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Girls on the beach, 2005

Report from the open Beach Wrestling Championship in August 2005

Championship in Long Beach 2005
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In August 2005, the first national-level Beach Wrestling competition, the ASICS 2005 East Coast Beach Nationals, was hosted in Long Beach, N.Y. (USA). The championship featured 218 entries from numerous states and many USA States and foreign countries, including Tajikistan, Mexico and Senegal.

Matches were planned to be held in the following categories: high school boys, high school girls, college men, open men and open women. Weight classes: four in the high school divisions, two in the other divisions. No weigh-ins -- weight to be determined by "sight," according to organizers. Unfortunately, females were represented only by high school girls.

The rules and terms for Beach Wrestling are simple. Men wear athletic swimming trunks and women wear a one or two piece bathing suit. Athletes wrestle on a sand surface, with a 20-foot diameter circle marked in the sand. Matches start in the standing position and last three minutes. All wrestling is done from the standing position, with points awarded for takedowns and when a wrestler leaves the circle. When an athlete has two scoring moves or pins the opponent, the bout is ended.To win a Beach Wrestling match by score (not by pin), an athlete must do one of the following:

- Score two takedowns (by throw or by any other technique);.
- The opponent is penalized twice for fleeing the competition area;.
- Scoring one takedown and having one fleeing call against the opponent.

After the three-minute period ends and none of the above mentioned conditions is met, the match is determined by these criteria:

- First takedown or throw;
- First wrestler penalized for fleeing;
- Penalties;
- Officials decision.

The women's high school title went to 2005 Junior Nationals champion Nicole Woody of the New York, who won a round-robin, including a victory over runner-up Alicia Yungandreas. Woody also participated in the boys high school competition -- she won a number of matches, placing fifth in Division 1.

About 40,000 spectators were able to watch the event on sight, which was also widely covered on TV and radio.

One of the key persons on the turnament was Marcia Heise, the wrestling enthusiast, the USA wrestling official, representative on many international event, referee and trainer from New York state. She refereed many matches during this tournament.

Despite the limited female participating in the competitions (only high school girls participated), women were very noticeable at the venue -- the key figure - the official and referee (Marcia Heise) was female, as well as the two key photographers at the event (whose photos are presented here) - Danielle Hobeika (prominent freestyle wrestler and wrestling enthusiast) and Mary Giambalvo (Relations Director from the City of Long Beach). This is not accidental at all, but reflects growing interest of women in the sport of wrestling.

October 2005

The close-up photographs below are taken by Danielle Hobeika. WEB site Amateur Wrestling Photos

Championship in Long Beach 2005

In the bout - Nicole Woody (fukk face) - the best female wrestler in the tournament

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The last official instructions by Marcia Heise (in the black hat) Championship in Long Beach 2005

Wrestling at its height . Championship in Long Beach 2005

Marcia Heise referees a men's match Championship in Long Beach 2005

Girls' mathces
Championship in Long Beach 2005 Championship in Long Beach 2005

Nicole Woody wrestles against a guy
Championship in Long Beach 2005

Championship in Long Beach 2005

The best girl wrestlers - Nicole Woody (right) and Alicia Yungandreas
Nicole Woody and Alicia Yungandreas

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