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When did you fight last time?

Russian way of life in March, 2000

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Русская версия

A survey conducted by the "All-Russian Center of the Public Opinion" (VCIOM) in March 2000 was dedicated to the contemporary Russian "way of life". According to explanatory dictionaries, the "way of life" mostly consists of actions accomplished automatically and unintentionally; in other words, by soul movement rather than brain control. Different things can be classified as unconscious, such as laughing and crying, singing, cursing, love, brawling, drinking, smoking; even newspaper and book reading. Men and women were asked several questions regarding their participation in fights.

The dictionary.com gives such descriptions for FIGHT:

- A confrontation between opposing groups in which each attempts to harm or gain power over the other, as with bodily force or weapons;
- A quarrel or conflict;
- A physical conflict between two or more individuals;
- A struggle to achieve an objective;

- The power or inclination to fight; pugnacity.


- A noisy quarrel or fight;
- A loud party;
- A loud, roaring noise.


- Fight, brawl, scuffle, thrashing, whipping, beating; clash, affray, altercation, argument, battle, battle royal, bickering, broil, disorder, dispute, donnybrook, feud, fight, fracas, fray, free-for-all, fuss, hassle, melee, quarrel, rhubarb, riot, row, ruckus, rumble, rumpus, scrap, scuffle, squabble, tumult, uproar, wrangle, etc.

There are Russian expressions and proverbs regarding fighting/brawling:

- A Fight in a hut - people gape at it at the gate;
- What uproar while no fight?
- A holiday is not full-fledged without a good fight. (No good wedding without a good fighting?)

"When did you fight last time?"

- Never - 47%, men - 24%, women - 66%;
- Do not remember when - 34%, men - 48%, women - 23%;
- Not earlier than a month ago - 9%, men - 13%, women - 5%.

Three out of four Russian men and one out of three women happened to fight during their lifetime. Nine percent of all Russian adult population engage in fighting every month - one of eight men and one of twenty women. An average Russian has a fight once a year.

The first of the diagrams shows permanent lessening fighting activities with the age - for both men and women.

The second diagram is about money as the reason for fighting. The least fights happen among those who have not enough money for both, food and clothing.

The third diagram illustrates differences of fighting activity by Russia regions. Most of all fights happen in the Asian part of Russia and least of all in the Russia South - a war is running over there, so people have other business rather than hand-to-hand fighting.

In average, five women's fights accounts for ten men's ones. In Moscow, this correlation is very different - just one woman's fight counts for then men's ones. Moscow men fights as frequent as Siberian men, whereas Moscow women turned out to be the most peaceful, they fought less frequently than women anywhere in other parts of Russia (just some 100,000 women fight during a month ).

From materials of "Polit RU" and VCIOM).

April 6, 2000

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