recorder.

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Sonya Lamonakis vs. Martha Salazar

Sonya Lamonakis vs. Martha Salazar

Sonya Lamonakis vs. Martha Salazar

Sonya Lamonakis vs. Martha Salazar

On Saturday April 13, 2013 on the Bike & Bash show in Sacramento the Heavy Weight women's bout between No.1 ranked Sonya Lamonakis (7-0-2, 1KO) and Baby Face Boxing former two-time Heavy weight Champion Martha Salazar (11-4, 3KO) who was coming out of retirement after six years was a phenomenal bout.

Salazar, defying the odds by coming out of retirement at age 43, controlled the bout from the opening bell and beat Lamonakis with fundamental jabs and rights. Although Lamonakis would try to rush Salazar into the ropes, when Salazar was on the ropes, it was Lamonakis that was taking some major punishments with devastating upper cuts. As Salazar cut off the ring throughout the bout Lamonakis was getting hit coming in with jabs and huge over hand rights. Martha was elusive and would angle out and continue through six rounds to not only control the bout but win every round against a tough but outclassed Lamonakis.

Lamonakis immediately after the bout walked over to the media and the commission table and said, "I want to appeal this bout as a no contest because the rounds were three minutes instead of two minutes... Love you guys and Martha won but rules are rules."

It wasn't just getting soundly beat by Salazar that upset Lamonakis. She had a list of complaints to why she would lose the fight. Lamonakis said in a recent article put out by the Chicago Boxing News, "There was two inspectors for the whole show, never watched us wrap, or her, never checked my wraps, or hers, we had what I believe were amateur Adidas gloves that were horrible, then three minute rounds that was never discussed. So you tell me, would you want it overturned also? You're damn right I do and it will be. It was illegal. Three minutes rounds have to be discussed and negotiated for more money," said the clearly upset Lamonakis.

Salazar said, "It was a six round fight and if you are number one you should be able to handle two three minutes regardless of an error. She is just looking for a way out from this loss but it's too late. Sonya was over confident. She had her chance to show the world she was the best and she lost."

Salazar proved to the world who really is number one with the boxing clinic she put on Saturday night. Sonya knows Martha and beat her. Martha not only schooled "The Scholar" Saturday night, she left her bruised and battered. It's difficult for Lamonakis to come to terms with her first professional loss and that she is not the best Heavy Weight female boxer in the world. In a recent interview Sonya said she expected Salazar to have ring rust because she was the inactive fighter. Sonya was also stating that she had much more amateur experience than Salazar.

If Lamonakis was banking on a washed up Salazar to show up Saturday night, she had a huge awakening. Salazar’s camp well prepared to the fight – it had a body scientist and fitness trainer who put together a plan for Martha that had her boxing six rounds without getting tired; she was strong and in control the whole fight against the unconquerable before fighter.

Sonya Lamonakis is a friend of our club and we wish her success in the future!

Sonya Lamonakis vs. Martha Salazar

Sonya Lamonakis vs. Martha Salazar

Sonya Lamonakis vs. Martha Salazar

Using the following sources: San Jose Mercury News and Women Boxing Archive Network
April 30, 2013

Photographs (with reduced resolution):
jorel5 с сайта Deportes,
Mike Abe с сайта Recorder,
Mario Cabrera с сайта San Jose Mercury News

Sonya Lamonakis vs. Martha Salazar
Poster advertising the event. Website Beat The Count

After the bout Lamonakis in her own words says, “I was much faster but, when I would get inside, I was allowing her to throw across the middle, and that was her fight. She was a better fighter than me, but this was a good learning experience and she didn’t knock me down. She’s a great boxer. This was the biggest test of my career. I’m probably going to take another fight, but I’d like to rematch her in New York.”

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